Judge to Reconsider Graham’s Trespass Case Dismissal

Graham ColsonIn the last update on Graham Colson’s case where he was arrested for violating an illegal “no trespass” order banning him from Central Sq., attorney Jon Meyer had trounced the people calling themselves the “City of Keene” in district court as judge Edward J. Burke sided with the defense and found “the City” had violated Graham’s right to due process. Burke delayed dismissing the case, however, to give the city attorney time to file a motion to reconsider.

Here is the motion to reconsider that they subsequently filed. In it, KPD prosecutor Jean Kilham argues that the court should reconsider dismissal because Graham previously had not challenged the validity of the no trespass order until now. Kilham is essentially arguing that because Graham was ignorant of his rights and the process until heroic free speech attorney Jon Meyer took his case, that therefore Graham should not be protected from the illegal order. Here’s Jon Meyer’s excellent response to their motion. Now the judge has asked the parties for opinion on if he should wait on a ruling from the US Supreme Court on an apparently unrelated case.

More as it develops. Stay tuned here to Free Keene.

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