Liberty Activists Call WKBK’s Morning Show to Discuss Robin Hooding

This morning, Keene liberty activists and at least one critic (Brandie Roof) called WKBK‘s morning show. Host Dan Mitchell and guest Kendall Lane (“the mayor”) were discussing the New York Times piece on Robin Hooders as well as parking in Keene. Here’s the audio:

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  1. I am not a hater. I love my community. You are oppressing me for sharing my opinion. However, I would expect nothing more than antics from Free Keene.

  2. Mitch and Kendall reveal themselves as typical Obama Democrats by condoning what Obama is doing with Obamacare.

    They openly support right on the radio a “Fleece all the young people with high taxes to subsidize the old people” Ponzo scheme..

  3. Ponzi and FDR would be proud of Mitchbama and Kendallbama

  4. I also love the community – that’s why I put effort into stopping the state people from hurting peaceful people. I am sorry you don’t appreciate that, Brandie.

    You did not sound very loving on the radio this morning.

  5. I am with you Brandie and am a supporter of Stop Free Keene!!! Free Keene was never asked to come here and “help us” with something that we didn’t want help with. They are a nuisance and prey on our young children. Even from the ages of 14 years old. More to come on that in the future!

  6. Now you say that a 5 year old can have a sexual relationship, you’re sick!

  7. No, Seamus, I didn’t. Please stop hiding behind fake names.

  8. there was a lady on dans show acting like she spoke for everyone:she doesnt,at all

  9. and she should stop acting like she does…because its a lie

  10. people who call them selves “lovesherfamily” are wackjobs obviously your obsessed with stuff other than your “family” y not pay more attention to you “family” crazy lady..also “stopfreekeene” is lie upon lie…”reveal the truth” what a crock; you are psycho

  11. No, I am not a hater.

  12. like you do with the “freeman” you added?

  13. you know your name is Ian Bernard. just deal with it.

  14. They were oppressing you? Really? So, one of them must have chained you up? Assaulted you? Pointed a gun at you? Threatened to stab you? Said you would be beaten for saying what you said?

    Wait, none of them did any of that? All they did was disagree with you? Then you were not being oppressed.

  15. Not according to the State of NH.

  16. She may not speak for all, but she does the majority.

  17. You are right Stop Free Keene is lie upon lie and a parody fake page created by Ian and his group. You will find FACTS and the TRUTH at Stop Free Keene!!!

  18. What majority?….Did someone go from house to house in keene 24,000 people and to a consensus?…No….maybe you and some of your friends… …thats all…so, saying “the majority” is a lie too

  19. So now you decide to have the ‘state’ back you?

  20. No there is lie upon lie at “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” nothing but lies…then she came on the radio and said more lies

  21. Please share an example.

  22. How do you know? Did you go house to house?

  23. Nope, but I did go through a legal name change after years of frustration about them ignoring the Moskowitz NH supreme court decision.

  24. I didnt make the false assertion dummy

  25. already pointed out the plain falsehoods asserted here…STF is ten fold worse..

  26. She speaks for the majority of Keene and she does not lie.

  27. Calling Branide a “hater” unveils your insecurities perfectly Ian. You cannot tolerate anyone who might think that what you are doing is wrong, or nonsensical or aggressive. (you may not advocate “physical” violence but you strongly encourage “mental/emotional” violence). If your convictions were based in honesty and truth and goodness – you would not need to attack those who oppose you.

  28. Brandie – thank you for speaking up!

  29. No, you are not a hater.

  30. Hours upon hours of research is done by very dedicated members of STOP FREE KEENE!!! to unveil the truth. This concept is the whole reason for the birth of the FB page. Often times FK or FSP own documents and quotes are used and put on the page to educate the public. So, I will respectfully agree to disagree with you.

  31. No false assertion was made by me. If you think anyone that does a majority vote polls EVERY SINGLE PERSON, then you need to research how it works. And, I will not resort to your low level of name calling, nor continue this conversation that is going nowhere. It just shows your inability to have a civil, adult debate.

  32. Can you give examples of the mental and emotional violence?

  33. Spending hours fabricating stories is not the same as doing research to unveil the truth.

  34. Oh, so you’ve done some scientific polls? Really? Which polling firm did you hire?

    And, as far as David not having a “civil, adult debate,” I would suggest that you lost the privilege of complaining about such things when you made an unsubstantiated claim that Free Keene members “prey on” 14-year-old children. The only thing lower than a child molester, is someone who makes /false/ claims of child molestation.

    So, since you are someone who is literally lower than a child molester, you are not in a position to accuse others of being uncivil.

  35. Looks like you don’t know Mr. Freeman very well Maine Shark. I don’t expect you to understand or agree because you do not know me,
    but I do not blatantly go around accusing people of wrongdoings, especially something as sensitive as this. I am a NH and Keene native and have watched as a group that thinks they are ‘helping us’ have disrupted our town.

