Rich Paul Appeal Fundraiser a Success!

The Fundraiser for Rich Paul’s appeal has been successful and the campaign to free Rich Paul is moving into a more long-term strategy. The appeal lawyer’s retainer has been raised with $3,000.00 contributed by Rich’s parents, $3,500.00 contributed by the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund , and the remaining funds donated through the fundraising campaign. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all those that donated and supported Rich Paul!

The lawyer hired to represent Rich through the appeals process is Joshua Gordon and he has one of best records for successful appeals in New Hampshire. Rich and many of those involved behind the scenes are confident that Joshua will do a good job. The appeals process is a long one and should verdict be overturned the case may be retried.

The Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund believes in “supporting the good people who disobey bad laws” and has seen fit CD Evolutionto make a substantial contribution to the Appeal Fundraiser. CD Evolution has not been very active as of late but they are hoping to change that starting with this appeal. Please take a moment and visit their website for more information on the volunteer organization.

The fundraising is not finished by any means. Next up we need to raise the $1,200 it will cost to get the trial transcripts from the court and while the initial retainer is covered Joshua Gordon may require more hours of work than estimated and there are other expenses that may come up. Couple that with the possibility of a retrial and the money needed is still quite substantial. Essentially, the first step of this journey is complete and now we need to prepare for the next steps.

I spoke with Rich prior to writing this and he wanted me to emphasize that this is not about keeping him out of jail but rather setting precedent in regards to Jury Nullification rights so that future defendants can confidently persuade a jury to nullify a bad law. If things work out it will also set a precedent for those ensnared by the Drug Task Force or worse, the FBI. It is entirely likely that Rich might be out of jail by the time this appeal process is complete. This is all new ground for myself, Rich, and most liberty activists — I don’t know any New Hampshire activists to have recently taken a case to the NH Supreme Court. There will be a lot to learn from for this process.

I have started a new campaign to mark the change in strategy entitled: Free Rich Paul! Legal Defense Fund. Please take a moment, visit the new page, and donate! You can also donate bitcoin to this address: 15weS7AsNFEqdWDqwqZfKSPRwrjitF4aA5

Just to recap:

  1. Joshua Gordon’s $9000 retainer has been raised! Success!
  2. $1,200 needed for the trial transcripts
  3. More money is needed in case of additional expenses and lawyer fees from the appeal process
  4. We need to prepare for the possibility of a retrial.

If the situation changes and funds are not needed an effort will be made to contact the donors to return funds or move them to CD Evolution. Please be aware that some of the funds raised are being used to fund press releases and marketing efforts as we try to parley this into press about Jury Nullification and the ills of prohibition. This is bigger than just Rich Paul as we are working to effect change not just for him but for future potential victims of state intervention.

Please make your most generous donation today!

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