Take Keene Police to Court Over CCW

On July 9, 2014, Keene Police Chief Ken Meola sent me a letter denying my application for a Concealed Carry Permit in New Hampshire. As his reason for denial, he said I, “have had several contacts with the police for assualtive or threatening behavior.” None of my arrests disqualify me from owning a firearm, however the law allows the police to exercise discretion by denying a person “who is unsuitable”. That could mean anything!

I am an activist who runs his own peace-centric podcast twice a week and blog at PeaceNewsNow.com. I am obsessed with peace, and have never been assaultive or threatening in my life! If I can be denied because of this baseless accusation, so can you! Please donate today to pay for my attorney because this is a precedent-setting case. Can the “suitable person” clause be used to disarm peaceful activists? If I lose, the government will have even more reason to deny people their rights. If I win, the police will have to walk out of court with their tail between their legs, and they’ll think twice before denying the next activist.

I have already put up my own personal money ($2,500) as a retainer for the best lawyer in the business, Evan Nappen. He’s defended countless others and has a track record of success in cases of this type. A simple Google search of his name will show that I have chosen the right man for the job. I’m in this to win, so if you care about securing and enhancing gun rights in New Hampshire, please donate now!

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  1. You’ve been arrested multiple times for resisting arrest and multiple other offenses … hardly “peaceful”.

  2. Resisting arrest doesn’t have to be in a violent manner and just because he was arrested for it does not mean he was convicted.

  3. Live fast. Troll hard.

  4. Live stupid. Be a liberty activist.

  5. Nobody said anything about a conviction. Being arrested multiple times over the course of three years or so makes someone an unsuitable person in the eyes of the law.

  6. In the defense of any person who wants to carry concealed , these arrests are bogus reasons to deny him the right to carry. Although I do think because they are all known to be trouble makers (not violently) that is why he was really denied. I’m sure if he wasn’t a free Keene activist he would have been approved. I don’t care about him. I care about the rights of everyone else who should be able to carry a loaded and concealed gun.

  7. Thank you. I was able to read all the documents. Still doesn’t seem like he should be denied the right to carry. He isn’t violent by any means. As I stated above I personally don’t care about him it is more of anyone who should have the right to carry concealed. If you don’t have a violent past or mental issues , you should be allowed to carry a loaded concealed gun.

  8. Thank god we have a nanny state to keep you in your diapers other wise you might spew crap everywhere.

  9. Shouldn’t you be working in your slave pin? Dear leaders needs your tax revenues.

  10. 1. The denial letter cited the arrests, not the convictions. This leads me to believe that the convictions themselves aren’t enough for denial under NH law because they aren’t felonies.

    2. The NHSC ruled that a person may be “unsuitable” if they have a “significant and unexplained arrest history.” So it is Derrick’s /arrest/ history that is at issue, not what he pled guilty to.

  11. I think what the question boils down to this: Is Civil Disobedience enough for CCW denial in NH?

  12. this is exactly the type of bullshit lingo that makes most people not take you seriously. “slave pin” really?

  13. while i am all for gun rights, repeated confrontations with the police and then asking them if you can carry a gun? you really think that was smart? if they see him as a troublemaker with out a weapon, why would they want to see him as a trouble maker with a weapon? being a pain in the ass is his choice, but he has to deal with the blowback from HIS choices.

  14. asking the law to let you carry a weapon AFTER you have had several confrontations with them is not the best idea this man has had.

  15. I agree but he isn’t violent. (That I know of ) Being a pain in the ass shouldn’t stop one from being able to carry.

  16. Legally I don’t know but you wouldn’t think so. If he were known to show violent tendencies that would be different. I think this is more of a prejudice because of who he is. That’s just my opinion.

  17. at least 3 times he was arrested for resisting arrest and once for having a controlled/drug substance. they also cited threatening behavior. he did this to himself with bad life choices. the message is to be looked at not how it is sent but how it is received. if he was received as acting in a threatening manner, then he screwed up,

  18. Unsuitable in this case means provoking repeated confrontations with police, public employees and private citizens. He is going to lose his appeal, because no one in their right mind wants someone like this carrying a concealed handgun.

  19. This doesn’t stop him from being a troublemaker with a weapon. It makes it illegal for him to keep that weapon hidden so nobody else has to know he’s carrying it.

