Court Yet To Issue Ruling in Robin Hood Case

robinAfter three full days in court for an “evidentiary hearing”, attorneys for both sides in the Robin Hood case have filed their memorandums of law by the October ninth deadline. Here’s the memorandum of law from the city’s high-paid private attorneys as well as their “request for findings and rulings“. Here’s Robin Hood attorney Jon Meyer’s response to their request and his memorandum of law. We’re still waiting to see if the robed man will issue a “preliminary injunction” or dismiss the case.

Also, the court denied another Robin Hooder’s attempt to join the case as a defendant. Free Keene blogger Jay Freeville had filed a “motion to intervene”, in which he provided evidence of his Robin Hooding activities, yet the judge denied the motion, without explanation – as usual.

In the 2nd civil case (seeking money) filed against the Robin Hooders by the people calling themselves the “city of Keene”, the city’s attorneys have filed a “motion to consolidate“. Defense has yet to respond. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

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  1. What I don’t understand, is why the leftist Blog BlueHampshire doesn’t support the Robin Hoods. Why don’t they?

  2. Because, right or wrong, they don’t want to be seen as on the side as morons. That’s why.

  3. They aren’t doing a very good job of that.

  4. Because they are Statists, and worship the violence of the State as a sacramental act. They enjoy seeing innocent people hurt.

  5. They don’t see the people as innocent, they look at them as blasphemers of their social messiah (a government based on secret elections to power.)

    They feel like kidnapping, caging and sometimes killing people who don’t share their beliefs is an appropriate response.

  6. Are you saying that there is a logical flaw with the philosophy of self ownership and non-aggression, or name calling?

  7. That’s not fair to say “they enjoy seeing innocent people hurt.” That’s like saying that vampires enjoy draining the blood from their victims. It’s not that they enjoy it; they have no choice. They’re vampires.

  8. The Moose Dung Gazette gets more hits than BlueHampshire lol

    Source: Alexa

  9. “should I throw the Constitution under the bus and kiss the butts of the locals or shouldn’t I,let me see”

  10. bluehampshire is..fascist

  11. “Vampires” could feed on animals. If they feed on humans, it’s because they enjoy it.

  12. I was pleased to see that Perry got the endorsement of the MDG.

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