Twenty Protestors @ Robin Hood’s “People’s BBQ”

Yesterday, during a successful “People’s BBQ” event put on by Robin Hood of Keene, in which at least a dozen hungry people were fed delicious pasta and tacos, twenty angry locals came out to hold signs for about 45 minutes. Many of the signs were in protest of Free Keene and its founder, me, Ian Freeman.

Robin Hooder Garret Ean attempted to converse with the protesters, as did others, including non-activists and people from outside the area. However, the group exhibited childish, cult-like behavior and refused to speak.

If of course, they were to actually talk to the people they hate, they might find out that we’re not so different after all and may discover that their fellow “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” group members have been lying or spreading misinformation about the liberty activists. Thus, it’s critical to stay silent to avoid any possible cognitive dissonance or revealing of ignorance.

Regardless, what an amazing success for Robin Hood! You know you’re doing something right when a mob of people comes out to protest! I love the critics! Thank you guys for spending so much time and effort validating what we do here at FK. Keep up the great work and see you soon!

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  1. Garrett–you seem like a nice little boy. You might learn to close your mouth once in a while until your brain engages.

  2. Lol. Ian this is really pathetic. Trying to spin an obvious defeat into a victory with name-calling and straw-grasping accusations. I was at Pedrazas and watched the whole thing. You and your peeps did nothing but antagonize those people. You might want to tell that kid with the afro to put a lid on it. He didn’t make you look any better going nutty because no one was validating his ego.

  3. They misspelled heroin- either that or Ian said, “Herion should be legal”.

  4. “Enjoy your USDA meat tacos.” Many countries refuse to allow USDA approved products to be imported because they are dangerous to the health of humans.

  5. Defeat? I wasn’t fighting anyone. I merely wanted to have a conversation with someone about their ideas.

  6. I was not there, but I have seen various videos of Mr. Ean badgering the Stop Free Keene protesters. Trying to incite violence by being a douchebag is not going to get your little group taken seriously. We get it, you want your agenda to be the rule of Keene. But there are many more of us that do not want your agenda to be the rule of anything. I think the silent protest worked. I will be sure to participate the next time Stop Free Keene has another silent protest of free keene, and I am sure many more will join me in a silent protest of your cult of pedophiles, drug addicts and jackbooted thugs.

  7. I saw a young man making concise points. I didnt witness anyone going “nutty”, could you please refer me to the point where anyone went nutty in this video. After reading these posts, I would have to say it was a win for FK. First off, at least FK lets you post on their site, unlike how you guys ban people from the FFK!!! site for having different opinions. Secondly, you seem to have no opinion about anything face to face with someone, but soon as you have an internet between you, you act like trolls.

  8. Eddie watches Fox “News” as his primary news source and it shows. Although when I read statements like ” cult of pedophiles, drug addicts and jackbooted thugs.” it makes me think of the Catholic church, whats that say about my information sources?

  9. Did someone say what was whispered in Garret’s ear at the end of the video and I just missed it, or will that remain a mystery?

  10. That kid is going to get the snot kicked out of him eventually, although that is exactly what they are trying to do – get a reaction.

    The majority of people in Keene realize that these losers have no power and no ability to sway public opinion. They are just static.

  11. I wasn’t there, but perhaps the protestors didn’t want to have a conversation with you is because, oh I don’t know… they have heard enough coming out of the Free Keene movement’s mouths over the past several years to last a lifetime? Nobody wants to hear any more from you.

  12. I don’t think he’s capable of that. That mouth of his, however, will eventually get him into some real trouble and someone will shut it for him.

  13. No, you didn’t – you tried to get your boy groupie Garret to do your dirty work and start something you could post on YT.

    We all know that by nature you’re a coward of low intelligence that hides behind the camera and talks tough until confronted. You’re entire group is like that, actually.

  14. Common mistake, to believe that I’m somehow controlling others. Ridiculous and unfounded. Garret did his own thing, on his own volition. I recorded it.

  15. “You know you’re doing something right when a mob of people comes out to protest! I love the critics! Thank you guys for spending so much time and effort validating what we do here at FK.”
    By that reasoning, the Iraq war was completely justified and the reasons for going in validated.

  16. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

  17. Notice the signs alerting readers that FK opposes the current age-of-consent law, and FK opposes the current substance-prohibition laws. One hundred years ago the age of consent was 14 and it was legal to buy heroin at the corner drug store. One hundred years from now it will be against the law to stand in Keene Square holding a sign, and then SFK will be whining that “Ian Freeman advocates holding signs in public! THAT’S ILLEGAL!!!”

