Chris Cantwell Returns to NH, Shoots, Burns US Flag: VIDEO

Chris CantwellCrass comedian Christopher Cantwell has made the move back to New Hampshire, though this time not as part of the Free State Project. Chris is one of a handful of people to be kicked out of the FSP in over a decade. However, he is still a believer in the idea of moving liberty-oriented people to the same place so we can be more free together, and he knows that NH is the place to be to be around others who care about freedom. So, he’s back, having left New York, ostensibly for good this time.

I wrote this editorial when he left originally, explaining what went wrong with his first stay in NH.

Many of the personal issues that Chris has, including anger, are still present. However, he has gotten his drinking under control, which I am happy to see. Many within the liberty movement are very understandably upset with Chris over various things he’s said over the years. Many wonder why I’m so friendly to him.

The reason I’m friendly to Chris, despite the bridges he’s burned in the liberty community, is the same reason I’m friendly to the police. I want to communicate the ideas of peace and liberty to others, even with those I disagree, and yelling or being mean doesn’t build bridges. I want to be forgiving and model peaceful evolution. I don’t like some of what the police do (like arresting peaceful people for victimless crimes), but I support them when they go after real, violent criminals. I don’t like some of what Chris Cantwell says (like when he suggests that violence is inevitable and a legitimate means to freedom), but I support his right to say it. Unlike many police, Christopher Cantwell has never kidnapped and caged anyone. I have, as a matter-of-fact, seen him de-escalate a violent encounter in real life.

We’re all on a spiritual journey. I know how angry I was when I moved to New Hampshire, but the positive influence of early movers like Russell Kanning and the human connections I made with Keene police changed my mind. I dropped the anger. The same thing can happen to Chris, if he actually stays in New Hampshire long enough. The same thing can even happen to you.

Here’s video of Chris Cantwell, now living back in NH, shooting up a US flag and then setting it on fire. I don’t think flag-burning is an effective protest, but I can understand why someone would want to make such a statement and I support their right to do so, so long as they are burning their own property, not someone else’s. In Chris’ video, unlike AnarchoJesse, he does not burn the flag in public, and unlike Jesse, he does not burn other flags, like the United Nations or New Hampshire flags:

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