Man Hangs Self to Escape Endless Persecution by Winchester Gang

Gary Chase

Gary Chase

I am sad to report that Gary Chase allegedly hung himself in his home last week.  Longtime readers of this blog will remember that Gary was constantly under attack by bureaucrats in the notoriously corrupt town of Winchester, NH. Gary and his former wife owned a valuable piece of property in the heart of downtown and Gary believed the town gang wanted to take his land for their downtown redevelopment “master plan”. Years ago, the town thugs made their first move against Gary and his wife by targeting the property for zoning violations, claiming it was a junkyard and ultimately coming in and stealing over $300,000 of various construction equipment, and allegedly appropriating some of it to themselves and their buddies.

The endless court struggles and follow-up threat against his home led his wife to leave him. Despondent, he reached out for help, but no one wanted to stand against the corrupt goons calling themselves the “Town of Winchester”. On top of this stress, he also was suffering the physical pain of a spine injury. No compassion came from the “town” – they continued to press him. He pleaded to the Cheshire superior court to listen to him. Ultimately, more of his property was stolen by the town gang and liens placed on his home.

"Town of Winchester" Gang Members Smirk as Gary's Property Is Stolen

“Town of Winchester” Gang Members Smirk as Gary’s Property Is Stolen

The constant harassment pushed Gary over the edge into paranoia. At one point he told me that he believed that the town criminals were hacking into and reading his emails. Of course, when they really are out to get you, you can’t blame someone for being paranoid. Gary met with me in person and spoke to me by phone – his case was persuasive, but there was so much to it, it was hard to really grasp it all. I wanted to do more for him, but I’m not an attorney so I brought the story out here on the blog in three posts (linked here in this article) over the last couple of years since I first met him in early 2013.

Now Gary is gone from this world, dead by allegedly hanging himself in his own home. Rumor around Winchester has it that he was murdered by the town gang, but there’s obviously no evidence for that. It’s likely that he’d simply had enough, like Tom Ball before him. (Ball self-immolated at the Cheshire superior court in 2011 over frustrations with this inhumane, insane system.)

As has been the case throughout Gary’s plight, he’s been ignored by the mainstream media. The only mention of his death online is this obituary by the Rutland Herald, which claims he “died unexpectedly” and mentions nothing about the hanging.

Winchester Gang Headquarters

Winchester Gang Headquarters

Perhaps the criminals in Winchester who destroyed this man’s life over their desire for his land are too scary for the big media to challenge. To the media, Gary was just a man with an illegal junkyard. Did he have some junk on his property? Perhaps, but one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. This is yet another example to prove that you don’t actually own your land – the state gang owns it, and if they want to take it from you, they’ll do whatever it takes.

Rest in peace, Gary. It’s a shame we’re not to the point where our neighbors will stand up for each others’ rights against these criminal government gang members. Standing idly by and allowing them to violate our rights is unacceptable. Stand up, speak out, and get together with others who care about freedom. (If you’re not in New Hampshire yet and you love liberty, please join the Free State Project and get here ASAP.) Don’t wait – you could be their next target – wherever you live.

Oh, one more thing.  Here’s the last voicemail Gary left for me prior to his death.  The voicemail was left at 11pm Eastern on September 14th, 2014, just five days before he allegedly took his own life.

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  1. Wow.

  2. Of course there was nothing wrong with Gary, because only sane people commit suicide.

  3. And when someone chooses to defend himself against the gangs with the gangs own tools, the gang members act surprised and offended.

  4. You could read the blog post before commenting. Just sayin’

  5. Do you hear the people sing
    Lost in the valley of the night?
    It is the music of a people
    Who are climbing to the light.

    For the wretched of the earth
    There is a flame that never dies.
    Even the darkest night will end
    And the sun will rise.

    They will live again in freedom
    In the garden of the Lord.
    We will walk behind the ploughshare;
    We will put away the sword.
    The chain will be broken
    And all men will have their reward.

    Will you join in our crusade?
    Who will be strong and stand with me?
    Somewhere beyond the barricade
    Is there a world you long to see?
    Do you hear the people sing?
    Say, do you hear the distant drums?
    It is the future that they bring
    When tomorrow comes!

  6. Why didn’t he move to a town that was more conducive to his liking?

    Winchester is notorious for its old boy network. I had my own run-ins there ( Trying to save the former Elm Street Bridge, trying to save St. Michael’s in Ashuelot, and an attempt to start a coffee house.) I lost every time with the bridge and church demolished, even having my boat taken. A mean, mean place. You need to surround yourself with affirming people. ( Rather than fight it out, like Carl Drega did. )

  7. By the end, Gary admitted that there were mistakes made on both sides. I had a long conversation with him the week before. Gary was a good man, but unfortunately had some issues which sparked this in the first place. He would drive by my house what seemed like fifty times a day. When I spoke to him just the other day, I was so impressed how it sounded like he was getting his life back together. This is truly heartbreaking to me.

