Blue Hampshire Blogger Calls FSP Participants “Cult Members”, Fears We’ll “Eliminate our State Government”

"Susan the Bruce"While calling Free State Project participants “cult members” and claiming we support censorship, a Blue Hampshire blogger, “Susan the Bruce” has been busily cleaning her personal blog comments (where her BH post is copied) of unwanted posts. The blog dust-up has hit mainstream news with the Union Leader reporting on it.

Susan, as it turns out, you’re the one in the cult – the cult of the omnipotent state. You Democrats (and Republicans) have charismatic leaders and perform rituals. There’s plenty of jargon associated with “the state” as well as a culture of fear. Please see my piece here that will lay it out for you.

People who just want you to leave others alone to live life how they want, so long as they don’t harm anyone else, are not cult members. We don’t have a leader. Our movement is decentralized. There are no rituals. We use plain english to describe the aggression of the state. You statists don’t like it when we call a spade a spade, though. Some people can’t stand it when the violence of the state is shown for all to see, which we do on a regular basis here at Free Keene.

Now, on to your other accusation that FSP participants support censorship. That’s clearly nonsense. FK blogger Darryl Perry called for impeachment and CENSURE (grab your dictionary!), not censorship. Cynthia Chase should be free to spout her bigoted opinions, however I don’t support bigots holding public office, do you, Susan?

You also complain in your blog comments that “not a one” spoke up during the last, Republican-run house session. That is incorrect. We here at Free Keene have been covering the horrible aggression of the state during ALL administrations. You just weren’t paying attention.

Finally, Susan, I don’t know if all “free staters” support totally eliminating the state government, because some of them are “small government” people. However, I support ending the state. The state is an evil concept that is nothing more than a cover for aggressive violence and the threats thereof against peaceful people. It’s humane to support ending the state and inhumane to support the state, so long as the people calling themselves “the state” continue their aggression and threats.

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  1. foolish democrats, confusing the metaphorical “state” with the NH state govt.

  2. Ian: I do hate to break it to ya, but it’s my blog. I get to choose what comments go up on it. My property, my choices. You know, the free market, and all – how silly of you to criticize in me what you support elsewhere. But that’s the whole story of the FSP. You engage in a lot of parroting about RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, but if someone who dares disagree with the FSP uses their RIGHTS and FREEDOMS the FSP caterwauling begins.

    I never said that I FEAR the FSP will eliminate state government. I tell the truth – that the stated goal in the original FSP manifesto calls for doing just that. Jason Sorens, FSP founder wrote that manifesto. Don’t blame me – it was his idea. I’m just reporting it. And that is what you hate, isn’t it? Anyone telling the truth about the FSP.

    You guys love to bleat about freedom and liberty. As long as no one is criticizing any of you, in which case your thin skins tear right open and the bleating begins. And when the bleating begins, you start trying to shut people up. That’s just priceless – and totally emblematic of what the FSP is. A bunch of rand sniffing authoritarians who want to take over.

  3. Susan, I agree – you are free to remove comments from your blog as you see fit. It just seemed ironic in the context of you complaining about censorship, which was incorrect anyway, since the call was to *censure*.

    I’ve never called for censorship – I just don’t think bigots belong in public office. Had Cynthia Chase called for laws to make black people want to leave NH and never come here, then I’m sure you’d agree with my call to censure. However, it’s okay to be bigoted against “free staters”, right?

    If you weren’t afraid of the elimination of the coercive state, then why bother paying any attention to the FSP? If FSP participants are a bunch of kooks, why bother spending time on us? Seems clear to me.

    Susan, I invite critique. How’d you like to come on national radio and let a much larger audience hear your viewpoint? I host a show heard on over 100 stations coast-to-coast. Would you like to come chat?

  4. You know, Ian, it was only Free Staters who misunderstood the censure/Censorship thing. No one else had a problem with my words. Why do you suppose that is? Perhaps it’s because they understood that by calling for the CENSURE of Rep. Chase you were engaging in CENSORSHIP. That it was only FSP folk who failed to grasp the meaning says far more about all of you than it does on me.

