A Conversation with Dr. Berman

On Tuesday, March 5, Dr. David Breman, Senior Pastor at Christian Life Fellowship Church in Swanzey, verbally berated two individuals who were Robin Hooding. I believe he, as a pastor, acted in a manner that is less than Christ-like, so I decided to email him my thoughts.
Below is the entire exchange (unedited):

Dr. Berman,
I saw a video of you following some people while they were “Robin Hooding.” I must say that I believe you acted in a manner that was less than Christ-like. I felt your use of name-calling was very childish and did nothing to show the love of the Messiah.
I’d like to share a book and essay with you. The book is The Anarcho Teachings of Yeshua and the essay is A Biblical Look At Civil Disobedience.
In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry

I find it amazing that so many believe that Christians should not fight evil. These people are harassing an American veteran who is simply doing his job. They follow him within 10 feet for hours at a time. This is not ok. If you want to stand by with your lofty do nothing to defend the defenseless mind set, that’s your choice. I will not look the other way when people are being harrassed by these anarchist thugs. You want me to write them a poem?
Dr. David M. Berman
Senior Pastor, Author.
211 Whitcomb Road
P.O. Box 10357
Swanzey, NH. 03446
Phone 603 352 9471

When did I say that “Christians should not fight evil”? I did say that you did not show the love of Christ when you approached the two men who were “Robin Hooding” and you proceeded to call them names such as “knuckleheads,” “jerks,” and “idiots.”
You mentioned a “lofty do nothing to defend the defenseless mind set” that you think I have. Who was defenseless? Surely you’re not referring to the Parking Enforcer as defenseless. You also reference that the Parking Enforcer is a veteran who is “doing his job.” Would it change your opinion of the Parking Enforcer if he were NOT a veteran? If not, why mention it?
Also, would you defend him if his job were to round up everyone who opposed war? How about if his job were to operate a gas chamber? I guess I’m trying to understand where you’re coming from, and (if/)when you believe a government official is the one perpetrating evil.

i also mentioned women meter maids they are doing the same thing to. They are both defencless because they will loose their job if they respong and defend themselves. Christ turned over the tables and whipped them until they were driven out. Jesus called the oppresive leaders vipers, white washed tombs. John the baptist called out and rebuked Herod. There is a time to rebuke and that was it. They are idiots, jerks, and abusive malcontents. Thats what they are

The tables turned over by Yeshua, were tables of business inside the Temple, Yeshua called the oppressive leaders vipers, and Herod was the ruler of the land.
The people Rodin Hooding are not the oppressors to be rebuked. The individuals stealing money under the legitimacy of government are the oppressors. I watched your video, “Tyranny is Here! Wake up america!” and it seems that you realize the federal government is corrupt, yet you don’t see the corruption at the local level, as well.

I see the corruption on every level, I support resistance, I do not support harassment of meter maids! What is wrong with you? Did Jesus harass Zacheus? Did he harass Mathew? both tax collectors. These people also hate our veterans. Did Jesus rebuke the Centurion soldier? No he said he had the most faith. I am tired of all of you Christian pansies who won’t stand up against those who harrass others, nor stand up for the babies who have been murdered. I am sick of the passive mind set. Jesus told us to try to live in peace when he said turn the other cheek. I practice that however sometimes you have to rise up to defend others. Would you have stood by durring slavery? Sometimes you have to fight for others and it is not always pretty

I speak out almost constantly against the murder, oppression, tyranny and harassment of governments at every level. I am an ardent supporter of peace and non-aggression.
You asked, “Would you have stood by during slavery?” ABSOLUTELY, I do not believe that any human has a right to claim another human as property. I would have also helped the Jews in Nazi Germany. I also speak out against the drone bombings and military actions around the world, and I speak out against the militarization of the police.
For some reason, you see me as your enemy. I am not your enemy, nor was my intent to make you mine. I simply wanted to express my feelings that your interaction with the Robin Hooders did nothing to show the love of the Messiah.


I do not believe there is anything else to be added to this conversation, and will not respond to any further emails.

let me ask you something. If you were walking by and saw a womanbeing beaten and you had to use physical aggression and harsh words to defend her would you?

Would I use retaliatory force to help a woman being assaulted? Yes, I however would not initiate force upon someone because of something that might potentially happen at some point in the future.
To ask such a question shows me that you do not understand the different between non-aggression and pacifism.

its not happening in the future it was happening when i confronted them. So at a different level you would respond with aggression. Logically you are rebuking me because you do not feel the attack on the person I defended rose to the level of my response. The olny logical difference is your opinion on the level.

The difference is: one person is being physically assaulted and needs help; the other is a government official being followed while on duty. I’m not a fan of following people with cameras, and have told the Robin Hooders how I feel about said activity. The difference is that I did not stoop to name-calling. All I’m saying is that I believe you could have handled yourself in a more professional Christ-like manner.

end of conversation

yes i know what you beleive the difference is level. You have right to your opinion

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  1. Interesting. The parking enforcer is harassing and threatening /violence/ against the owners of the cars parked there, and this guy is /defending/ that? The parking enforcer is the one who is committing evil. The parking enforcers is the equivalent of the money-changers in the Temple. WWJD? Jesus would have stood with the “Robin Hooders.”

