Tragic End to Long Standoff in Keene

[The video previously featured in this article has been removed from YouTube. Please follow the link to view the video at LiveLeak.]

At around 6:00pm last evening near the Staples store in Keene, police attempted to arrest a currently unidentified man. Rather than submitting to the arrest, the person fled the area and displayed a firearm, which he is witnessed to have turned on himself. Early reports identified the situation as a hostage crisis, however witnesses on the scene stated that the only hostage in harm’s way throughout the duration of the standoff was the man training the gun on himself. Shortly before 10:30pm, a single, small caliber gun shot was heard, followed shortly after by an audible scream. The man was visible laying on his back for several seconds before SWAT officers rolled the man onto his face and appeared to handcuff him. Within ninety seconds of the shot being heard, paramedics began to prepare the man for loading onto a stretcher and wheeling him into an ambulance. WMUR has reported that the man had passed away while being treated at Cheshire Medical Center. The story has also received coverage from the Keene Sentinel, whom report two shots having been fired, but do not identify the source of any discharge.

The following photos were captured by Keene Peaceful Streets correspondents on the scene moments before and after the unfortunate conclusion which led to the loss of life.





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  1. You left out the part about James Cleveland getting arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. When are you people ever going to learn?

  2. and you made yourself look like an idiot because there is an entire article on James’ arrest posted before this one came out. Congratulations.

  3. What do you mean, “You people”….

  4. I feel like I am being racially insulted whenever I hear the phrase “you people”. Haters gonna hate.

  5. I knew the man that died, he had two young children who thought the world of him. He was not a bad person actually a loyal man to people he loved. I regret that I was not able to come and show him someone cared about him. He lived with his sister to appease his parole, but this “system” makes you spend years in jail, lonely and missing your family. Then let’s u out and says live, and if u make one single mistake u WIll Go back to a cage. Poor guy lived four hours from his kids, the only thing he had in his life and barely ever got to see. He was a good man. No matter what anyone says. That man who got sixty days. NOTHING. And u sir that recorded it should be ashamed. Some day his son and daughter will investigate this and see this horrible video you have posted. I knew this man for ten years and you ripped my heart out by posting this video and making people who give a crap about his last minuts suffer. I cry as I type this, and hope that one good thing may come of this, the realization of depression and drug addiction. And how it ruins lives, and makes horrible heartless people record awful events that will ruin his family lives.

  6. (What you feel when someone says “you people” seems to have nothing to do with what he implied, as he mentioned race nowhere in his comment.)

  7. I hope his family sues the shit out of you for refusing to take this video down.

  8. seems like keene PD is going through an awful lot to suppress this story and arresting anyone seeking details of the truth . Typical

  9. Not only is it here but is also on you tube. It is a disgusting display of a horrible act. I cry for these children that I see every week. His daughter just slept over. Who is my 3 ur olds best friend. Fr33mantvraw , and whatever is nothing but a bunch of punks with nothing to do. Now One day I will see the pain on there faces when they see this. IM COMIN TO KEENE. I want to find these peaceful shit bag kid corrispondents. I am going to dedicate time to make sure you know the torture this video has already done. and will do to this family. U messed up guys. IM COMIN. With a lawyer or not. Some things you should leave alone.

  10. Posting a video of someone that killed themselves with blood pouring out of them is tasteless. You have the freedom of choice to post it, and also not to post it. I would personally choose not to. *shrug*

  11. Why would anyone want to post this?!?!? This is horrible! my heart truely goes out to the family of that man…and why cuff him?

  12. Journalists sometimes have to cover difficult scenes, including death. I’ve covered deaths a number of times and we go with what we have at the time. We also faced criticism for what we cover and publish. Some examples: A girl who jumped in front of a train in Belmont, blood splattered on a purse that was being carried by a Mass. State Trooper from the scene of a deadly accident on Route 2; the shoes and shirt of a man who jumped off the Capital Commons Garage in Concord; a shooting in Mission Hill; etc. The key is self-regulation. Some of us filter; some of us don’t, and some of us do it in a case by case basis and that’s our right. Garret isn’t a professional journalist; he’s a citizen journalist. I’ve known him for a number of years now and I know that his ethos is unfiltered information being circulated for public consumption and that’s what he is doing with this video, as offensive and painful as some might find it. There also is no grounds for a lawsuit. Courts have shown time and time again that photographers have the right to collect footage from a breaking news scene in the public square. What may happen in the future is the family may reach out to him and request to have it removed and that will be something he will have to decide.

  13. The ppl at Free Keene are discussing and in humane. They are RUINING Keene!!! They are a bunch of idiots who enjoy taunting law enforcement, citizens of Keene, our children, safety of our children, and make it unbearable to enjoy our beautiful city!!!

  14. I would also like to suggest that the video be taken down. Or perhaps, at least editor so that part with the gun shot and the part right after it is removed, out of respect for the family. Of course, I’d never question Garret’s right to keep the video up. However, just because something is legally protected speech, doesn’t mean it is always the best thing to do.

  15. I’m sorry for this situation and your loss. Unfortunately, posting a bunch of random lies on this blog post doesn’t make this tragedy better for anyone.

  16. And what lies did I state!!?? Plus their actions speak for themselves!!!

  17. Random lies? Who are you to say she’s lying? Oh, and the family themselves asked Garret personally to take it down and he refused. They uploaded it to youtube 16 times WTF!

