Keene High School Warden, Lynne “the Witch” Wagner, Resigns

Lynne Wagner

Lynne Wagner, Now-Former KHS Warden

Local independent newsman, Jared Goodell has broken news about Keene High School warden Lynne Wagner resigning, scooping the Keene Sentinel.  Here’s Wagner’s alleged letter of resignation as posted to Goodell’s facebook account that cites both micromanagement and unprofessional tactics as reasons for leaving the helm of the day prison.

Goodell calls Wagner a “witch” on his facebook profile and tells me that he’s kept in touch with several Keene High staff since graduating and has heard many comments about Wagner, including that she is crass and narcissistic. He described an incident involving one of Wagner’s first-implemented changes when arriving at KHS:

a1318[1]“A group of students created a super student parking spot near the front entrance of the high school. The parking spot was painted with the “Superman” symbol, meant to represent “Super Student.” The spot was further marked by a sign, much like a handicap sign, that read “Reserved for Student of The Month.” When Wagner arrived at the school, she had the parking spot’s artwork painted over with black paint and the sign was replaced with one that read ‘Principal Parking Only’.”

Current KHS inmate and incoming 2015 Senior Sophie Shatzman said of Wagner, “She talked to the students like they were too young to understand anything important in life, which didn’t get her a lot of respect.”

Another former KHS prisoner, Renee Kate, recently released into the larger plantation with the rest of us serfs, says that Wagner was hated by many, including some teachers, and that she was a “tyrannical bitch”.

Keene Spiritual RetreatSome would call this article hyperbolic for likening a government school to a prison, but perhaps those people are unaware that government school attendance is compulsory, according to the statutes in NH and every other state. If one is placed somewhere against one’s will, that is imprisonment. Many schools in the U.S. have fences, some with barbed wire. I’ve seen them. In New Hampshire, parents who don’t send their kids to government school or jump through the state’s homeschool hoops, may be charged with a violation in criminal court. If the parent is found guilty and doesn’t pay the fine, jail will result.

If government schools are so great, they shouldn’t be forcing people to attend them at the threat of a cage.

It’s long past time to end the state’s monopoly on education. Why should any students be subjected to tyrant administrators? They and their parents should be free to leave and keep the school portion of their tax bill and not have to answer to officious bureaucrats regarding their child’s unschooling or homeschooling.  Parents have the power today to change the system by withdrawing their children and money.  However, the risk is the state will steal the parents’ home from them (the euphemism for stealing is called a “tax sale”), so most home-owning parents won’t take that risk, preferring instead to beg school boards for relief.  Meanwhile their offspring are having to put up with little tyrants like Wagner while trying to learn something.

Maybe the next principal will be better or maybe not – it’s a crapshoot and the students are forced to be there whether they like it or not.  Live free or die?

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