Rich Paul’s Sentencing Event

2013_04_20_freerichThe question we have all been asking has been answered. When is Rich Paul’s sentencing event?
Date: Friday, June 7th, 2013
Time: 1:30pm
Location: Cheshire County Superior Court, Keene, NH

All it took to answer this question was one person who loves Rich to walk into the court and ask, and to send him this much needed message. As of this moment, Rich’s counsel has not informed him that the sentencing event is on the court calendar, and has not returned his last phone calls to her. Yes she is busy in another trial, State v. Next Victim, but a 10-minute phone call to Rich would be appreciated.

Well, the message has been sent, and just knowing when the sentencing event is happening makes a major difference in the mind and spirit of someone incarcerated indefinitely. Without knowing how this event will go, at least we now know Rich can begin his appeal by July 6th, 2013, if he chooses to go all the way in that direction. There is a great deal of comfort walking in to this sentencing event knowing that come what may, Rich has the will and the way to follow this through.

Will Rich get 81 years? Will they send him to Concord or Berlin? Will Rich get a year or less in Cheshire County? Will Rich get a suspended sentence? Will Rich get probation, work release, or rehab? Or all of the above? Will the prosecutor stick close to his pre-trial plea offer of “no jail time”? Or will Webb offer a post-trial punishment to Rich just for going to trial? And with Kissinger on the bench, what can we expect from the man who says to jurors, “You must follow the law as I have explained it!” It’s a mystery making history. . .

Prepare for the worst, but wish for the best, and let’s do be careful what we wish for. I am sending love to the moment in time, Friday June 7th at 1:30pm, when Rich Paul appears to hear his sentence. I wish that sentence would be, “You’re not the droid we’re looking for. You’re free to go.”

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