Keene NH’s Bearcat featured in “Pentagon Has ‘Everything Must Go’ Sale”

In the wake of the situation in Ferguson [language warning] and the attention it has drawn to the militarization of police across the county, Reason has put out a parody video regarding the “give-away” of “free” equipment to police departments across the county. In the video, Keene’s bearcat is used an example that no place is too small for militarization of the police, a trait that Ferguson shares with Keene since it also received a bearcat vehicle and is similar in population to Keene, ~21,000 people in Ferguson to Keene’s ~23,000 people.

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  1. Keene has some highly inaccessible areas. Ferguson a paved burb of sprawling St Louis. Geography matters.

  2. Yeah, so don’t use the already paid for 4×4’s… get a TANK! It’s free! (Shhhh, we will keep it quiet that it’s really not free but don’t tell any of the ignorant fools who we will use it on if the disagree with us).

  3. Except the Bearcat isn’t given to towns by the government. They are a commercially manufacturer vehicle from Lenco in MA.


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