School bureaucrats slap down local opposition and break the law doing it.

Did you miss the excruciatingly painful 6 hour deliberative session dealing with the school budget and warrant articles that will appear on the March ballot here in Keene?  No problem.  I cut the bulk of it down to an hour and have selected choice footage from that event highlighting the extreme lengths these bureaucrats stooped to in order to protect their ‘doomed to collapse’ 63millon dollar a year industry from any opposition.

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  1. All you needed was more souls in the room. Where were all the FSP people from Keen?

  2. Glad to see the bureaucrats have taken to breaking the law. This civil disobedience thing is really catching on!

  3. darryl was epic

  4. we had about 10….i think more should have been there too…very much…

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