  20. Personally I just ignore the little douche.

  21. He screws up constantly as all the FreeKeeners do – it’s the only thing they excel at.

  22. By his actions and repeated run-ins with the law he has shown himself to be unsuitable – period. He really should be declared undesirable which would prevent him from carrying a handgun at all.

  23. One could argue that having a history of provoking, harrassing and intimidating police, public employees and private citizens would point to mental issues of some kind.

  24. this isn’t about him carrying it illegal roger, try to stay with the topic. he wants to follow a law but because he broke other laws he can not carry a weapon legally.

  25. he can not carry a weapon legally.

    You’re wrong. He can carry a weapon legally, as long as it’s not concealed.

  26. Or being disliked by the local police, unless you live in a police state with no constitution.

  27. I think its a great idea. What better way is there to expose tyranny?

    The very reason we have a Constitution is to prevent a naturally biased entity like the Police Chief from deciding things like who can carry concealed and who can’t. Such things are indicative of a police state. Is NH a police state?

    Derrick has done nothing to warrant being deprived of his right to concealed carry for self defense. I’d say most who disagree with that either are against the 2nd Amendment or just don’t like Derrick for unrelated reasons.

    Thank goodness there is an appeal process. I hope Derrick takes advantage of that, but I understand if he doesn’t.

  28. Should the police have the ultimate say on who can carry concealed and who can’t?

  29. So kiss the PD’s butt if you want to carry concealed?

  30. if the person can be considered a threat to public safety, yes

  31. that’s not what he wants to do. again this is about him concealing the weapon not carrying it open. are you having a hard time understanding the point of this topic?

  32. did i say that?

  33. no one is violating his 2nd amendment. he can still carry just not concealed.

  34. The 2nd Amendment talks about the “right to keep and bear arms” not the “right to conceal arms”.

  35. Considering the government takes half your life’s earning potential through theft…yes your in a slave pin. My slave pin number is 64118 whats yours tax cattle?

  36. Truth trumps topicality. It’s bad enough to lie, but trying to cover-up that lie by claiming the truth is “off-topic” is nothing short of shameful.

    If your commitment to honesty is so lacking that you are unable to acknowledge factual-correction gracefully, then I suggest you refrain from making false statements.

  37. Only felons are prohibited. Not just anyone who’s been convicted of anything. And even prohibiting felons from carrying is outright stupidity. Ever watch a movie at home? Note the FBI warning – if you have a few friends over to watch it with you, you could be convicted of a felony, and then not be allowed to own a firearm… because copyright infringers are clearly a serious source of violent crime, right?

    If you don’t like folks carrying guns, why do you live in New Hampshire, which has the least-restrictive gun laws in the Western world? You could move to Mass, Connecticut, or New York, where they actually have the nonsensical laws that you like. Why try and ruin NH with your nonsense?

  38. Carrying concealed is part of “bearing.”

  39. So, if the court rules that you cannot post things on the Internet, but can still stand on a soapbox on a street corner and yell what you wanted to post, that would mean they were not violating your 1st Amendment rights, in your mind?

  40. None of those are in New Hamsphire.

    But I do agree that Nappen is not the best choice. Penny Dean is a far better attorney for gun cases.

  41. No, but you did say the message is to be looked at how it is received. I disagree. How the police receive your actions is irrelevant when we are talking about rights.

    But it looks like we have a disagreement on whether carrying concealed is actually an unalienable right, or a privilege granted by the police only to those who have had no negative interactions with them.

  42. And a person can be considered a threat to public safety if they practice Civil Disobedience?

  43. what does the first and second amendment have to do with each other? absolutely nothing. your point is invalid yet again. now they are not saying he can’t carry a weapon are they?

  44. um no, that is just what you want to do. it does not say “right to conceal beared arms” does it?

  45. more bullshit that makes people take you less serious. explain how you are a slave.

  46. “Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this
    copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including
    infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is
    punishable by up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.” ~ nope doesn’t say you can’t watch a movie with friends. piss poor attempt at an analogy. your point is invalid yet again.

    yet again maineshark, are they saying he can not carry at all?

  47. where did i lie and become dishonest roger, please point that out.

    or are you trying to justify your stupidity with bullshit?

  48. if they do so in a way that can be perceived as a threat, then yes.

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