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Bitcoin broke through the $100 barrier recently, and that is a big deal, but the lesser known story is what is happening with Litecoin breaking $1 and shooting up past $4 in mere hours! Some are saying Litecoin will be the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. If you have litecoins (You can get them at BTC-e.) and would like to send some to Free Keene, you can do that via this litecoin address:


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  1. Someone or a group of someones is manipulating the bit coins which claimed couldn’t be done. Someone is standing to gain some wealth while fooling many people in the process. No different than the federal reserve. They’re going to become so expensive that no one is going to use them to trade for anything making them even more worthless than what they are to begin with. These places that sold bit coins sold them to you for the current US Currency (FRN’s) You spent your money to buy these things, and now no one is going to accept them from you except the people wanting donations, but why would they donate 141 dollars to you? This litecoin is going to do the same thing. You’re spending your money to the people creating these coins out of thin air and they are worthless. Wake up people. Conspiracies aren’t only committed by governments. You are getting swindled with a smile on your face.

  2. So basically, you’re saying that bitcoins are going to become so valuable that they become worthless. Or are you saying that they’re going to become so worthless because they’re so valuable?

  3. the notion that they are becoming too expensive is ridiculous – the only reason given by freedom fighter is that no one is going to spend a whole bitcoin since its over a hundred dollars… well, gee, luckily they can be broken down to 8 decimal places! lol – you don’t have to transfer a whole bitcoin – you could send a 0.00001 bitcoin… or maybe you didn’t know that – if you did know that, wtf? and if you didn’t know that, then maybe you ought to research before you add your opinion anywhwere

  4. He said people are “creating these coins out of thin air.” That’s not true. Each and every bitcoin has to be mined. Obviously he’s never tried to create a bitcoin. You don’t use thin air, you use math.

  5. Ok, maybe I’m an idiot, but I’m having trouble trying to buy some Litecoins at BTC-E. When I try to fund my account all I see are some services that I have never heard of before, and when I go to some of those pages everything is in Russian. I do not see any option to use Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal as the funding button/graphic indicates. I can’t find any way to do a bank transfer either. I’d rather not send my bank account info. around the Russian federation with an unknown service just for the chance that I might be able to buy some Litecoins. Can someone get me pointed in the right direction? Thanks!

  6. Please start accepting Feathercoin.


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