    For the record, it is common knowledge that Ian has been dating a 16 year old for the past 2 years. I DO know that he was investigated by KPD but because the parents would not cooperate nothing could be done. People here are watching their every move. Due to her age, knowing who her parents are, and being a parent myself, out of respect to the family this is as far as I will go with this. I am done with this thread and will not be returing or responding. And, you can “spin” my no response as much as you’d like. It’s what most of the FK’s do, so while I don’t know that you would, I would not be surprised if you do the same. Again, I respectfully agree to disagree. May both sides find a common ground and return peace to our town.

  36. You can not and should not act like you speak for “the majority of keene”
    anyone with eyes can tell that is a lie right there……And kim diamond
    is one of the biggest perpetrators of falsehoods ON stop fk…KIM
    DIAMOND AND SFK wont LET a FreeKeene person ON THERE because a FK person
    would CLEAR UP those LIES ,.that KIM DIAMOND and STOPFREEKEENE!!! tell
    :-)….And isn’t it interesting that she is free as a bird to talk ON
    FreeKeene though she doesn’t let Freekeene on SFK to clear up there falsehoods and lies…So who is the HONEST party!?…..NOT kim diamond and

  37. Can’t exactly find common ground with someone who would do something as despicable as what you’ve done, making a false accusation like that, which spits in the face of everyone who has /actually/ been sexually abused.

    By the way, the police can investigate and the CA’s office can bring charges in such cases, wholly without the cooperation of the victim or his/her family. Given that they will hassle Ian over even the most petty of things, it’s inconceivable that they would ignore something like that.

  38. The SFK!!! group is full of hate and misinformation, Kim. Brandie sounded very angry on the radio yesterday. I don’t think we’ve ever talked and she has blocked me on facebook. Doesn’t sound like a very loving approach to me.

    I’ll change the term though. You are right that I don’t know if Brandie holds hate in her heart towards me or Free Keene. I’ll use “critics”. Is that better?

  39. Research is all we do – truth is what matters to the FSP!!! group.

  40. The “truth” is plain and clear put up for everyone to see on FreeKeene” and the page is open for EVERYONE to come look.Has been since its inception like 6 or 7 years ago That’s what honesty looks like you dipshit. “STOPFREEKEENE!!!” are a bunch of crazy liars that is why they block the people who can clear up those lies… 🙂

  41. Again, fabrication is not research. Fabrication is what you do.

  42. The “truth” is that FreeKeene is a very small group of social misfits and malcontents with no political power and a knack for alienating the community at large.

    The signs that FreeKeene is in trouble are clear: for example, The Free State Project is attempting to put some distance between themselves and FreeKeene. They do not agree with the harassment of public employees and see that as a detriment to their cause. Other “liberty activists” are also starting to speak out in opposition to FreeKeene and their actions. I agree with a lot of what the FSP seeks to accomplish, but as long as they are aligned with groups like FreeKeene, they can count me out.

    Patience is the key here: Bernard will eventually screw up (people like him always do) and find himself serving a multi-year jail sentence. FreeKeene will dry up and blow away in due time after that.

  43. Jammer u are. Taking out of your asshole….here some facts moron,…newsflash, rh’ing has given the biggest spike to the fsps recruiting. ….. u must be a sfk person because u spread lies

  44. David, you’re a moron … it’s obvious from your post.

  45. good! bye

  46. quit crying because your stupid lies are exposed…heres a solution …DONT LIE NEXT TIME MORON

  47. You know you are lying Kim Diamond…stop acting like you dont know you are lying

  48. Lie about what? Fact: FreeKeene is politically radioactive. Fact: FreeKeene members are community pariahs. Fact: The FSP wants to distance themselves from FreeKeene, because they do more harm than good. Fact: it’s just a matter of time before the state rolls up the FreeKeene operation and carts them off to jail for an extended period.

    So you quit crying, David: you’re obviously a troubled individual who really should be trying to sort out your own emotional problems right now.

  49. Here is one part where you talk out of you ass…:” The Free State Project is attempting to put some distance between
    themselves and FreeKeene. They do not agree with the harassment of
    public employees and see that as a detriment to their cause.”…..” unquote….lets see your proof of this? You dont just get to rattle shit off…..Here is my proof that you are a lying moron 1: there was no harrassment…judges DO require “proof” and it was ajudicated…2: AGAIN RH’ing Has giving the biggest spike to fsp membership…which flys in the face of your obvious horshit that u just make up…now go fuck yourself im done w you …your idiocy iss obviously trolling

  50. Jesus, you are one stupid douche. You write like a retarded teenager.

    Stop embarrassing yourself and buying into the lies that Bernard and his FreeKeene minions spread.

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