  2. The Parking enforcers are only doing there jobs I think all of these Robin hooders should tell us where the work and when so we can all film them at work like there are doing to others

  3. Just like the Mafia enforcers, who are only doing their jobs. Let’s defend them, too!

  4. Pastor Berman tries to promote the Nuremberg defense, what a tool. Do you think it’s the Stockholm syndrome? Or is he mentally retarded?

  5. if you have a problem with a parking ticket you need to talk to the city of keene not the person writing the tickets and you shouldn’t chase them all over keene if you want to fill the meters for people thats fine but you don’t need to make a big scene out of it and boast about

  6. If I catch someone committing a rape, should I go confront “rape culture,” and leave him alone to continue with his victim?

    Someone actually harming others is directly responsible for his/her acts. It might be useful to /also/ confront those who have encouraged their behavior, but nothing exempts the actual aggressor from personal responsibility.

  7. so you think the parking enforcers are aggressors because they write parking ticket
    now we have laws for reasons now if you saw someone committing rape should they be let free to walk because free keene doesn’t like the police or anything else that has to do with government or how about if someone robs from one person to give to another does that make it ok

  8. Can you translate that into English? Maybe add some punctuation, so I can tell what you’re actually saying/asking?

  9. I’m saying that I have watch free keene vids and it seems like you guy don’t like the police, parking enforcement or government. So if thats the case then you think that rape is ok or murder or Stealing?

    I’m just kind of interested in what this whole free keene is really thinking and trying to do. If you look at stuff that has been done it look like you guy hate the police first now it’s the parking enforcement so what is it your really trying to do

  10. Given that the police and other government agents murder, rape, and steal… I think disliking the police would indicate that someone /disapproves/ of such practices.

    Libertarians, in generaly, believe that there should be enforcement of crimes where there’s an actual victim, and that those performing such enforcement services should be accountable for their behavior.

    As has been said before, many times and many different ways, libertarians don’t believe that there should be no law; but we do believe that the law should be absolutely the same for everyone. Cops and other bureaucrats should be held to /exactly/ the same standard as anyone else. I can’t just go around demanding that people pay me, “or else,” so they should not be able to do so, either. I can’t just go around locking folks in cages because I think they “might” have done something wrong, so they should not be able to, either. I can’t just say, “oops” if I shoot someone who was no threat to me, so they should not be able to, either. Do away with all the special immunities, and let them face exactly the same system as anyone else.

  11. well the victim in what free keene is doing is the parking officer doing there. So you think it’s right that free keene feels there should be free parking for all so they harass the parking officers doing there job. You don’t think that trying to meet with the city and get a warrant article in to let the people have a say in what they want is a better way?

  12. No, the parking officer is not the victim, any more than the rapist is the victim, if I stop him.

    I’ll support “harassment” of those who attack innocent people, thanks.

    And no, I don’t think it’s “better” to meet with the city and beg them to ask “the people” to vote on it. Just because something’s “the law” does not mean it’s legitimate. Human rights are not up for vote.

  13. It appears the tragedy of the commons muddles the issue in the minds of those who defend the state. Perhaps they should listen to more Free Talk Live. I know this is uncalled for, and a bit harsh. However, go pet the rabbits Ben, go pet the rabbits…

  14. From his responses he is definitely mentally retard.

  15. Dr. Berman is in my opinion (I’m on the faculty of a university in the south) not a legitimate Doctor.

    He got his “doctorate” from a notorious “university” in North Carolina, Christian Bible College, that apparently resides in an approximately 1,000 square foot office building with a total of five parking spaces. Below is link to a picture of “Dr.” Berman’s seminary/Bible college; the building on Google earth appears for all the world to be unoccupied, it’s by the Englewood Square Shopping Center, so if you happen to be travelling through Rocky Mount, NC, perhaps you can see if the college even exists as a physical presence (by the way, “Dr.” Berman must have really worked hard for that “doctorate”, because it seems that he cannot even remember the name of the city where it resides, he lists it on his bio as “Rocky MountAIN”).

    They specialize in “life experience” credit, they are “accredited” by the American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions (AAATI), which is listed by geteducated.com in their list of “Fake College Degree Accreditation Agencies” (link below). One more point: The AAATI is headed up by none other than Cecil Johnson, who just happens to be the president of (drumroll please) Christian Bible College! They actually accredited themselves! How’s that for Christian integrity?

    So please, “Dr. David Berman” should only be called a doctor if you consider a doctorate (and masters, by the way) earned from a university with five parking spaces that is accredited by an accrediting agency owned by the president of the very university itself, one that is called in multiple places “unaccredited”, “accredited by an accrediting mill” and “a diploma mill”.





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