Public hearing on Keene’s 2013-14 budget proposal


It’s that time of year again when the great and wise city planners of our lives bring out the new year’s budget.  It of course is an increase from the previous year.  It always is.  It doesn’t matter where you live.  And that is the nature of any successful parasite.  They feed and then subsequently grow larger.  Until either the hosts dies or finds a way to remove the parasite.  Either way the end is often messy and unpleasant.

This year in Keene the city manager, Prince John, has proposed a budget increase of a whopping 3.37% and the wise city planners will most likely swallow that pill without any fight whatsoever.  After all, these people have a plan for a majestic city on the hill and it requires Your money to see it through.  How do they get away with this year after year?  Easy.  No one cares.  At least no one cares until it is too late.  These meetings are painfully boring and ripe with legalese.  The only people who really ever attend these events are the lobbyists seeking handouts from the city.  Out of a population of 23,000 only around 20 people showed up to this event.  6 of them were activists.  This is how they get away with it year after year.

The entire meeting can be seen here.

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