    As for bigots – today in a hearing, Rep. Infantine used the term “no tickee, no washee” a highly bigoted term mocking Chinese. Will you be calling for his censure and impeachment? Yesterday at another hearing Rep. Spec Bowers launched into a highly racist diatribe. Again – will you be calling for HIS censure and impeachment?

    I think we both know the answer to those questions. Your interest in bigotry extends only as far as it applies to critics of the FSP.

    Thank you for the invitation, but I have no interest in appearing on the radio with you. I don’t have much patience with people who speak in sloganese. I have even less patience with those who are dishonest. That would be you, Ian. Because I tell the truth about Free Staters, in your little randhead that translates into fear. That is dishonest. Just as it is dishonest for you to pretend you support FREEDOM and LIBERTY when in fact, you do not support anything of the sort when it comes to people who criticize the FSP.

    Oh, and by the way – you complained about my moderating comments for my blog? When I posted here, what came up, but this: “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    Hypocrisy. It’s not just for breakfast any more.

  5. A representative of the people of Keene called for the passage of laws to restrict freedom and make New Hampshire unwelcoming. Is this part of the platform of the Democratic party of New Hampshire?

  6. Susanth, What is “disagrees with the FSP”? The statement of intent is that the maximum role of govt is the protection of life, liberty, and property.

    So to disagree with the FSP means that you do not believe the role of govt is, at most, to protect life, liberty, and property.

    That’s all. And it is a very logical, rational disagreement. Or at least it could be, if people would be logical and rational about it.

  7. Well, Bob – one of my comments has not been posted. Apparently my accusations of censoring were’t incorrect.

    But since you asked, from the original FSP manifesto:

    “Once we’ve taken over the state government, we can slash state and local budgets, which make up a sizeable proportion of the tax and regulatory burden we face every day. Furthermore, we can eliminate substantial federal interference by refusing to take highway funds and the strings attached to them. Once we’ve accomplished these things, we can bargain with the national government over reducing the role of the national government in our state. We can use the threat of secession as leverage to do this.”

    It’s very clear that the FSP is intended to be a force (an armed force) that invades, occupies, and takes over the state. I oppose armed thugs of any stripe invading, occupying, and taking over any location, anywhere.

    You weren’t invited. And then you have the audacity to whine that you weren’t given parades and showered with rose petals?

    It is amusing that you pretend there can be rational discussion. The FSP has proven, ceaselessly, that they’re incapable of rational discussion with critics.

  8. Susanthe:

    I am assuming you are a democrat, since you blog at a place called BlueHampshire, what makes you think the democrats you support AREN’T authoritarian? Do you support liberty? Peace? Freedom? I do. So naturally, I am not affiliated with either of the two mainstream political parties. Why do you get behind a party who has a president in the white house who has no problem bombing people in other countries and holding people indefinitely without trial? Some defender of liberty he is, and for fairness sake he is no different from any other president who has ever been in that white house. Back to the topic at hand though, I have only ever known the FSP participants to, by in large, to support peace and freedom for everyone.

    Tell me, what is it about the government that you like? Do you support the actions of Barack Obama and his administration? If you do, why? I can tell you right now, I do not support the federal government or those who say they represent me, I never agreed to anything, nobody asked me, I never signed the so-called social contract. The state does not support me, it doesn’t care about me, it might even kill me if I do something it doesn’t like, so why, oh why, should I swear allegiance, pay it money, or follow it’s arbitrary dictates?

    I don’t expect you to agree with me, however, ask yourself, why can’t we all live in a peaceful society where interactions are voluntary?

  9. The petition, from

    NH State House
    Whereas State Representative Cynthia Chase has stated, she wants “to pass measures that will restrict the ‘freedoms’ that [Free Staters] think they will find here,” and
    Whereas this shows her intent to enact laws to interfere with protected rights, and
    Whereas her intent is to harm a specific group of people, and
    Whereas her statements are in violation of the “Equal Protection Clause” of the…
    Whereas State Representative Cynthia Chase has stated, she wants “to pass measures that will restrict the ‘freedoms’ that [Free Staters] think they will find here,” and
    Whereas this shows her intent to enact laws to interfere with protected rights, and
    Whereas her intent is to harm a specific group of people, and
    Whereas her statements are in violation of the “Equal Protection Clause” of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of these United States of America;

    Be it resolved, that we, the undersigned call for the immediate censure of Representative Chase from the General Court, and
    Be it resolved, that we, the undersigned call for impeachment proceedings against Representative Chase, and
    Be it resolved, that we, the undersigned request the General Court take any additional actions against Representative Chase that the General Court sees fitting.

