Chris Cantwell Returns to NH, Shoots, Burns US Flag: VIDEO

Chris CantwellCrass comedian Christopher Cantwell has made the move back to New Hampshire, though this time not as part of the Free State Project. Chris is one of a handful of people to be kicked out of the FSP in over a decade. However, he is still a believer in the idea of moving liberty-oriented people to the same place so we can be more free together, and he knows that NH is the place to be to be around others who care about freedom. So, he’s back, having left New York, ostensibly for good this time.

I wrote this editorial when he left originally, explaining what went wrong with his first stay in NH.

Many of the personal issues that Chris has, including anger, are still present. However, he has gotten his drinking under control, which I am happy to see. Many within the liberty movement are very understandably upset with Chris over various things he’s said over the years. Many wonder why I’m so friendly to him.

The reason I’m friendly to Chris, despite the bridges he’s burned in the liberty community, is the same reason I’m friendly to the police. I want to communicate the ideas of peace and liberty to others, even with those I disagree, and yelling or being mean doesn’t build bridges. I want to be forgiving and model peaceful evolution. I don’t like some of what the police do (like arresting peaceful people for victimless crimes), but I support them when they go after real, violent criminals. I don’t like some of what Chris Cantwell says (like when he suggests that violence is inevitable and a legitimate means to freedom), but I support his right to say it. Unlike many police, Christopher Cantwell has never kidnapped and caged anyone. I have, as a matter-of-fact, seen him de-escalate a violent encounter in real life.

We’re all on a spiritual journey. I know how angry I was when I moved to New Hampshire, but the positive influence of early movers like Russell Kanning and the human connections I made with Keene police changed my mind. I dropped the anger. The same thing can happen to Chris, if he actually stays in New Hampshire long enough. The same thing can even happen to you.

Here’s video of Chris Cantwell, now living back in NH, shooting up a US flag and then setting it on fire. I don’t think flag-burning is an effective protest, but I can understand why someone would want to make such a statement and I support their right to do so, so long as they are burning their own property, not someone else’s. In Chris’ video, unlike AnarchoJesse, he does not burn the flag in public, and unlike Jesse, he does not burn other flags, like the United Nations or New Hampshire flags:

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  1. Please remember that Chris is not a Free Keene blogger so he has no formal connect to Free Keene. Also, keep in mind that the Free State Project and Free Keene are different organizations. They were started by different people and have different goals. The Free State Project does not endorse Free Keene. The Free State Project did kick Chris out. There is no formal connection between the Free State Project corporation and Chris.

  2. Cantwell is a ridiculous idiot. He’d fit right in with Free Staters and the Free Keene Dirtbag show.

  3. You are Nazi scum!

  4. We’re all on a spiritual journey.


  5. How this idiot has avoided prison up to this point escapes me.

  6. My thoughts:

    Malcom X and MLK were a one-two punch in American politics.

    I am not this video’s target audience. I don’t have an emotional attachment to a flag, nor care about it being desecrated, nor wish to offend anyone. Perhaps I would react differently after visiting the local DMV or right after being talked down to by any government-paid elitist. But I doubt it.

    Ian has taken the best approach here. Cantwell is not the enemy. Similarly, SFK is not the enemy.

  7. I would quote Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

  8. I love Cantwell, he is the best spokesperson for the anti-freekeene and anti-FSP there is. He takes himself so seriously and thinks he’s this radical activist but he’s just generally a loudmouth douchebag. Wow, shooting and burning a flag out in the woods with the boys! So edgy, so radical. Have another drink Tipsy McStagger and then go back to fighting with your boyfriends on Facebook. Another armchair warrior who equates page hits and Facebook gossip with actually doing something. Enjoy!!

  9. He should really make a difference and join in the chalk clean-up efforts. lol

  10. Aww are you upset that those tax revenues you’ve paid are not going to services you want. Can the little tax cattle moo for me?

  11. Are you still around, little man? I figured by now your Mommy would have caught you using the computer again without permission and sent you to your room.

  12. FreeKeene gives the impression they are affiliated with the Free State Project, so from the average Keene resident’s point of view, they are one in the same.

  13. While it is NOT something I wish to emulate, historically violence has been a path to victory and eventual liberty for the oppressed. I will concede that point to Chris… but again I do not wish to go down that path myself.

    In the early days before the American Revolution the colonists protested English taxes by terrorizing the customs agents which were in place to collect it. They quit. With nobody to collect the taxes, and no Englishmen eager to replace them… and perhaps be tarred and feathered as well, England cancelled the tax. Violence won. Right?