  8. I am going thru the same thing in that town.

  9. I understand where he was coming from completely cause I am going the the same thing with the same town. You do what they want then they cone up with other things and just keeps going and the judge rules in their favor so they come take everything anyways.

  10. They demolished your bridge and your church?!! That is totally outrageous. I hope they at least paid you something for the destruction of your property, even though that’s still a violation of your property rights!

  11. Man I hope this happens to you and your wage earner hobble you live in….for some reason I have a feeling your a renter. It doesn’t matter if this guy was stark-raving nuts. You cowards that won’t even go talk to, or help, your neighbors make me sick. What a pathetic population this is.

  12. You’re a hoarder and suffer from depression as well?

  13. LMAO … you’re comparing a movie loosely based upon the French Revolution to what the freetards seek? Now that’s funny. You’re a fucking moron.

  14. You freefreaks never post without twisting reality into your ridiculous garbage. Grow up get jobs and stop using the misfortunes of others in an attempt to promote your feable mindless cause.

  15. Stop promoting slavery on a pro-liberty board, cunt.

  16. Defensive much? Nice way to prove my point.

  17. You’re promoting our enslavement. Go fuck yourself, whore.

  18. No I am not a hoarder! The town of Winchester makes rules up as they go so they can take what they want from your property.

  19. The smart train left early on you didn’t it?

  20. Ignore him, Jessica. He’s a known pedophile who likes to brag about how tough he is, but hardly leaves his parents basement other than to troll the neighborhood for unsuspecting children.

  21. If you applied the same degree of skill to trying to save your bridge and church as you do to explaining what the hell you’re talking about, I can see why you failed.

  22. ha ha…. Good one. Smart train. Mind if I use it sometime?

  23. Hi Jessica. Gary came to us with his story. Free Keene told his story when no one else would. Our cause is to stop aggression against peaceful people like Gary. If you think that’s mindless, then you must support what the town gang did to Gary.

  24. I think your twisting of stories like his is mindless and arrogant. His side was valid. As is the Towns. Both did wrong. Both did right. He had far more to deal with that led to his decision to escape life.
    The mere fact that you, Ian, allow people like StateLoser to speak so vulgar and hostile towards those who simply share their opinion is true testiment to the type of gang you lead. And it speaks volumes to the lack of morals you have. It shows the world around you how classless your gang is and proves why you are all so misliked. Call it freedom of speech as I’m sure you will. But I certainly will be sure to give you the gift of the same.
    I will officially begin my personal mission to destroy all minut amounts of so called credibility you think you have.

  25. I knew Gary well for a number of years. I could tell you the entire detailed story from the time it first started. That being said, I won’t because there is a LOT more to it. Gary is a good man and it is better to let some sleeping dogs lie. I know he contacted you and you have honorable intentions, but for those people that called Gary a friend, please let him rest in peace without dragging out the rest of the story in public. I would be happy to talk to you in private if you have any questions.

  26. Um no. I’m dedicating that song from the musical Les Miserables to Mr. Chase. RIP Gary Chase.

  27. Blah, blah, blah. The man hung himself, committed suicide, took the easy way out. There is no one to blame but himself, the Town did not kill him or cause him to do anything. When one gives up the fight he becomes a prisoner of his own deeds and doings. This guy and carl Drega had one thing in common; they are both where they belong and that is taking a dirt nap.

  28. I agree that the title of this post is misleading. “Man Hangs Self to Escape Endless Persecution by Winchester Gang”. The post itself reveals that he (Ian) doesn’t know the details, and is only speculating about what drove Mr. Chase to do such a thing.

    As for allowing “people like StateLoser to speak so vulgar and hostile towards those who simply share their opinion,” how was it different from your post, which of course was also allowed?

    Finally, only Free Keene can destroy Free Keene’s credibility. Watchdogs are a good thing, as long as they remain credible themselves (which they often don’t.)

  29. That’s just cold-blooded.

  30. Because my comments were not vulgar and hostile. I spoke in general terms stating they misused his story for their purposes. State made direct and derogatory statements.

  31. Also note: my response to Ian used play on words that he used in his blog.

  32. This not only surprises me, but intrigues me. I know Winchester well. Years ago when I was a Cheshire County Deputy Sheriff, I got to know the town intimately. Obviously, times have changed because back then, the town gang was too stupid or too foolish. If you had 32 women from Winchester in one room, you likely had a full set of teeth. One would not be surprised to hear banjos when crossing into Winchester. Ah, yes and we cannot forget the Rythm Ranch, The Ham and Bean Suppers, I guess you could say the statist Massholes are taking over.

