Threatened With Arrest For Free Speech At New Courthouse

teboI was nearly arrested today at the new superior court building while doing jury nullification outreach for the first time in 2014 and also the first time at the new building. In the several year history of doing jury outreach at the court, we’ve never had any real issues, but that’s because we never went inside the court building to conduct the outreach. That’s what set them off today, as they clearly want to protect their new territory from those darn activists who always want to exercise their rights, in this case, freedom of speech.

After I’d successfully handed out a couple dozen fliers in the superior court lobby, court security officer Bob Tebo approached, accused me of “soliciting” and called the sheriffs. I then called up Darryl who was doing “Don’t Take the Plea Deal” outreach the floor below at district court to come record and witness the coming threats. (Darryl had no similar issues with district court’s more professional security staff, by the way.)  While waiting, I continued to hand out fliers.  Here’s the video, courtesy of Darryl:

Sheriff’s deputy Shanks arrives with another of the grumpy court security officers. He claims the judge says there’s no passing stuff out inside the courthouse. I continue to stand my ground and hand out fliers so Shanks leaves to further consult with the robed man. He returns after a few minutes and begs me to leave. I opt to exit since he asks nicely and says please, but I request the judge’s order in writing. I give Shanks my card and ask him to send me the order when it’s ready. We’ll see if I ever hear from him. Stay tuned here for the latest.

On the positive side, the new court facility’s security is much easier to get through, thanks to the addition of an x-ray machine, plus the courtrooms are much larger (occupancy is 120 for district, 134 superior), meaning that no one will be turned away from future activist trials, as had been known to happen in the old superior courthouse, once the 23 seats inside were full.

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  1. Ian “Freeman.” If you were so cocksure that you had a constitutional right to engage in your “outreach” in that location in the court building, why didn’t you “continue to stand [your] ground,” and force the officer to “unjustly” arrest a “peaceful person” exercising his rights? Oh, because he “asks nicely and says please,” and “begs [you] to leave?” I don’t think so. I believe you saw yourself headed to the “Cheshire Spiritual Retreat,” and he backed you down.

  2. It’s nice to see someone that doesn’t have the courage of his convictions.

  3. There’s no way a rational person could doubt that Ian had every right to be doing what he was doing.

    There’s plenty of room for a rational person do doubt that a judge would respect that right.

    After all, judges in this court are so corrupt that they’ve been caught making false police reports, accusing others of threatening them – lucky for that guy, there was video evidence which proved the judge was lying, but the court is so corrupt that the judge never faced charges for what he did.

    Backing down when faced with attack by individuals who are proven to be total psychopaths is not indicative of anything other than common sense.

  4. Yep, I didn’t feel like getting arrested. Don’t worry, I’ll be back.

  5. Holy Jeezus, that was painful to watch. I’ve never seen a cop grovel like that. Each time Ian said “or what?” it was like watching him dangle the cop’s balls between the jaws of a vise while tickling his scrotum with a feather. They all know Ian’s untouchable, and if Ian wasn’t such a diplomat they would have had to let Ian stay there and then the bailiffs would have taken a private beatdown in the judge’s chamber after hours. I must have aged about five years just waiting to see if Ian was going to let them off the hook, or whether he was going to fully emasculate them in front of a running video camera.

    I especially liked the “okay, I’ll leave, but only because you said please” bit. That was a nice touch, and much better from a PR standpoint than, “okay, but only because I am not sick enough to torture wounded slaves.”

    I’ve always said that “power corrupts,” and I’m not giving up on that belief just yet, but I will qualify it: Some people are more corruption-prone than others, and seeing the way these freestaters let the bureaucrats save some face (after letting them know what’s up), I’ll just say that this video makes me suspect maybe–just maybe–the freestaters are from the somewhat-less-corruptible segment of the human race.

  6. LoL … Omg you are such a fucking idiot – seriously. Do you actually read the insanity you post? You are the one that is unhinged here. Paranoid personality disorder. Get some help.

  7. Gotta love armchair psychological diagnoses. Almost as good as armchair commentary on rocketry. You sound like the famous NYT editorial telling Goddard that a rocket could never fly into space, because it obviously needs to push against air.

    No one with any sense believed that ridiculous claim. But those without any sense just lapped it up. Fortunately, reality is not subject to the irrational rants of the ignorant.

  8. “Fortunately, reality is not subject to the irrational rants of the ignorant.”

    Coming from you, that is amusingly ironic.

  9. The sad thing is, you probably thought that was actually clever. In /reality/, it just makes you sound like you’re about six years old.

  10. And what you write makes you sound like you really need to be institutionalized.

  11. We already covered the fact that you are not capable of making such a determination. Or, more to the point, the fact that you are so blindingly ignorant that if you say something, odds are that the opposite is actually true.

    So, thank you for endorsing me as 100% sane, I guess…

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