    However, it gave birth to a government that only seems to understand violence and little else. America does not seem to understand the other roads to peace, but death and destruction she has down pat. That has been America’s history and I think it is time to change. America needs to mind her own business and get her troops out of other countries. It is not a time to stoke the flames of violence at home, which Mr. Cantwell seems to be doing. I do not want to make the same mistake by replacing one violent oppressor with another. I think that using violence to end violence merely breeds more violence… and a mistaken belief that violence solves problems. It may stifle opposition for a time, but it does not solve anything. Given time perhaps Chris will come to feel the same way.

  14. That’s why I made it clear that Free Keene is not FSP and FSP is not Free Keene. Free Keene is a blog is a handful of bloggers. The FSP is a plan to move 20,000 people that love freedom to the state of New Hampshire, where the FSP is based.

    The FSP doesn’t support Free Keene. As far as I’m aware, it has no opinion on the matter. That’s pretty much the same for almost on matters. The FSP is a plan to move 20,000 people that love freedom to NH.

  15. Actually no. Cantwell didn’t at all fit in with the FSP. He was kicked out and banned from events. He is not welcome by the FSP. In fact, he is official unwelcome.

  16. “The FSP is a plan to move 20,000 people that love freedom to NH.

    Bring ’em on. There’s still plenty more of us than there will ever be of you and your “Free State” carpetbaggers. We like NH just the way it is.

  17. No, you want to change NH to be like the fascist hell-holes from which most of you moved, and which the rest of you envy. Just leave, so we can fix the mess you’ve made of NH, and put it back the way it was before /you/ carpetbaggers started trying to change things.

  18. Born and raised in NH, so that sure doesn’t apply to me. So much for your grand generalizing statement … it just when “poof” right in front of your keyboard.

    The only fascism I see is from “peaceful freedom lovers” who taunt, provoke, and harass public employees and residents of Keene in an attempt to force their ideas and ways onto the rest of us.

    My response is: I don’t think so. We still have a vote, and the majority of us will consistently vote no to FreeKeene, no to the FSP and no to their particular brand of Libertarian fascism.

  19. So your non-answer essentially states (in my view) that the FSP tacitly condones the actions of FreeKeene.

  20. You all are a few degrees away from each other. Up the dosage of your medicine a little…maybe Mom kicks you out of her basement…or your sister finally leaves you for another man…Any of these things could set you off ….Boom! Another Cantwell.

  21. Are you saying you don’t love freedom? Or Perhaps you don’t understand that 2/3s of adults over the age of 25 living in NH were not originally from NH? In fact, part of the NH economic model is based on people moving here from out of state. It’s part of the reason a NH governor joined the FSP as a Friend and encouraged us to move here.

    Also, I am not sure if you understand what a carpetbagger is. Anyway, Several generations of my family live in NH, including Keene. And my family has been here for generations. So I don’t understand why you have any hostility towards me (or freedom for that matter).

  22. Where is the proof that a peaceful freedom lover has arrested a government worker in Keene? Show us the conviction for harassment.

    Please remember that everyone is an individual. You represent yourself. I represent myself. No one votes against the FSP as the FSP doesn’t get involved in politics, at all.

  23. As I’ve made clear over and over again, the FSP neither condones nor anything else Free Keene or any other group of people or bloggers. It doesn’t do politics. It occasionally shares stories from the Keene newspaper, the Concord newspaper, Free Keene, the Manchester newspaper, the Manchester TV station, various Boston papers, various New York papers, various other NH based blogs and so on. Maybe that is the holy grail connection you are searching for? I’m sorry but you are almost coming off like a conspiracy theorist.

  24. Someone doesn’t understand what “most” means.

    But you’re still utterly opposed to what NH actually stands for.

    And you don’t seem to understand what “fascism” means. It’s a specific ideology. Claiming that “harassing” (even if that wasn’t a lie) public employees is “fascism” or inventing a term like “Libertarian fascism” is nonsensical, and just makes you look like a typical product of Keene’s public schools – some of the worst around.

  25. Actually, no, you are far closer to Cantwell than Keith.

    State-worshippers like yourself are inches away from outright violence at any time. For example, there’s pretty much no group with a higher rate of domestic violence than cops.

  26. When the FSP states they are trying to solicit 20,000 people to move to NH and ask those people to pledge “I will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of civil government is the protection of individuals’ life, liberty, and property” … that’s politics, bub. Your group can be disingenuous and state they “don’t do politics”, but the optics of your message and actions are quite different.

  27. “…FSP doesn’t get involved in politics…”

    That is an absolute falsehood.

