Open Letter to Girard-At-Large

I received an email from Ian Freeman. It seems you have took issue with an article I wrote, or at least part of an article I wrote.
I don’t think it’s unfair to say that cops are part of a gang of thugs, especially when they commit thuggish acts and get away with them. Last January the Chief Inspector of the London Metropolitan Police said, “You might have 100 people in your gang – we have 32,000 people in our gang. It’s called the Metropolitan Police.”
Do you remember when the Denver Police made shirts displaying a cop holding his night stick that read “We get up early to beat the crowds”?
A recent study concluded that “at least half of the estimated 375 to 500 people shot and killed by police each year in this country have mental health problems.” Police routinely act outside of their supposed authority, yet they are rarely ever punished.

As Ian said, “If all the police did was go after criminals who create victims like murderers, rapists, robbers, arsonists, I doubt anyone would label them in that manner.” I certainly would not!

I’ll be happy to discuss this with you either on the air or off, on my show or yours. I host Peace Love Liberty Radio every Sunday from 3-5p with open phone lines during the first hour. Feel free to call in at 603-435-1105


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  1. In Part 2 of the interview with Amanda at the 8:46 mark., Girard says he supports the ultimate goals of what a free state project is trying to accomplish.

    He is clearly friendly to the free state message. But he still thinks government should “fix itself” through “statesmanship”.

    Listen to the Ademo interview with Girard. Girard elaborates how he thinks being a “statesman” is the way to get things changed….

  2. Its highly likely that the Maryellen McGorry suspension is due to this Ademo interview.

    Ademo points out in the interview that McGorry and the secretary tampered with evidence, but were never charged.

    This above MP3 Ademo interview was admitted as states evidence by prosecutor Valentine.

    It sounds like there is a “white hat” who heard what Ademo said about McGorry and agrees, Maybe this “white hat” is Judge Brown, who has begun an investigation on McGorry and the secretary.

  3. Darryl Perry- Get a job and stop collecting from the system (unemployment) you complain so much about. DO something for the community besides spouting your opinion and calling it “press”. You lack legitimacy.

  4. Darryl Perry – Get a job and stop collecting off the system (you do receive benefits) you complain so much about. DO SOMETHING for the community instead of sitting on a blog spouting off your opinion and calling it “press”.

  5. Perhaps, Daryl, you should have said “some cops” instead of being so all inclusive?

  6. Um, which cops would be excluded? They are either thugs, directly, or they cover for the thugs, which makes them guilty, as well. If a decent cop actually existed, he would be spending every single day arresting all of the corrupt cops. Since I’ve yet to hear of that happening, there must not be any decent cops.

  7. You and Daryl with your simplistic thinking and blanket judgement of all police as thugs can only hurt the free state movement. Real life is not that black and white my friend. When you make comments such as follows….

    “Mud-dwelling creatures that eat their own feces don’t deserve to be maligned by associating them with cops.”…

    all that shows through is your ignorance and undisguised hostility. My original comment was meant as a bit of well intentioned advice not as an exoneration of those police who are thugs. If you are a typical representative of free staters, then I expect that the movement will always just be considered to be a radical fringe group of young radicals who only see things in black and white. If only life were that simple. Your narrow attitude can only alienate initially interested average people, while at the same time attracting the worst radicals. Did you ever stop to think that it is the non-thug cops that help to keep the thug cops from getting totally out of hand on every occassion? Cops…like everyone else are on a learning curve….and some eventually leave because they come to the conclusion that after years of trying, they can’t change the system. Your blanket statement is pathetic.

  8. I notice that you can’t seem to come up with any examples of those “non-thug cops” who are going around arresting the “thug cops”…

    Except in the rare case that some cop screws up so blatantly and publicly that the brass decide to make an example of him, cops always protect their own. The ones who aren’t going around committing murder, sexually assaulting teenage girls, and the like, are covering for the ones who do.

  9. I am not defending bad cops, I made that clear at the beginning of the thread. Just saying that it is inaccurate and morally wrong to say that every cop is a thug.
    Not every cop is without restraint, and not every cop is itching to bash in your thick skull.

  10. YoutTube videos won’t open on my computer, but the titles/descriptions don’t say anything about them undertaking campaigns against all of thugs who they work with, so I’m going to assume that the videos don’t show that, either.

    Just because some cop helps an old lady cross the street, does not mean he doesn’t hold some innocent woman down while his buddies gang-rape her.

  11. Your computer won’t load youtube videos? That is lame. Can’t you simply use your sense of logic and reason to try to understand what I am trying to say.

    Doctors all cover each others butts when some physicians screw up or abuse the medical system and cause injury and death to some patients due to their negligence or greed….does that make them all bad doctors….simply because the “good” ones wanted to keep their jobs and didn’t rat out the bad ones?….no…though they were wrong not to rat them out…they are weak human beings…that are still evolving.

    How about meter maids….because they are giving out tickets…probably unjustly in the minds of many…does that make them bad people….because they need a job to feed their families and are paid with dollars stolen from the taxpayers.

    Are government or city employees all bad people because they work for “the big bad government”?..are they all bad because they are paid with money “stolen” from taxpayers.

    How about teachers in government schools…are they all bad too, for the same reasons….and also for teaching government propaganda that goes against your unwavering, unflinching ,ideology that requires every thing to be black & white?

    Look man…I do think that for the most part,the police, the military, the government agencies are all thuggish…if that is a word…the police of course being the worst… and even the public school system are all thuggish in their own way….but these are made up of ordinary people…who are all in transition…all on a journey through life…people that have been indoctrinated from the time they were children…not everyone has had time to have their minds “illuminated” and elevated to the point of clear thinking and pinnacle of understanding that you have attained, so don’t you think that you can cut them a bit of slack until they catch up with you? You didn’t just pop out of your mother’s womb with the intolerant mindset that you seem to be displaying on here did you?

  12. Sorry, but “I won’t stand by silently while murderers walk around murdering” is not an example of “intolerance.”

    I don’t care what /opinion/ someone has – I’ll tolerate nearly anything. But when someone starts using violence against innocent people? Yeah, I’m going to speak out, and I’m not going to try and apologize for him.

    Since you seem to think that doctors “cover for each other” in the same way cops do, I’d like to see some examples of that. I mean, let’s see how all doctors go around hiding it when one of their colleagues rapes and murders a patient, or destroying evidence of wrongdoing, or threatening the family of those who dare to file complaints. Let’s see it…

    And yes, the government employees (meter maids, or whatever – you just listed various sorts of government employees, so I’m not sure why you had three separate paragraphs) are certainly doing something wrong. But their behavior is nothing compared to that of cops, just as a child stealing a candy bar at a gas station cannot be realistically compared to a armed robber holding the clerk at knife point. Both are doing the wrong thing, but one is orders of magnitude worse.

    The best cop out there is worse than that armed robber, so if you tell me that I should “cut them a bit of slack,” then are you also going to tell me that I should not condemn the armed robber? In another discussion, you just called for mere /burglars/ to be locked in cages like animals. The best cop out there is so evil that he makes that burglar look like a saint, so if burglars should be locked in cages and treated like animals, then what, pray tell, is appropriate treatment for cops, in your world?

  13. I cease and desist in the face of Intransigent obstinacy.

  14. So, you’re saying that I should complain, but dishonestly? When the commit murder, or protect those who commit murder, what should I call them, if not “murderers?” Is there some alternate term you’d like to suggest? Because, as far as I can see, if someone murders, or enables another to murder, then he is a… …that’s is: “murderer.”


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