Bedford FSP Candidates Get Over 20% Of the Vote!

Free State Project participants Aaron Day and Matt Philips stirred up controversy in their recent run for school board and town council.  The election results (here and here) show that despite the opposition spending thousands to send full-color hitpiece propaganda to every household in Bedford, the liberty-oriented candidates received about 25% of the votes.  Aaron Day received over 23% and Matt Philips over 27%.  Philips also did not come in last in his race.  This is a stellar result for first-time candidates!

Aaron has blogged about his experience here at the Bedford Patch:

Unfortunately I did not win the school board race in Bedford (Matt also lost his Town Council race). Congratulations to Bill Foote and Bill Kassler on their victories.


I am grateful for the 1129 people who did vote for me in my first local election and want to thank everyone who worked tirelessly to try to reverse the growing size of government in Bedford. I want to thank George Johnson, George Lambert, Rhonda Lambert, Emily Lambert, Stephanie Lambert, Emily Lambert, Laura CondonAudra SchwoererKristin Hellings Noble, Craig Haynie, Lisa Gravel, Eric Schleien, Tim Lambert, Irina DayTim KelleyCarla Gericke,Kevin Kervick, Kevin G. Gagne, Pamela Ean, and Jeffrey Creem for working the polls with us today, spending time in the freezing cold at the Transfer Station, and putting up signs.


I also want to thank Jane A., Ann Marie Banfield, Sean Van Anglen, and Laura Condon (again) for working tirelessly not only on this campaign but also for consistently advocating for important issues like vaccine choice, stopping Common Core, and preventing or reversing government expansion and intrusion in all of its forms.


In addition, I am grateful to the Bedford Taxpayers Association for their endorsement, support, and commitment to financial discipline for the Town of Bedford (a special thanks to Joleen for her letters to the editor).


This was the first time that the Bedford voters had the opportunity to hear from us but certainly will not be the last. I will continue to advocate on behalf of all Bedford taxpayers by pushing back state and federal control and advocating for reduced spending within our local schools. I do not have to be on the school board to advocate for these positions. In fact, Common Core and the pension issues are state issues that I can address in my capacity as Chair of the RLCNH.


Most alarming during this process was the uncovering of entrenched special interests that have had a grip on our town and have held the silent majority hostage through well-funded lobbying, bullying, and manipulation of town government and resources. This behavior will NOT stand. I will spend the time I would have spent on the school board focussing on this particular issue. I have received an outpouring of alarming reports from concerned residents of Bedford and now other towns throughout New Hampshire about this kind of oppressive behavior. We need to be vigilant but also proactive in taking a stand against these violations of our rights.


Lastly, I view this race as the first of many and don’t want anyone to be discouraged by this outcome. I will run again, and I encourage everyone who wants to actively fight back against the trend towards socialism to do the same. Run for school board, town council, town moderator, town clerk, library trustee, or any position that might be open. Get involved! It won’t be easy but you will find, as I have, there is a solid base of support.


It is alarming that in most of the races that I am seeing across the state, big government candidates are being elected and large spending measures are being passed. This, on top of the fact that the Republican-led NH State Senate voluntarily expanded the Obamacare Medicaid program. Passage of this bill will likely lead to the necessity of a New Hampshire state income tax in the relatively near future.


We need to win the election this fall, and to do so, we need candidates and delegates across the state. And, we need to get organized. Please contact me if you are interested in running or helping other pro-liberty candidates to win the primary in September and the general election in November.


To echo John Paul Jones, “We have not yet begun to fight.”


Live free or die!


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  1. Perhaps they are not poisoning the well as badly as you are. What percent of the vote did you get ian? 5%? So let’s see, that means that about 0.4% of the population voted for you. Really winning over the hearts and minds, aren’t you.

  2. Considering how many ballots mysteriously disappeared, that’s not bad.

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