Local Man Files Federal Lawsuit Against Judge Burke

burkeLocal man Matthew Phillips has filed a federal lawsuit against Judge Edward Burke, Keene District Court, and District Court Clerk Larry Kane.  In an email to news@freekeene.com, he writes:

Monday I have filed a Federal Lawsuit against the 8th Circuit Court Keene District naming the Court, Judge Edward Burke, Court Clerk Larry S. Kane as Defendants.  I feel they have violated the Americans with Disability Act and Rehabilitation Act by knowingly proceeding a pretrial hearing and trial date on two violations (noncriminal) offenses while I was on severe anti-seizure and anti-psychotic medication.  I was even sent a handwritten order not to take my meds on trial date which I feel violates Federal Law.  In my investigation into this court and into Edward Burke’s past exploits I have encountered disturbing info about how that rogue Judge operates.  The Case is Matt Phillips vs 8th Circuit Court Keene, Judge Edward Burke, and Larry S. Kane.  This was filed in the District of New Hampshire Federal Court in Concord, NH.  On behalf of Free Keene and Robin Hood of Keene I have filed a criminal charge against Judge Burke for Violating  RSA 633:3 , RSA 633:2 and RSA  641:4 . This was a result in clear undoctored video evidence your organization has gathered.  Specifically the case where Ian Freeman was Jailed not for sitting and Ademo Freeman getting falsely arrested for threatening a Felonious Judge. I have also filed a huge complaint to the Judicial Conduct Committee  on all accounts including my case.

Stay tuned here for the latest on this development.

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