It’s time to think outside the box

After my moderate 10% budget reduction was proposed and soundly defeated, Ian Freeman voiced an alternative solution for fixing our broken school system.  One with which I am entirely in agreement with.   Earlier in the evening someone had mentioned “in order to fix the problem one must think outside the box.”  And that’s exactly what Ian brought to the table.  The school bureaucrats and bootlickers in attendance were not amused.

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  1. I love it! Please don’t stop what you are doing!

  2. If anyone was still confused into thinking illegal equates to wrong and legal equates to right I hope this corrects that mindset. According to the bureaucrat it’s illegal to do business on a voluntary basis and funds must be raised by threat of force.

  3. These proposals are naive and ridiculous on their face. They are also inconsiderate of the citizens who go to these meetings with real concerns and legitimate, workable ideas. You don’t like property taxes or the “threat” of losing your home for nonpayment — rent. Nobody says you have to own property. New Englanders are pretty good at self-reliance and individual rights in governance, yet you guys come up here from the South, with its half-baked educational systems and experience only in making noise with Randian ideas, and want to make changes. I suggest you listen more and talk less, at least for another decade or so.

  4. Umm…Having had renters before, I’ll have you know that it was my tenants who paid my property taxes. Just like any business, taxes are overhead and your customers and patrons are the people that are paying for it. If my taxes were lower or didn’t exist I could afford to give my tenants a break on their rent but it’s naive to think that landlords are eating the cost of their taxes. This is coming from a native, as if it matters.

    How do you feel about the 75% of the legislature that hail from out of state? Are you as concerned with their involvement in the process or just the people who’s ideologies you disagree with? How about the influx of Mass, Conn, NY and RI (Cynthia Chase, 6 year resident of Keene) residents populating school boards, city councils and executive positions? Are you a flatlander, yourself, by chance? You know, the people that have ruined their states and communities and move here because it’s nicer and proceed to do the very same things that lead to the ruin of their home towns and communities? Time for a change and this native is on board.

    Are you aware that more money is spent on education in the US than any other place in the world and the quality of the education is no where near the caliber of lots of other places that spend much less?



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