Blog From Jail: Rich Paul Responds to Sentence

Rich PaulI, Rich Paul, have finally been sentenced after sitting in jail for seven weeks.  My sentence is:

  • One year in jail –  With good time and  time served I should be out sometime around December 18th
  • Three years probation
  • Various fines about $2500

Is this sentence fair?  Of course not.  I’ve harmed no one.  I provided good product at a fair price to an adult who wanted it.   I wish that more people would do that rather than making their living ruining lives to be paid with stolen money.

I can hear the drug warriors thinking, “But weed is a gateway drug.”  Oh, really?  The government-worshipping drug warriors should be relieved to find out that when the government’s Institute of Medicine studied the gateway effect, they found no causal relationship between the use of cannabis and the use of harder drugs like alcohol, cocaine, and heroin.  Moreover, researcher and addiction specialist Todd H. Mikuriya, in his study entitled “Cannabis as a Substitute for Alcohol : A Harm Reduction Approach”, found that alcoholics who used cannabis were more likely to avoid relapse into the active use of these more dangerous drugs.

The “gateway effect” seems to be pretty well debunked.  Spread the word!

I will be appealing my conviction and have already raised over $8,000 towards that end.  I hope that you will help by donating here in either bitcoin or dollars.

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