Blue Hampshire Blogger Calls FSP Participants “Cult Members”, Fears We’ll “Eliminate our State Government”

"Susan the Bruce"While calling Free State Project participants “cult members” and claiming we support censorship, a Blue Hampshire blogger, “Susan the Bruce” has been busily cleaning her personal blog comments (where her BH post is copied) of unwanted posts. The blog dust-up has hit mainstream news with the Union Leader reporting on it.

Susan, as it turns out, you’re the one in the cult – the cult of the omnipotent state. You Democrats (and Republicans) have charismatic leaders and perform rituals. There’s plenty of jargon associated with “the state” as well as a culture of fear. Please see my piece here that will lay it out for you.

People who just want you to leave others alone to live life how they want, so long as they don’t harm anyone else, are not cult members. We don’t have a leader. Our movement is decentralized. There are no rituals. We use plain english to describe the aggression of the state. You statists don’t like it when we call a spade a spade, though. Some people can’t stand it when the violence of the state is shown for all to see, which we do on a regular basis here at Free Keene.

Now, on to your other accusation that FSP participants support censorship. That’s clearly nonsense. FK blogger Darryl Perry called for impeachment and CENSURE (grab your dictionary!), not censorship. Cynthia Chase should be free to spout her bigoted opinions, however I don’t support bigots holding public office, do you, Susan?

You also complain in your blog comments that “not a one” spoke up during the last, Republican-run house session. That is incorrect. We here at Free Keene have been covering the horrible aggression of the state during ALL administrations. You just weren’t paying attention.

Finally, Susan, I don’t know if all “free staters” support totally eliminating the state government, because some of them are “small government” people. However, I support ending the state. The state is an evil concept that is nothing more than a cover for aggressive violence and the threats thereof against peaceful people. It’s humane to support ending the state and inhumane to support the state, so long as the people calling themselves “the state” continue their aggression and threats.

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