Twenty Protestors @ Robin Hood’s “People’s BBQ”

Yesterday, during a successful “People’s BBQ” event put on by Robin Hood of Keene, in which at least a dozen hungry people were fed delicious pasta and tacos, twenty angry locals came out to hold signs for about 45 minutes. Many of the signs were in protest of Free Keene and its founder, me, Ian Freeman.

Robin Hooder Garret Ean attempted to converse with the protesters, as did others, including non-activists and people from outside the area. However, the group exhibited childish, cult-like behavior and refused to speak.

If of course, they were to actually talk to the people they hate, they might find out that we’re not so different after all and may discover that their fellow “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” group members have been lying or spreading misinformation about the liberty activists. Thus, it’s critical to stay silent to avoid any possible cognitive dissonance or revealing of ignorance.

Regardless, what an amazing success for Robin Hood! You know you’re doing something right when a mob of people comes out to protest! I love the critics! Thank you guys for spending so much time and effort validating what we do here at FK. Keep up the great work and see you soon!

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