Don’t Hose Me Bro!

Dont Hose me BroOn Monday, August 12 2013, at the “Superior” courthouse here in Keene, I was sprayed with water by a man who works for the “local government.” After being cooped up in the court house for four hours, I decided to enjoy the outdoors for a bit during the lunch break of the Robin Hood evidentiary hearing. After enjoying a sandwich outside with friends, I decided to draw some artwork on the sidewalk which prompted a “government” employee to spray me with a hose.

This event demonstrates a lot of interesting things :

1. The absolute ridiculousness of the whole lawsuit was illustrated pretty well when the privately hired “city” attorney Charles Bauer was “within arm’s length” of me and Graham and “standing over me,” two actions that are raised in the lawsuit as “harassment.”

2. There are double standards when it comes to “government” employees and the rest of the public

(a) As pointed out in the video, imagine the response that would occur if another person sprayed someone else with water

(b) When “city” attorney Tom Mullins walks by, the man stops spraying water as to not get any on Mullins

3. “Government” workers seem to always say something to the effect of they are “just doing their job.”

(a) Maybe it’s just me, but I will not do something I disagree with, even if it is “my job.”

4. Organizations that claim a monopoly on the use of force (governments) believe in and practice censorship.

5. Other “government” workers do not appear to care about rights.

(a) Multiple times, people who work for the “city” just walk on by, ignoring what is transpiring

Here is some artwork from today:




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  1. Spraying someone with water is an assault. You should go to the police and file a criminal complaint against the attacker. Just because they demand a monopoly on security and justice, does not mean that you should go without security and justice because you don’t want to deal with their violent monopoly.

  2. Honestly, i believe ppl have the right to be annoying. And what annoys me, may not annoy you. This video and others like it showing the role of some Liberty activists as being the “court jesters”, inspired me today. I hope to follow the jesters around with a “voluntary” clean-up crew, washing away the chalking. I hope to record as much as possible. I hope to have fun, smile, dance, and make new friends. Thank you, Jesters, for helping me find a way I can contribute with my activism. I can hardly wait to get to NH and join the good cause as another porcupine.

  3. And after filing the complaint with the police (and DO record that)
    then file a suit in U.S. District Court for violation of First Amendment and for Assault.

    It now costs $400 to file plus the cost of “Service”(another 50-100 per defendant)
    If it was a city employ, the employee and the City will both be defendants.

    my contact info


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