FK haters create anti-FSP group with homicidal motif

This is no April Fools joke. It looks like the STOP FREE KEENE!!! crowd have created another gem called Kill the Quill – Stop The Free State Project in NH. The group’s description is: “For the citizens of the State of NH to stop the infiltration of the radical movement named: The Free State Project”.

Interesting logo they have:


Do current group members Brandie Roof (the administrator of the group, also known by her current pseudonym “Brandie Lovesherfamily”), Andrea Whitcomb, Joshua Erickson, Dan French, Todd Nolan, Tammy Adams, and Jon Cole really support the murder of Free State Project participants? Is killing so funny to them that they joke about using the word so nonchalantly:


How much more ridiculous will the haters make themselves look?

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  1. Seriously? Some people film meter maids and put coins in and go to the occasional protest, and this is worthy of “killing”? Are the ideas of liberty really that dangerous to the average person?

  2. I think it’s more about the towing than the parking. Some people just can’t take constructive criticism.

  3. Oh I know. A friend of mine almost got punched by a towing company owner for suggesting that they’re bandits in cahoots with the state.

  4. Short statements like that tend to be inflammatory, but initiating violence because of one is not okay. Most people just think I’m a nutbar when I say that taxes are theft, or speak in liberty catchphrases, but don’t want to take the time to hear my detailed explanation. So I limit my workings to people I meet at coffee-houses. Just like past revolutionaries in Vienna ;P

  5. Shut the fuck up Joel. You’re are new blogger that thinks you better than the rest of us.

  6. You being serious here?

  7. Pretty sure that’s not the real Jay Freeville.

  8. That’s what I hoped.

  9. Click the name – that person has only made one comment

  10. Nope, this has always been my account here.

  11. I don’t trust you anymore Joel. Maybe you should blog somewhere else.

  12. Someone sure is persistent. I’ll keep banning, and they can keep wasting their time.

  13. Just re enforces my belief that the statist may be the most evil entity on the planet. There is no low they won’t try to undermine the effort of letting their neighbors live free. And that includes both the original article and the jerk trying to confuse the conversation.

  14. To be fair: That’s precisely how I got on FKDC ;P

  15. Now with less violence… “Stop the Free State Project in NH” no longer has the logo or subtitle.

  16. You are no longer welcome here and anywhere else at Free Keene. Only inhabitants that will serve anyway they can to promote the agenda may stay. Wish you well in the future Joel.

  17. Sentinel sent me here fat fuck


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