New Keene Cop Block WARNING Outreach Fliers

policewarningflyer2013_frontHundreds of these awesome new know-your-rights WARNING fliers have already been distributed to local college students during Pumpkin Fest and on other occasions. Most of those who have received the flyer thus far had been elated to receive useful information about their rights and those few who already knew their rights were appreciative that Keene Cop Block is actively distributing them.

You can download your own copy and print them out for use in your area, should you wish. Here it is in uncompressed .jpg:

Front Side

Back Side

Major thanks to Meg McLain for the killer design work. You can hire her for your graphics project.

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  1. i still have the PSD files, if you want any language changed on the back side. ~meg

  2. lol, burn shit because fun and college has no consiquences 😀 asshole cops trying to stop us burning down teh pumpkin fest “for teh lulz”


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