  33. If only you had that kind of power. Dame Edith Sitwell once said, “Some now reading and writing would be better employed keeping rabbits.” As for the, “Winchester Gang,” this is nothing new, or novel or unique to Winchester. Ner-do-well’s in the Granite State get elected as town selectmen and frequently run towns as if they are their own little feifdoms. Fact is, there are several Supreme Court Cases arising from corruption and abuse of power. Chester NH comes to mind where a rod and gun club sought permitting to put a cell tower on their land, only to have the town deny that and cut a deal with the carrier to put the tower on town-owned land. This was about a grab for money. the cell tower meant a lease deal of about 50K annually.
    Jessica, you have paper-thin sensibilities, readers all get that. But where you specifically write, “Both did wrong. Both did right,” all you do is tear a page from the Hegelian Dialectic like a good little statist whose whole frame of reference is to drill down and make it personal.

  34. My sensibilities are far greater than the feeble minded think. And I am by far not a statist.
    I will however correct you. I made a simple statement. A Jack wagon then felt the need to call me a cunt and a whore. He and all others thereafter know nothing of who I am. I made no personal references until others came at me. Again. My initial statement was about the article and the twisting of the overall situation. The fact that several made the choice to attack my personal character and add content completely irrelevant to the story shines light once again to the arrogance this page and its owners breed and the negativity it chooses to embrace.

  35. “Freetards,” “ridiculous garbage,” “grow up get jobs,” “feeble and mindless cause,” all sound pretty derogatory to me.

  36. “Freetards,” “ridiculous garbage,” “grow up get jobs,” “feeble and mindless cause,” all sound like attack to personal character completely irrelevant to the story to me.

    Then when someone responds to you in kind in the public comments section, that somehow reveals something about this website and its owners?

    You’re being ridiculous.

  37. Jessica, the town gang are the aggressors. They attacked Gary. I have no idea who most of these people are commenting here, including “State hater”, and I don’t agree with name calling. For all I know, it’s you talking to yourself.

  38. Only those with no life skills could come up with that one.
    Thank you and your clan of useless misfits. I have more than enough to proceed with my case.
    Please excuse me. ..the National Inquirer has far more intellectual reading than this blog.

  39. Pot calling the kettle black from guys with cheap camcorders shoved in the faces of their opposition. YOU are the aggressor.

  40. Oh give me a fucking break!!! Winchester, where Police Chief Gary Philips can be fired from one Town only to be hired from Winchester. Where one rocket scientist Winchester Cop was asked why he wanted to be a Policeman in Winchester and this mah-roon says “lots ah fights there in Winchester”. Make no mistake, killing yourself over some bullshit in Winchester is pure cowardice. Pick up a gun for god’s sake, go postal and even the score. Stand toe to toe with them brave Winchester cops and break some jaws. Then, drive over to Hazel Jordan’s house and burn that shit hole to the ground. Afterall this is NH where you Live free then die and cows like Hazel have lived free forever

  41. Hazel Jordan, your home and the Town dump look the same in photographs. The smell the same and are inhabited by the same rats. Hazel, hazel, hazel if I lived near you I would eat a shotgun round faster than a NY minute. The Town of Winchester would be doing it’s civil duty if they used your shithole as training for the Fire Department. Holy Cow, I just drove into Keene and I can still smell your stink hole, I gotta puke.

  42. Lol, I’ve never once put a camera anywhere near someone’s face or invaded someone’s personal space.

  43. Winchester is a great town.
    I’ve done business in that town for years and have never had issues
    doing what I want. Once in a while I
    have to overrule them in court, but that is part of doing business. As far as blaming everything on the state,
    you should be ashamed of yourselves. The
    law works if you play by the rules.
    Unfortunately, Gary didn’t which lead to the situation he was in. Winchester’s biggest problem is that they don’t
    do enough enforcement. Obviously it is
    unfortunate how things ended up. If any
    of you “free staters” grow up and need an actual job, come see us at the store.

  44. Winchester is a great town. I’ve done business in that town for years and have never had issues doing what I want. Once in a while I have to overrule them in court, but that is part of doing business. As far as blaming everything on the state, you should be ashamed of yourselves. The law works if you play by the rules. Unfortunately, Gary didn’t which lead to the situation he was in. Winchester’s biggest problem is that they don’t do enough enforcement. Obviously it is unfortunate how things ended up. If any of you free staters grow up and need an actual job, come see us at the store.

  45. Sorry for the duplicate. Was trying to get signed in to post.

  46. Jessica I knew the man even talked to him the day before he hung himself. He did not deserve what happened to him nor does anyone else deserve that treatment. I am not a freestater nor do I support them. I just believe we have rights and there should be a limit on how people are treated.

  47. Yes I would like to speak with you!

  48. I would like more information on those court cases if you have it?

  49. You can run your mouth all you want you are just like the Town of Winchester! You sound like youlive there as well.

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