City Files Robin Hood Appeal, Spends $2,200 on Transcript Alone

RobinHood_sheriffThe people calling themselves the “City of Keene” have officially filed their appeal in the Robin Hood cases. They have also filed a motion asking the NH supreme court to accept amicus briefs in the case from other interested parties, which will likely be various state employee unions, and other state agencies interested in destroying freedom of speech and the press.

The appeal paperwork lists the amount “the City” will be forcing taxpayers to pay for the transcript of the three-day “evidentiary hearings” that led to the dismissal of their illegal, unconstitutional civil cases against the Robin Hooders: $2,200! Add that to the at least $20,000 that taxpayers have forked over for this frivolous case against us in the first place, and then keep counting, because the legal bill from the fancy private attorneys “the city” hired isn’t going to get smaller!

A recent Keene city council meeting shows a non-public session where the council appears to have voted 12-0 on a legal issue, presumably this case.  Is the city council really in favor of this move by “the city”?  How many taxpayer dollars are they willing to lavish on this case before people boot them out of office in the next election?

Usually the court will take a month to docket the case.  Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest on the Robin Hood saga.

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  1. We’ll recover that lost revenue, no matter how much it costs!

  2. The city has spent almost as much on this case as they make a year in parking fees!

    Talk about cutting off the nose to spite the face…

  3. Instead of complaining that the government has spent $2200 in transcript fees, why don’t you celebrate that the government has received $2200 in transcript fees?

  4. that makes absolutely zero sense. Why give an inept gov’t more money??!

  5. Okay, fine. If you want the “inept” government to have less money, then you should be happy that the government will have $2200 less after it pays the transcription fee. Right? And the $20K that went to the private lawyers, the “inept” government doesn’t have that money either and you think that’s a good thing, right? In fact, by your logic, the more money the “inept” government wastes, the better, if all you care about is the “inept” government having less money. Am I making as much sense as you now?

  6. no because all you did was repeat one word I used – is that supposed to convey intelligence or some kind of argument? The gov’t is INEPT (LOLOLZ) because this is frivolous at best, and a complete waste of taxpayers money. The court made a ruling, they should just drop it, instead of wasting more money trying to make a point and looking like bullies in the process. Don’t they have anything better to do than harass people who are paying parking meters? Pretty INEPT (ROFLMAOZ) if you ask me

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