Marijuana Jury Nullification Tour

The Tour is on! The Marijuana Jury Nullification Tour that is, being made a reality by the NJ Weedman Ed Forchion, and videographers Beau Davis and Rob Davis, who will be filming this powerful and much needed juror education across the nation.  The people have lined up to make it happen and now the money needs to. Together they are raising the funds needed for the Weedmobile to hit the road from California to New Jersey, and to do this they are set up on the site It looks like $140 is raised so far out of a goal of $2200, and there are 9 more days to make goal! NJ Weedman has already cancelled this tour once due to lack of funds, so it would be so sad if this gets cancelled again. I am giving my version of the widow’s mite, $4.20 to help, and just imagine if 500 people give $4.20 in the next 9 days, the Tour is on! When they visit jury selections and marijuana trials, imagine how many times 1 out of every 12 jurors might have an educated epiphany, or even 12 out of 12 jurors unanimously acquitting peaceful plant-loving people! So please consider giving any amount to help toward goal, or at least spread the word, and thank you to Beau and Rob for taking on this awesome activism adventure! Many are familiar with Beau’s film, Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree, a well-done masterpiece documentary worth the watch if you haven’t already.

Thank you to Gary Reed for this great article he wrote for the to promote this Tour. Also check out for more info, and the NJ Weedman’s Promo Video for the Jury Nullification Tour.




Rich Paul Writes From Jail

This letter arrived from Rich Paul today, and as much as it breaks my heart to read it and type it for him, it breaks him free to have a voice from the cage. Rich has been incarcerated since April 18th, 2013 waiting for sentencing on Friday June 7th, 2013.

“After my late girlfriend, Julie, died of cancer in 2002, I slipped into a deep depression. It worsened when the startup company I had spent 5 years building failed. By 2008, it had ended my career. I was no longer able to focus on my work; for a computer programmer like me, being unable to focus meant being unable to work. I also lost my ability to socialize. I had not dated since Julie’s death, and having moved, failed to make new friends. I wanted to die, but could not commit suicide, knowing how it would hurt my family.   (more…)

Let Freedom Sting?

There was a crackdown at the Smoke Down at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia yesterday, May 18th, 2013, as police presence was at an all time high, and at an all time low for their violent thuggish behavior, when they forcefully arrested at least four peaceful liberty lovers. Much footage and controversy is coming forward about these arrests of Adam Kokesh, N.A. Poe, NJ Weedman, and Don Dezarn. The latest news indicates that Don Dezarn and the NJ Weedman were released immediately on the spot, with citations. Adam Kokesh was reported by one source to have been released, but other sources say he and N.A. Poe are now detained in the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center, to face arraignment and bail hearings on Monday May 20th.  Here is some of the footage of the whole Smoke Down event, Don Dezarn gets released at 28:41 point in the video,


Rich Paul Media Coverage and Fundraising

Three weeks from today, on Friday June 7th, 2013, at 1:30pm, friends of Rich Paul will gather to support him at the Cheshire County Superior Court in Keene for his sentencing event. Rich’s story continues to make headlines across the land of liberty, and this is getting the spotlight on the sentencing in hope for a more positive outcome, and more help in fundraising for his appeal. Thank you so much to Garry Reed for this great article today on Rich’s story posted on ,  and an earlier Libertarian News Examiner article put out the truth of Rich refusing to wear a wire or entrap his friends for the FBI. Updates will follow between now and Rich’s sentencing.

Thank you to Garrett Ean for his most excellent mashup video,  highlighting testimony from Richie the Rat Dupont Jr. to Phil the Perjurer Christiana and other detectives in between. Tune in to how they are each asked similar questions by Defense counsel Kim Kossick regarding who called who to begin this investigation into Rich Paul. Did the NH Drug Task Force call the FBI, or did the FBI call the DTF, and then lie under oath about who called who? Since Christiana could not admit under oath that he asked Rich to cooperate, in a similar way that Dupont had been asked to cooperate, then refused to answer questions about the Keene Activist Center, all of that testimony should be stricken, and Christiana charged with perjury and contempt. However, since we choose our battles, this may not be the one we choose, but the truth shall someday set Rich Paul free . . .      (more…)

Rich Paul’s Sentencing Event

2013_04_20_freerichThe question we have all been asking has been answered. When is Rich Paul’s sentencing event?
Date: Friday, June 7th, 2013
Time: 1:30pm
Location: Cheshire County Superior Court, Keene, NH

All it took to answer this question was one person who loves Rich to walk into the court and ask, and to send him this much needed message. As of this moment, Rich’s counsel has not informed him that the sentencing event is on the court calendar, and has not returned his last phone calls to her. Yes she is busy in another trial, State v. Next Victim, but a 10-minute phone call to Rich would be appreciated.

Well, the message has been sent, and just knowing when the sentencing event is happening makes a major difference in the mind and spirit of someone incarcerated indefinitely. Without knowing how this event will go, at least we now know Rich can begin his appeal by July 6th, 2013, if he chooses to go all the way in that direction. There is a great deal of comfort walking in to this sentencing event knowing that come what may, Rich has the will and the way to follow this through.

Will Rich get 81 years? Will they send him to Concord or Berlin? Will Rich get a year or less in Cheshire County? Will Rich get a suspended sentence? Will Rich get probation, work release, or rehab? Or all of the above? Will the prosecutor stick close to his pre-trial plea offer of “no jail time”? Or will Webb offer a post-trial punishment to Rich just for going to trial? And with Kissinger on the bench, what can we expect from the man who says to jurors, “You must follow the law as I have explained it!” It’s a mystery making history. . .

Prepare for the worst, but wish for the best, and let’s do be careful what we wish for. I am sending love to the moment in time, Friday June 7th at 1:30pm, when Rich Paul appears to hear his sentence. I wish that sentence would be, “You’re not the droid we’re looking for. You’re free to go.”