Push Back: Failure in Keene?

From Rich Paul, via Mail-to-Jail.com:

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” – Salvor Hardin from the novel Foundation by Issac Asimov

Recently, FK activists have met with unprecedented resistance. Violence has been done to us by the State, and by individuals. Some believe that this is a sign that our efforts in Keene are failing. I regard it as a sign of success, and of vulnerability.

I see it as a sign of success because nobody bothers fighting against a failing movement. Nobody is attacking the communists or the socialists in Keene, precisely because they are going nowhere and doing nothing. People are attacking Libertarians, however, because they are becoming afraid we will succeed. This is confirmed, in my mind, by the high level of positive feedback we are getting on a daily basis. Many hate us here, but many more love us!

I see it as a sign of vulnerability because our numbers here are small, which makes self defense difficult. But the attrition is reversing itself! Since I got out of jail last time, I have seen a huge increase in activists and activism. We continue to get national and international news coverage, including coverage from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Vice.com, Comedy Central, and many other outlets! All publicity is good publicity for a little known movement!

What do we need to win in Keene? We need you, of course! We need your bodies, we need your money, and we need your voices. Please consider moving to Keene to join in the fight, sending donations to keep the starring activists in fighting trim, or spending some time posting about us and sharing our stories with those who may not know about us. Especially Libertarians outside of and libertarian leaners in NH.

Even if you have no intention of moving, Free Keene helps you by spreading the Libertarian message far and wide. Please help us any way you can!

-Rich Paul

“First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they Fight you.
Then you win.” -Ghandi

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  1. Then they dismiss you as the incompetent fool that you are.

  2. The incompetent fool that has you following and reading everything they write. I do not know where most of the free keene haters would be without free keene. It seems a lot of you sit around and wait for their articles like it is your own personal brand of heroin. I at least read because I enjoy their articles.

  3. If they really hated you, they wouldn’t spend so much of their time thinking about you.

  4. “I see it as a sign of success because nobody bothers fighting against a failing movement.

    You just keep telling yourself that, Jay, if it makes you feel better. The rest of us in Keene know otherwise.

  5. As stated twice, the letter was from Rich Paul, not Jay. Good attempt at reading though, glad you were able to locate the copy and paste buttons!

  6. “I do not know where most of the free keene haters would be without free keene”

    Perhaps, paying their bills and feeding their families with the steady level of towing revenue to which they had become accustomed?

    A friend of mine from Chicago once warned me when we were discussing the Italian mafia: “The one thing you never want to do to one of these guys is threaten his livelihood.”

  7. Hopefully this towing company uses this time to think of the morality of their own jobs and the many families that may have went without food or electricity because the towing company was comfortably sucking off the tit of the state.

  8. Jay, Rich – it makes no difference. FreeKeene is a pariah organization, disowned by the Free State Project and despised by the vast majority of Keene residents.

  9. First, I come here every couple of months, days off usually, long weekends sometimes, boredom stokes the flame. How anyone can “enjoy” a sophomoric, self indulgent, diluted fantasy like this idiot has written is beyond me. If you like it, all the more power to you sunshine. I think this person and his movement both are childish, cowardly and ill informed.
    B, Most people think Free Keene are a bunch of THC driven, smelly imbeciles. No one waits for your articles, most people check in once in a while like me. It’s like keeping tabs on the neighborhood child predator…we need to know what your up to.


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