Yes Thomas Mullins, Reputation is Important

Solidarity-sunset3-copblockYesterday – July 18th – was Chalk the Police State in solidarity with the “Sunset 3” who, in June, were arrested by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department employees for using children’s chalk to write pro-police accountability statements on the public sidewalk.

As Kelly Patterson wrote:

on June 8th, I along with two other members of the Sunset Activist Collective were cited during a Nevada Cop Block monthly protest for “graffiti” while listing the crimes and paying tribute to the many victims of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. After nine months of “Second Saturdays” and other events calling for the accountability that is sorely missing within Las Vegas area police departments, we were told by a “graffiti expert” that drawing with chalk on a sidewalk is now illegal, in spite of us having been explicitly told by some of his own co-workers that sidewalk chalk is in fact legal previously.

Among other things – Patterson and his colleagues hope to draw attention to the fact that no LVMPD employee involved in a shooting has ever been found to be in the wrong. Zero. That, of course, is the accountability had when its said to be provided via internal investigations.

So, as Darryl Perry posted at,

Several Keene activists went to Central Square, and then to the sidewalk in front of the KPD “Satellite Office” across the street from the Square. Those who attended chalked pro-liberty messages, and had some pleasant conversations with people walking through the area.

I personally chalked “Who owns you?” (to try to get passer-bys thinking), “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights” (to make-clear that no human has more or less rights than another), and, after seeing one friend chalk “End the Police State” I added “one mind at a time” (to underscore the point that it’s not through an election or looking to someone else, but through each of us acting according to our ideals, that this will be achieved).

Also, upon spying a familiar face, and knowing just how instrumental is ones reputation, I wrote “Who Is Thomas Mullins?” on the public sidewalk just a few feet from him as he sat at an eatery.


My friends added “” underneath. Mullins promptly got up and walked away.


So who is Thomas Mullins? He’s the guy who signed-off on the paperwork on behalf of the “Town of Keene” that collectivized the alleged actions of some to myself and five others dubbed “Robin Hood.”

While I acknowledge that some may think chalking juvenile, it’s clear to all that it’s a peaceful means of expressing ideas, and thus I felt it entirely appropriate to utilize in this instance.

From my interactions with Mullins he does not strike me as a stand-up dude. Instead, he hides behind his office and looks to his comrades – those wearing badges or a black dress – to allow him to perpetuate his witch hunt. That’s why I have no qualm with making others aware of his actions. After all, he alone is responsible for his actions. He has made his reputation what it is.

“But he’s just doing his job” some may claim. My response would be much along the line of this quote by Stansislaw J. Lec, “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”


Thomas Mullins

Mullins has refused to speak with me on-record about his frivolous Robin Hood-related actions. And after Garret Ean, also named in this journey through legaland, did a write-up about his conversation with Mullins, his camera was stolen by hired-guns Joe DiRusso and Aaron Gillis.

I’d hope, if Mullins does want to live in a good community, he’ll take a look in the mirror, do some introspection, and start taking actions to make-better his reputation. Ceasing to levy threats at peaceful people is a good start.


Thomas Mullins: 603-357-9806

Robin Hood overview post:

Robin Hood Update post:

Manchester’s Chalking 8


note that this post was first published to on July 19, 2013

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  1. Thanks a lot for the support Pete (and everyone else that was there). Fortunately, the charges that I and the other two members of the “Sunset 3” were facing were never even filed, although honestly I was kind of looking forward to having a trial for the publicity opportunity. Of course, we’ll get that during the lawsuit that we still intend to file.

    Great write up in general and it’s awesome that you ran into Thomas Mullins and spoiled his lunch like I’m sure he has done to many other people.

  2. Good for the city of Keene and for Thomas Mullins. The group of people who’ve dubbed themselves Free Keene are selfish human beings. Their rhetoric is ridiculous and self serving. RobinHooders? i think not.

  3. Last time I checked, every action the activists from Keene have engaged in were geared toward helping the community in one way or another. Can you substantiate your assertion that they’re “selfish human beings”, or are you just being juvenile?

    If you’re just being juvenile, why? I mean hell, the Robin Hooders have saved everyday hardworking Keene residents money by paying for their parking when they weren’t around to feed the meters. I can only consider that to be “going above and beyond”, and entirely self-LESS. How could anyone think that saving someone from a fine (which only serves as another method of draining the taxpayer) is anything other than an awesome thing to do for a fellow Keene resident? I salute those guys, and I don’t think I’m alone…


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