The State and the Golden Rule

Wanted Robin HoodIn Sunday’s Keene Sentinel, columnist Steve Gilbert unleashed on Robin Hooders, claiming we are violating the Golden Rule, that is, to do unto others as you’d like done to you.

Steve has it backwards. It’s the people calling themselves “the state”, or in this case, “the city”, that are violating the golden rule. While the state believers sometimes offer a valuable service, like education, roads, or fire protections, they do not offer it on a consensual basis.

If you decide you don’t want to do what the state people want or pay what they demand, you could have your home stolen, car stolen, be put in a cage, or even killed.

That is not how one should treat one’s neighbors. However, despite the violence and the threats of violence enacted against me by the state, I will not respond in kind. I know that violence begets violence and that peace is the way.

Asking government bureaucrats questions on camera is the definition of accountability. If they don’t like it, they can quit their immoral jobs. Also, to Steve or anyone else reading this, please find me video of a Robin Hooder “sticking a camera in the face” of a parking enforcer for even a moment, let alone “several hours”. These claims are so common and yet completely baseless. Holding a camera in my personal space and pointing it at a government worker is not sticking anything in anyone’s face. Get real.

Steve asks what the endgame of Free Keene is. I wonder if he bothered to read the “About” page of this website. The endgame of course is to convert Keene into a consensual society where people stop using coercion against their peaceful neighbors. I don’t care if the government people go away – I only want them to stop threatening and hurting peaceful people.

Oh, and there are PLENTY of people who appreciate what Robin Hooders do – there is no shortage of monetary contributions and compliments given to us by members of the public.

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  1. I posted the following comment on the Keene Sentinel column you linked to. It hasn’t shown up yet so I thought I’d post it here to make sure it appears:

    “Two days ago on Saturday, June 15, 2013, Derrick J Horton was walking through the streets of Keene when he spotted a Robin Hooder. He filmed the Robin Hooder place a coin into a meter right before the person who writes tickets got there. Then another person parked his car right next to the person who had just been saved. This person who just arrived then went up to Derrick J and threatened him: “If you do not tilt that down [the camera], I’m gonna break it. I’m gonna break it.” The man then grabbed Derrick J’s camera out of his hands. (See video of this here: )

    What did Derrick J do? He followed the Golden Rule and did to the man what he would like the man to do to him: he treated him kindly and with respect and did not use force to get his camera back. Instead he just stayed standing where he was and let another person (the one who just was saved by the Robin Hooder) to follow the Golden Rule by letting him persuade the man who stole Derrick J’s camera to give it back to him.

    Now, of course this is just one example, and not everyone who opposes what the Robin Hooders do would take someone’s camera by force like this man did, but still I think this serves as evidence that it is the people who oppose Robin Hooding that are much more inclined to not follow the Golden Rule.

    I also encourage you to read the link that Tom Penningon gave in his comment to Robin Hooder Ian Freeman’s response to your column.

    William Kiely”

  2. steve’s article is dishonest I was there… It seems Steve went in with a bias and looked for things to affirm/confirm that bias. the article is a biased read on the court hearing, to the extent that its inaccurate

  3. His article is low hangin much to pick apart if one cares to bother.. lol

  4. im pretty sure hes gay ,so i think he puts a gay dramatic flare on it……he takes dramatic license put it that way…personally i dont think he is someone who can be taken too seriously .. Tho the do unto others thing on the surface probably strikes a chord w many


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