    [Your name]

  10. im blocked from bluehampshire

  11. Bluehampshire seems to be full of double standard hypocrite liars :Ian freeman is the most tolerant of people with even abusive comments on his site. You and Kathy Sullivan are the biggest liar hypocrites who delete people and block people for the slightest departure from your preaching to the chorus site

  12. susan, i never witnessed someone talking out of both sides of their mouth the way u do

  13. It’s clear that you continue to ignore the actual Free State Project only to focus on Jason Sorens’ original article. You obviously do not know that Sorens is not a participant in the FSP.

    What’s funny is that I haven’t seen a rational disagreement with the FSP from you yet. You claim that Free Staters are not capable of rational discussion, yet even this post by you claims that the FSP participants are caterwauling armed thugs.

    You accuse people whose openly stated purpose is to leave you alone of being “authoritarians”. You are not being rational.

    And since you seem completely ignorant of what you speak, the FSP participants were invited. You may disagree with Gov. Benson, but you cannot continue to deny his invitation without being irrational.

  14. Why aren’t you calling for their impeachment and censure? Aren’t you offended by those terms and phrases? Or are you being niggardly with your disgust budget?

  15. David – you’re a screaming bore. I don’t moderate Blue Hampshire. I’m not a Democrat. And I’m not a parrot. You, on the other hand are a hysteric of epic proportions.

  16. It’s clear that you are desperate to have the Free State Founder’s statement of intent ignored. I can understand why.

    Benson was such a bad governor he served only one term. He may have invited you, but he didn’t take a democratic vote from the rest of the state.

  17. David – surely as a member of the FSP you believe that people have a right to do what they will with their property. Or does that only apply to Free Staters? Why can’t a blog owner block you if he so chooses?

  18. That’s your job, Authoritarian Free Stater Bob. I’m not in the business of censorship.

  19. Actually, you got caught in Disqus’ unregistered user hold. I’ve shut that off, so you shouldn’t have that happen again.

    I don’t like Rand. She supports war and the existance of the state, from what I understand.

    I don’t think you know half as much about me as you think. I’d be interested in hearing more about the racist tirade – there are fewer things I find more despicable.

    Interesting that you don’t want to talk on the air. Can’t say you weren’t given the chance.

  20. It’s not interesting, it’s sensible. I’ve been gotcha’d by dishonest radio hosts before. I have nothing to prove to you or your audience, and I’m not interested in being a target or a recruitment tool for the FSP bullies.

  21. Bob, I’ll need to know more – she’s making interesting claims. In Chase’s case, she posted her hate online for all to see. I can’t go by heresay, but if it’s true, I’ll happily sign a petition, just like I did for Darryl.

  22. Why not air this whole debate somewhere in a neutral open forum, maybe at the local college in an Oxford style debate.

    susanthe picks her debating team members ———- Ian picks his debating team members

    debate is formal, cordial and professional. media is invited.

    how about it? I’m fairly sure Ian would agree as he is confident in his ideas and positions.

    Will susanthe agree? Is she confident in her ideas enough to debate them in a neutral setting, say Keene College auditorium?

    Sell tickets, proceeds go to charities? Sounds like a fun time for all.

    How about it Bluehampshire? Let’s debate the Free Staters, heres your chance.

  23. lol Dave, I posted one time with this FB name and they deleted the Facebook posting option almost immediately after I posted a very persuasive paragraph that I thought was as benign and nice as the Sermon on the Mount.

