Keene Voters REJECT $12 million bond

Keene voters have rejected the 20 year bond that the School District has spent $30,000 advertising. Question 1, which would have authorized the Board to borrow $12 million to renovate the five elementary schools and repurpose Jonathan Daniels School to be a pre-k failed to obtain the needed 60% to pass. That warrant article received 1298 votes, or 55.66%. The School Board’s proposed budget of $63,578,424 passed by a vote of 1376-606 (60% of ballots cast).
The new teacher’s contract was also approved, that contract will increase yearly expenses by an estimated $500,000 per year.
Warrant Articles 2, 3 & 4 all failed, while Warrant Articles 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 all passed.

Christine Parshall was elected to the 1-year seat with 49.45% of the vote, Ian Freeman received 5.41% of the vote.
Edward R. Murdough, Dawn M. Mutuski & Jim Carley were elected to the three 3-year seats.

Full results can be downloaded here.

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  1. Free Keene needs to seriously review it’s electoral approach. It needs to address how to mobilize more than just the 100 cadre to vote for its candidate. Of course the state will easily be able to mobilize its 1,000 workers to vote to protect their graft and pay. However, FK should be able to at least convince 150-300 neutral voters in Keene to support the FK cause.

    How are you going to convince 300 neutrals to vote for your candidate next year ? Think in terms of specific neutrals. Get a list of voters and review with a fine toothed analysis of each and every one of the 3,000 active voters on that list. Don’t waste a moment on the statists. Focus on quietly converting 300 neutrals to your side. Person to person.

    One year

  2. You should come here and do that!

  3. Are you sure these numbers are accurate? Sixty three MILLION DOLLARS for the school budget? Is that for the next ten years or something? The population of Keene is only 23,000, so that school budget would be $2700 for every man, woman and child living in Keene! That can’t be right. Is this the budget for all of Southern New Hampshire or something? The Keene School District only has an enrollment of 3503 students, so that number you gave would come out to OVER EIGHTEEN THOUSANDS DOLLARS PER STUDENT!! Come on. Did you add some digits by accident?

    If the taxpayers of Keene were really forking over $18,000 per student per year there would be no reason to have a government school system; it would cheaper just to pay for private school tuition for every student. Not to mention they might actually stand the chance of getting an education.

    Either FK needs to check its numbers before publishing, or someone on the school board needs to explain where all that money is going. I’ve met the products of the Keene government school system, and it is not delivering $18,000-per-year results.

  4. Anarchists refuse to vote, they just don’t get it. They would rather shoot themselves in the foot than win and change the system from the inside.

    How many Anarchists does it take to change a light bulb? Trick question, Anarchists cant change anything.

  5. I’m an anarchist. I vote. Ergo, you are wrong.

  6. 20 years of bondage.

  7. Gee, ian, 95% voted against you and about three times as many people decided it was better to leave their ballots blank than to vote for you. Maybe you should take the hint. But you’re probably too stupid or too arrogant. Which is it?

  8. Maybe you don’t understand the reason I run. I don’t care about winning. 🙂

  9. You only needed to pick one, but I guess that means you are both. Arrogant and stupid. An unstoppable combination.

  10. And you change nothing. Ergo, he is correct,

  11. @Randy that type of logical fallacy is called false dilemma. This flaw in your reasoning has rendered your conclusion unpersuasive.

  12. You may need to work on your reading comprehension. He made the claim that anarchists refuse to vote, and he was proven wrong.

    Also, your claim is false. Many decisions at the town level come down to one or two votes, so a single voter can actually cause change. Additionally, I not only vote, but also author legislation and amendments to legislation, a number of which have actually been enacted. I also speak publicly on various issues, and individuals have told me that what I said ended up causing them agree with my position. So, I have demonstrably caused significant change. What have you done?

  13. You just care about being a douchebag and attention whore – we know.

  14. How can you claim to be an anarchist yet participate in the very system you wish to abolish? You’re an idiot.

  15. If someone tries to mug me, and I defend myself, did I “participate” in the mugging?

    Only an “idiot” would make such a ludicrous claim.

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