Keene High School Warden, Lynne “the Witch” Wagner, Resigns

Lynne Wagner

Lynne Wagner, Now-Former KHS Warden

Local independent newsman, Jared Goodell has broken news about Keene High School warden Lynne Wagner resigning, scooping the Keene Sentinel.  Here’s Wagner’s alleged letter of resignation as posted to Goodell’s facebook account that cites both micromanagement and unprofessional tactics as reasons for leaving the helm of the day prison.

Goodell calls Wagner a “witch” on his facebook profile and tells me that he’s kept in touch with several Keene High staff since graduating and has heard many comments about Wagner, including that she is crass and narcissistic. He described an incident involving one of Wagner’s first-implemented changes when arriving at KHS:

a1318[1]“A group of students created a super student parking spot near the front entrance of the high school. The parking spot was painted with the “Superman” symbol, meant to represent “Super Student.” The spot was further marked by a sign, much like a handicap sign, that read “Reserved for Student of The Month.” When Wagner arrived at the school, she had the parking spot’s artwork painted over with black paint and the sign was replaced with one that read ‘Principal Parking Only’.”

Current KHS inmate and incoming 2015 Senior Sophie Shatzman said of Wagner, “She talked to the students like they were too young to understand anything important in life, which didn’t get her a lot of respect.”

Another former KHS prisoner, Renee Kate, recently released into the larger plantation with the rest of us serfs, says that Wagner was hated by many, including some teachers, and that she was a “tyrannical bitch”.

Keene Spiritual RetreatSome would call this article hyperbolic for likening a government school to a prison, but perhaps those people are unaware that government school attendance is compulsory, according to the statutes in NH and every other state. If one is placed somewhere against one’s will, that is imprisonment. Many schools in the U.S. have fences, some with barbed wire. I’ve seen them. In New Hampshire, parents who don’t send their kids to government school or jump through the state’s homeschool hoops, may be charged with a violation in criminal court. If the parent is found guilty and doesn’t pay the fine, jail will result.

If government schools are so great, they shouldn’t be forcing people to attend them at the threat of a cage.

It’s long past time to end the state’s monopoly on education. Why should any students be subjected to tyrant administrators? They and their parents should be free to leave and keep the school portion of their tax bill and not have to answer to officious bureaucrats regarding their child’s unschooling or homeschooling.  Parents have the power today to change the system by withdrawing their children and money.  However, the risk is the state will steal the parents’ home from them (the euphemism for stealing is called a “tax sale”), so most home-owning parents won’t take that risk, preferring instead to beg school boards for relief.  Meanwhile their offspring are having to put up with little tyrants like Wagner while trying to learn something.

Maybe the next principal will be better or maybe not – it’s a crapshoot and the students are forced to be there whether they like it or not.  Live free or die?

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  1. “In New Hampshire, parents who don’t send their kids to government school
    or jump through the state’s homeschool hoops, will be charged with a
    violation in criminal court.” Maybe some, not all. Unschooling certainly happens in New Hampshire. Heck, it is even featured on TV shows.

  2. Good point, Keith. Changed that to a “may”. If they already know about your kids, odds are good they’ll come after you.

  3. Please remove this new sticky header on FK (or make it optional). It’s wasting precious pixels on my monitor.

  4. Bernard: you’re an ignorant boor. This is why no one take you or any of your fellow FreeKeeners seriously.

  5. The Elm City’s public school system was the most influential institution of my life… Making even the military and boot camp pale in comparison. It taught me an overwhelming conformity was what was valued. An anti-intellectual atmosphere prevailed. A brutal social hierarchy enforced by bullies was allowed and even encouraged by some teachers, coaches, and administrators. Some pupils were selected for success. A notable NHPR radio personality and a former congressman are Keene High success stories. Others were targeted for annihilation. I was in the latter category.

  6. and where are those keene residents that bullied you now…what did they go on to become…are they in the state government …police…??… those are just guesses of course

  7. did they… repent ..apologize make restitution..or anything along those lines..just sorry that happened to you

  8. David, I thought we agreed never to talk to one another? You are dead to me. As I should be to you. Now move along, Dr. Kornbluth. Find yourself a unicorn.

  9. No,i blocked you on facebook because you get drunk and talk like a asshole… Thats not “we agreed never to talk to one another” thats somethin YOU are saying NOW.. And you are saying it in a rude manner. BUT..if thats how you want it it is fine with me but you sound like a cry baby..peace out

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  11. Sorry to hear that was your experience. Thank you for bringing it up. It is a very important topic in our culture. I wish more people had the courage to share their experience. Maybe if we can make this conversation mainstream others could see how important education reform is.

  12. No… Once again you mix things with your convoluted thinking.

    Especially your libel concerning “drinking.”

    Remember I commented and praised you for walking your bike on the Main Street Sidewalk. You responded by threatening me. So we later agreed to leave off with each other. But you cannot leave well enough alone. You just cannot. Like the parable of the scorpion and the frog crossing the river. It is your nature to be anti-social.

    I have no use for you. I consider you a detriment to my community, to any community.

    You are a black spot on the face of the sun that “shines for us all.”

  13. i guess i cant block you on here like i had to on fb…..stop being a crybaby..ok maybe you were not drinking …so i gave you a excuse for being a ass …and …it was just the way you ARE and i hadnt seen it before… quit crying steve.. no wonder they kicked your ass in school…later…lol and yes steve it was unfortunate … that asking you politely repeatedly to STOP didnt work.. now go fuck yourself you big cry baby and act like im “dead” lol god you are a big cry baby

  14. And seeing you on Main Street is like finding a stink bug in my garden.

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  16. And not the pretty green kind either.

  17. Poor baby … I’m going to guess you brought it all upon yourself. Now, because you’re a failure in life you need to find someone/something to blame it on.

  18. Wow ,,, two FreeKeene d-bags having a hissy fit with each other. Go girls go.

  19. Wow ,,, two FreeKeene d-bags having a hissy fit with each other. Go girls go.

  20. why exactly am i SO bad for “your community”…is it because i told you to fuck off? lol you could mind your own business(?) …you say some crazy stuff and obviously you are the voice of the community…you said so yourself ….you say stuff like im a “black spot on the face of the sun” for riding my bike on the sidewalk…and wonder why i think you are drunk…lol

  21. KeeneGuy, you’re an ignorant boor.

  22. And no one takes anonymous posters like you seriously…. coward.

  23. A regular ol’ Braveheart you are, “Mr”. KeeneGuy.

    See: “This user’s activity is private”—your site.

    Courage from the shadows.

    Like Lee Harvey Oswell in the Book Repository.

  24. Wow, an anonymous boor sniping from the safety of his anonymity…

    Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!

  25. I think I understand better now why you got bullied in High School.

  26. Awww … poor baby.

  27. Steve … you a pathetic whiner and wuss. All talk – no action.

  28. No, that would be Bernard.

  29. No… You. Bernard at least flies under his own flag and is actually quite interesting even if we really agree on subjects.

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    Strange standards you have.

  31. Poor coward…

  32. And I think I understand you: hiding behind trees and throwing rocks at passers-by.

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  35. Yep. Calling you out, tough guy.

  36. Remember … you were the one bullied – or so you whine about. What makes you think anything has changed?

  37. Reveal yourself…. As Ian has done. Do the right thing… Man up.

  38. Steve … I’m your Daddy.

  39. Yawn.


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