  24. Calling a spade a spade, you seem like an extremely hateful person
    Susanthe, at least judging you by what you’re writing online. Since
    nobody else has called you out on your failings with understanding
    simple concepts, allow me to:

    “Censure: an expression of strong
    disapproval or harsh criticism. Among the forms that it can take are a
    stern rebuke by a legislature, a
    spiritual penalty imposed by a church, and a negative judgment
    pronounced on a theological proposition.”

    else besides Susanthe see anything close to censorship in a censure? A
    censure is a reaction to what someone has said, it is not a dictate
    meant to silence anyone, nobody is going to shut up Mrs. Chase, it’s
    pretty much a group of people telling Mrs. Chase that they feel her
    statements were out of line, it’s an opinion by a group of people. How
    is that censorship, or are you just twisting words here to benefit your
    own opinion about the FSP? Also, you not understanding the registration
    system at this site is not Ian’s fault, he doesn’t go around wiping out
    comments on HIS blog. He has given you a platform to express your

    How very Free Stater of him, right?

  25. Also, Ian inviting you on his radio show to give you a nationally syndicated platform to express your ideas goes above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion. His radio show is called “FreeTalkLive”, listen to 5 minutes of any episode and you’ll see that they are extremely fair to those who have a differing opinion.

    I doubt you’ll take him up on his offer though, you’ve made up your mind, it’s closed, it has no room to acknowledge new ways of thinking. Such a shame.

  26. “I’m not interested in being a… recruitment tool for the FSP”

    Too late.

  27. I support your right to be a hypocrite Suzie.

  28. Yeah, I’m hateful because I won’t kowtow to you bullies? I didn’t send myself all the nasty messages and blog posts I’ve gotten from you people in recent days.

    I don’t have mystical powers, sparky. I couldn’t possibly know about the registration system until Ian explained it.

    As for the censure/censor biz? Only Free Staters had difficulty grasping what I was saying. That oughta tell you something.

    Do yourself a favor Princely one. Stop whining about me. If you all are so wonderful, work on showing those of us who hate being occupied and colonized how very wonderful you are. Shouting slogans and talking points isn’t the way. Insults aren’t the way.

  29. Thanks Willie. I support your right to buy the biggest codpiece you can find.

  30. Please pay attention. It’s plain that reading comprehension isn’t a strong suit around here. I am not Blue Hampshire. I am not an editor or a moderator. I post there sometimes. That’s the extent of my involvement. Are we clear on that, Mr. Ammo?

  31. I’m not interested in being a gotcha target for the hive minded goons of the Free State, it’s true. I’ve had plenty of experience with what those who have differing opinions get – both here, and at my own blog. No thanks. It’s almost mind boggling that you people present yourselves so nastily, yet you expect me to be “open minded” about it?

  32. Susan. Please put up the nasty messages with the names attached. The community can then take appropriate action against those responsible to try to prevent this unproductive nasty behavior in the future. Please also include Rep. Bower’s tirade for the same reason. We need to hold people responsible for their hate.

  33. Give susanthe the insult lady a cigar and a microphone!

    She should replace Triumph on Conan LOL

  34. Ok, thank you Ms. Insult Lady.

  35. My name for her will be “Susan the Lenny Bruce”

  36. Yet you haven’t chastised any of your companeros for insulting me. Irony sticks her head in the oven once again.

  37. And what a charming metaphor, ammodude. Comparing women to dogs. That, by the way, only feeds my belief in the inherent FSP misogyny. Well done!

  38. Names attached? All of the nasty messages from your FSP brethren came from the same family: Anonymous.

  39. Wow, another big jump of faulty logic!


    WE love you susan, thanks for coming over for the discussion BTW.

  40. Porcupines dont initiate aggression, but will use self-defense 🙂

  41. Translation: It’s okay when WE do it. Hypocrite.

  42. Bringing in more angry white guys with arrested development will be a real coup!

  43. Good work, ammodude. The confirmation of my suspicions about you boys is truly gratifying.

  44. not technically a “member of the fsp” but thanks for the complement……

  45. then why did u delete comments that point out holes in your argument

  46. you are a dishonest hypocrite susan…”hate being occupied and colonized” … you are a liar susan

  47. u r a liar susan lol

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