2013 Liberty Forum: Vermin Supreme Presents Vote Jesus

vsupreme_gig_libforumToday’s 2013 NH Liberty Forum presentation video is none other than footage from the screening of the unreleased documentary Vote Jesus: The Chronicles of Ken Stevenson. Presidential hopeful Vermin Supreme went undercover as Ken Stevenson in 2008 to make the film, remaining in character while engaging with numerous figures from America’s christian right. In the post-screening Q&A, Vermin discusses the history of the project and the potential for a release of some version of the film in the future. You may recognize the self-declared Emperor of the New Millenium as featured in previous Free Concord content: Election summary The Most Least Important Primary, Capitol Center debate arrest coverage, On the Campaign Trail with Vermin Supreme, Arrested on Election Eve: Why not to talk to police, Tough Questions on Oral Hygiene interview, and presidential endorsement Why You Should Consider Vermin Supreme in 2012.

I’d like to thank you all for enjoying my playing, and having fun with pretend, and coming up with these outrageous things, and running with them, and letting the people at large, and the media think that it’s something real. You people are a force multiplier for this sort of absurdity, this sort of surrealism, this sort of critique of American politics, and I think the more people that get involved and take this sort of tact, the better.

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