  18. They have no power? Are you joking? Did you even watch the video? They’ve got signs saying “Keene is enslaved by Free Keene,” and “I was free before Free Keene.” Those protesters are publicly admitting they are the slaves of Free Keene. That’s not just power, that is ultimate power. Free Keene literally owns those sign-holding slaves, and the slaves are standing in public announcing it to the world! Free Keene has all the power.

  19. I stated “the majority”, you dimwit. 20 people does not make a majority in Keene or any other town that I’m aware of. The majority look at the FreeKeene douchebags, shake their heads and laugh. When town meetings and elections roll around, FreeKeene gets absolutely nothing they want passed or people elected – and that’s the way it’s going to stay.

    Actions do have consequences, however. I understand there is talk of state legislation that would finally put a stop to the constant harassment of public employees doing their jobs.

  20. So you think that just because “the majority” believe Free Keene has no power, that justifies the enslavement of the poor victims who are holding those signs? You just want to dismiss the legitimate complaints of the people who made those signs and came out to cry for help, just because they’re not in “the majority?” Listen, my friend, you may be in “the majority,” but that doesn’t change the fact that you have lost all moral legitimacy when you use that “majority” as an excuse to oppress minorities.

  21. Roger … let’s face it: you’re just another raving douche. Run along now.

  22. That’s it? That’s the best excuse for intelligence you can muster? “You’re mean, leave me alone!” I understand that having someone prove you wrong in public by using your own words is an unpleasant blow to your self-esteem, but handling it so poorly just announces your immaturity to the world.

  23. I say that you are seriously mis-informed. I do not watch Fox news, or any television news program, or cable news channel. I get my news from many sources (print and online), I try to get all sides of the issues, and make an informed decision on where I stand on the issues. I am one of the most liberal people you will meet. However I do not care for a group that is for “freedom” trying to take away my freedom and replace it with their twisted and warped version of “freedom”.

    As far as the SFK members not speaking to anyone at the taco bbq in the common, well a silent protest is exactly that, silent.

    And I stand by my statement that free keene is made up of pedophiles drug addicts and thugs. I will remove the word “jackbooted” as it was unnecessary.

  24. Bravo Bluebeard!! I might listen to free keene and their opinions if they acted like adults and not like a bunch of spoiled, self-entitled school kids acting up in the detention room after school.

  25. LoL … Roger, there’s nothing you could do or say that could convince anyone you’re smarter than the average poodle, let along convince anyone you’re smarter than me. So, like I stated previously: run along now.

  26. Nothing? There’s nothing I could do nor say? Of all the possible things in the universe a person could do or say to convince anyone in the whole wide world, even the most gullible rube, you’re saying that there’s not even one, single thing? Well, heck, if you could prove that negative then I’d have to agree that you’re pretty darn smart. And if you’re really that smart, then you certainly know that “run along now” ain’t it. So are you going to bless us with your epic intelligence or just leave us hanging?

  27. Yes, they want to take over, and… leave you alone! The horror!

  28. Why would you listen to them? You already stated that you oppose freedom. Ergo, your position in regards to their maturity is warped by your bias.

  29. Roger, look: you’re a lame douche who pretends to be intelligent. I’m not making this up – all anyone has to do is read your various vapid posts for confirmation of my assertions about you. So we could keep this going where you post something stupid and I respond, but I’m bored with you now.

  30. No, please don’t go! I’m sorry if I offended you. Honestly I didn’t mean to suggest I was intelligent. Look, I freely and fully admit I am a retard. I am the dumbest person ever, especially compared to you. Please try to understand my position. Because I am so stupid, I’m just hoping that you will do me the undeserved favor of sharing some more of your immeasurable genius. So far you’ve teased, giving me hints of your supreme intellect. Believe me, I have reread those few rare nuggets of insight you’ve so generously graced me with, such as, “let’s face it: you’re just another raving douche,” and “look: you’re a lame douche.” Is it fair for you to taunt me with such unsatisfying indications of the massive power of your mind–a power I freely and unhesitatingly affirm is nothing less in magnitude than biblical–without sharing just a small portion of your gift of mental power with someone so cognitively impaired as myself? Please, show some charity and enhance my worthless existence with just a fraction more of your awesome brainpower.


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