  18. I would like to see the Free Keene website shut down. Nevertheless, IMO, you did just state several lies.
    “They are RUINING Keene!!!”
    “They are a bunch of idiots”
    “enjoy taunting
    law enforcement, citizens of Keene, our children,”
    “safety of our
    “and make it unbearable to enjoy our beautiful city!!!”

  19. The family did ask him to remove it and he refused. This video, to me, is journalism at it’s worst! He’s no journalist these videos are posted to youtube to simply make them money (likely why it was uploaded there 16x). This has nothing to do with their cause, there is no reason for this to be here. Garret needs to forget about his “right” to post this video and look to his moral compass (if he even has one).

  20. 1. They are ruining Keene, ppl can’t walk without being harassed and filmed.
    2. My opinion of them is how I feel, it’s not a lie bc I think they are a bunch of idiots
    3. Videos don’t lie!!! They have videos of them harassing parking enforcers, crossing guards, kids on school property and therefore putting kids in danger.
    4. And they have drawn disgusting pics on the sidewalks of Keene, harassed several ppl in Keene hence making it unbearable to enjoy Keene and it’s beauty.
    I can back that up with proof!!! Videos and pictures DON’T LIE!!! Do you want me to post the pics and the links bc I sure can!!!

  21. I WILL TELL YOU, I am crusheddd by this. I am going to find this tony, and garret, and WHOEVER ELSE IS INVOLVED IN THIS. I’m done typing this bull shit as soon as I can I am coming and not leaving until I find every F’N one of you mother fu**ers. THATS IT . ThNk you to the people who believe in what I’m saying and how this hurts his two innocent children. The next time free keene scum tape somthin it will be the….. Of there own. THEN THEY WILL LEARN.

  22. I would like to see this supposed proof and a definition of exactly who “they” are . Thank you in advance for your overwhelming absolute claim of “proof” to be forthcoming

  23. Nate you are so right I commend you for your compassion.

  24. Bring it on !!!

  25. You people are so hateful…

  26. This is a threat, and is illegal. I thought you believed in the law?

  27. Respect for the family? Here? The only interest here is exploiting this man’s death for fundraising and attention whoring.

  28. FreeKeene High School Outreach:

    Harassing minors at school and handing solicited material. That’s one

  29. Keene High School Outreach:

    Another one of them harassing kids at school handing out solicited material

  30. So……Handing out Pamphlets is a crime ?? Get fucking real !!

  31. To minors and soliciting minors, harassing crossing guards and putting kids in danger…it seems to me that I am not the one that needs to “get fucking real” you need to get a FUNNY CLUE!!! STOP HARASSING OUR CHILDREN WITH YOU FUCKING BULLSHIT AND STOP PUTTING THEIR LIVES IN DANGER!!!!

  32. Tragic. The whole thing is tragic. From this poor despondent man; who felt the only way out of whatever his situation was, was to kill himself, to the free keeners or whatever they call themselves who think this kind of sensationalism is appropriate. Sad.

  33. A sad incident but I have no problem with Garrett putting up this video. I wonder how the reactions would be if WMUR got this on video. I guess it is ok if the statist media films death and tragedy but not freedom activists.
    For those who trash Freekeene, if you do not like freedom, move. To slavekeeners,I am in Connecticut and the town I am in would be more to your liking for your flavor of statism. I am more inclined to move to Keene as soon as I can.

  34. Move??? LOL, you make me laugh! You don’t know much about any of this do you? We’re not going anywhere these guys can go back to whatever rock they crawled out from. Oh, and stay in Connecticut.

  35. you mispell “disgusting” and “inhumane”, and then call them idiots. Priceless.

  36. You better start picketing churches and mosques because they’ve been pedalling bullsh*t to kids for centuries, long before FreeKeene got on the idea.

  37. I agree. Free speech and expression is one thing, but we have the responsibility to do it tastefully. Capturing the last moments of someone’s final desperate act and posting them for all to see is beneath contempt. If the FreeKeene movement is seeking to garner more support, they’re going about it in the wrong way.


  39. While I agree that the video should be taken down, there isnt anything that anyone can do about it. It is their constitutional right. Freedom of the press.

  40. Calling this crew “the press” is generous.

  41. Idiot: person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.

    TWO commonly misspelled words has nothing to do with being an idiot!!! Plus you MISSPELLED misspelled so check your spelling b4 you criticize mine jackass!!!!

  42. Who is hateful? The man that posts a video of a desperate young man, father, son, and brother ending his life?

  43. “Guest” meant that you conveniently left it out of this blog. I refuse to call these articles, because you are NOT journalists.

  44. Free Keene bloggers are not journalists.

  45. By posting this video and exploiting this man’s desperation, Free Keene members should expect retribution. Are you all afraid now? What other kind of reaction do you expect? This response is coming from this man’s loved ones. Maybe you just don’t get it, because you have no values or love in your life. I feel really sorry for your empty souls.

  46. Journalists have one thing that Free Keene bloggers don’t have, and that’s integrity.

  47. Robert Roberts , nickname for that name is dick. Like the one I’m gonna shove in ur ass as I read these blogs to you and your fuckin buddy’s. Pussy can’t even post his name. It’s ok. I’ll c u soon. And as for believing in law. I believe in justice weather it’s legal or not. I will not stand by as the chump punks exploit death. Ur right dick I will see. We all will.

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