  28. Carpetbagger: “In modern usage in the U.S., the term is sometimes used derisively to refer to a politician who runs for public office in an area where he or she does not have deep community ties, or has lived only for a short time.”

    20,000 people rolling into NH and seeking political change by their vote and/or running for office. You tell me what it means.

    And that governor (Benson), btw – lost big and got voted out of office by the people of NH and is considered one of the worst governors NH ever had. I wouldn’t brag about him.

  29. “…but you’re still utterly opposed to what NH actually stands for.”

    You mean, what you think NH actually stands for. What I think NH stands for is just as pertinent and probably more relevant, as I believe my view is shared by an overwhelming majority of people across the state.

  30. Nope still here. I own two companies. I’m the boss and have plenty discretion on how I use my time. FYI we are going to be relocating to NH and possible Keene. We don’t hire tax cattle drones sorry. To all Free Staters, Libertarians, and Anarchists our company will announce its move ahead of time and will start looking for qualified individuals to join with us before we make the move. Your movement is working, especially in Keene. We’ve decided to make this move because of Free Keene actions and accomplishments.

  31. Wow … a whole two companies? Let me guess: something to do with bitcoin; that’s what so many of you Free Staters/Libertarians/Anarchists wannabe tech titans are doing these days. Laughable, of course – but whatever gets you up in the morning.

    FreeKeene hasn’t accomplished anything, btw – but you’re free to interpret the results as you wish.

  32. Quoting a bunch of /actual/ neo-fascists like Daily Kos just shows where you stand.

  33. No, I mean what NH has actually stood for, historically, and as embodied in the NH Constitution. Ever read it?

    The historical record is available for anyone who wants to read it. You and your ilk are a recent disease.

  34. Can you tell me about this goup of “20,000 people rolling into NH and seeking political change by their vote and/or running for office,” since I’m not aware of any such movement?

    The FSP is an educational movement. It’s only been effective because local liberty lovers have become energized. Take the existing NH liberty movement and general love of liberty in the Live Free Or Die state out the equation, and the FSP would have no chance – it takes a minimum of 100,000 to swing an election in NH. The early movers have had an impact – and the rest will have an even larger impact when they move – because we, the people of NH /want/ what they have to offer. Not blowhard parasites and fascists like you, but the honest, decent folk who live here.

  35. No, actually “we” don’t. You seem to not know your place. You’re in the minority – remember?

  36. Ah, I see: extreme liberals are fascists, but extreme libertarians are not – got it.

  37. Again – I’ve lived in NH my whole life.

    Apparently you fancy yourself a Constitutional scholar, which is actually quite amusing.

    People like you are the disease, and people like me help keep the contagion down to a manageable level.

  38. I’m going to extremely leave you alone!

  39. I’m going to extremely enjoy that!

  40. Being “extremely” something does not make one a fascist.

    Adhering to the principles of fascism is what makes one a fascist.

  41. Given your maturity level, that means you’ve lived here for what? a dozen years or so? Hardly a long-term analysis of NH’s history.

    I notice you did not answer my question. I’ll take that as an admission that no, you have not actually read the document. You really should; it’s one of the very best of its kind. Here:

    And then you proceed to explain your imaginary notion of yourself as a hero. Explains quite a bit about your psychological problems…

  42. The majority of NH residents were not born here. So, according to your theory, “carpetbaggers” are the norm, and /you/ should be dismissed as being in the minority…

  43. It’s incredibly ironic that you brought up psychological problems, given your penchant for spewing irrational nonsense.

    I’m definitely not a “hero”, but I vote, and when enough of us vote the same way we get what we want. So, we – the majority – keep people like you – the minority – in check. Democracy at it’s most basic.

    If you need any other clarifications, I’m happy to oblige.

  44. Its not a car jacking/towing company is it?

  45. No we don’t work in that industry. For now I’m not identifying who we are until we’re ready to make the move. I will say our main company specializes in government tax loopholes and regulatory laws i.e. how to get out of them legally or avoid them all together. Our other company is a new startup cryptocurrency company.

  46. Well you can amuse KeeneGuy all you want with your crypto-thingamagig in your mother’s basement. Just don’t get any ideas about affecting my livelihood by muscling in on Big Tow’s business or coming to the aid of our carjack victims. Let me give you a little hint. “Tow” is a play on the last syllable of the last name of our outfit’s boss which ends in a vowel as in “Tomato”.

  47. This isn’t a democracy. If you can’t even figure that out, then you really aren’t in a position to accuse others of being irrational.

  48. Ok, Democratic Republic – better? Either way, sucks for you that the majority does not see things your way, right? LoL.

  49. Shut up, extremist nazi fascist commie member of group I don’t like.

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