Cynthia Chase & Chuck Weed Not Running for Re-Election for State Rep

cynthia_chase_threatfsp[1]Remember state representative Cynthia Chase who famously said, “Free Staters are the single biggest threat the state is facing today.“? She and state rep Chuck Weed, both “D”-rated by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, are not running for re-election this year!

In a report by the Keene Sentinel’s Kyle Jarvis both reps cite frustrations with the system and their fellow reps. Weed suggests that he’s upset at his fellow Democrats because they won’t get behind other taxes, like an income tax,

weed“I’m very disappointed with Republicans, but also in the Democrats,” he said. His fellow party members are not willing “to talk about key issues that face New Hampshire … being most important to me, a fair tax structure. They’re afraid to bring it up, or even discuss it, because they think that means you’ll lose the next election.”

Chase also cites frustrations with the atmosphere in Concord,

“I find the situation in Concord frustrating at times. I feel very much like a square peg being forced into a round hole. I just don’t fit the mold up there. I hesitate to point my finger at anyone because it’s not their fault, it’s me.

Naturally, the more liberty-oriented people come here as part of the Free State Project, the more frustrating things will become for those who wish to control others. Already, anti-liberty reps are leaving office because they are having too much difficulty passing increases in government.  Now that liberty media like Ridley Report and Free Keene are on their cases and exposing them publicly, that can’t make things very comfortable for them. So, they’re quitting, which is a big opportunity for liberty-loving people to help elect someone more freedom-oriented!

Liberty is possible here in New Hampshire, but we need your help.

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