Even Teens Can Take Speeding Tickets to Court

Even teenagers can take tickets to court, as 17-year-old Renee LeBlanc proves in this trial from Jaffrey district court. Don’t miss the hypocrisy by police prosecutor Vince Boggis, who rudely refuses to meet with Renee on the record at the August “pre-trial conference”, but when called on it by her in the courtroom acts like recording his meeting with her is no big deal.

Court can be an intimidating, nerve-wracking experience. Getting your feet wet on something simple like a speeding ticket or parking ticket is a great way to gain experience and confidence. Sure, you’re probably going to lose, but there’s always the chance the officer won’t show up. Plus, in New Hampshire, not taking the plea and demanding your trial, at the very minimum guarantees you won’t have to pay for a few extra months while you await your trial date.

It also makes them have to work for their money and when found guilty you may be able to have the charge placed on file or negotiate community service rather than paying the fine, though Renee is unsuccessful at doing so this time:


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  1. Jesus Ian, your underage child girlfriend can barely form sentences. What is she a sophomore, junior in High School? My man, breaking them in young! The cult leader is grooming his new slave but she has a long way to go as her performance was pathetic. She’s adopting the lingo anyways.

  2. My goodness – this girl is not very bright. Another freetard groupie finds out the hard way that everyone must obey the law.

  3. You people are completely stupid! I believe everyone has a right to challenge their tickets but you know you committed the offense but you challenge it just to tie up the courts just because you can and your only argument is that their is no victim really??? Then to indicate you plan on having future court dates by saying you’ll be better prepared next time just proves you have no useful purpose to society these stupid antics hurt your movement.

  4. Look here see.. Ive written down on this here paper that criticizing an attempt to avoid extortion on a web blog is hereby an offense that carries a maximum fine of 10 dollars. It is on this paper and therefore it is true regardless of any complaints by anyone anywhere.

    If you resist this 10 dollar fine even though you committed the offense, then you hurt the movement of all those in favor of freedom.

  5. Patrick when are you going to pay your fine? Some guy said you owe him money. Don’t worry if there are any facts demonstrating an obligation to pay, like if you might have injured someone. Just pay the money the important thing is someone said you had to pay. Fair is fair, now send the money. No more of your antics. Just place your blind faith in the guy who claims he is an authority and who is demanding money.
    P.S. Move to somalia.

  6. Discovery request:
    Is there any evidence of a plaintiff in this matter? What evidence, if any, is there of an actual plaintiff?

  7. Who cares about laws? It was against the law to be a Jew in Germany during the Third Reich.

    You’re an evil piece-of-shit slavery apologist.

  8. Herb: “I am a mouth-breathing loser who has blind faith in what politicians commit to writing. If the age of majority was 21, like it used to be, and a 34 year old man had a 20 year old girlfriend, then I would still foam at the mouth. Hell, if the age of majority was something utterly ridiculous, like 25, then I would still complain like a little bitch if a 34 year old man had a 24 year old girlfriend. If I was alive in Nazi Germany, I would blindly support the rounding up of Jews, as that was the law, and the law is sacred, because that’s what the teacher told me in first grade, and what my television set told me.”

  9. Renee pays the gasoline tax, so she rightfully owns the roads that she drives on. How is punishing her for allegedly driving at a certain speed on her *own property* moral by any stretch of the imagination?

  10. yeah laws against murder and rape are just so unmoral

  11. that was just a stupid post and added nothing to further this topic.

  12. gas tax means you own the roads? that was just moronic. gas tax means you pay more to run your car, not own the roads.

  13. Let them argue – it’s amusing to watch. They get hammered with fines and/or jail sentences each time they show up, so it’s all good.

  14. LoL … moron.

  15. … and you are a mentally-unbalanced moron.

  16. I like peanut butter and apples. My mom ties my laces for me. This shirt is itchy. My new underwear is too tight. Can someone wipe my nose? When we go to the park today, can I ride on the big boy swing?

  17. Have you been reading my diary, I was just saying all of that yesterday. Too many of my friends are Jews so I wouldn’t support rounding them up. But I would support rounding up you freetards and putting you in camps. It would clean up the streets and feed your persecution complex, so win/win for everyone!

  18. Warren vs DC read it please and tell me what the purpose of government is.

  19. Psst your public education is showing…might want to tuck it back in.

  20. Psst your public education is showing really bad please tuck it away.

    You don’t see any problem with the state being the victim, the arresting office, the investigator, the prosecutor, the judge, and often the jury? Hello dark ages courts.

    This guy would probably go down on the judges in Warren vs DC.

  21. I have not heard back from Patrick. This is his second notice to pay me the 10 dollars for the security of the people of New Hampshire who were harmed by his inconsiderate criticism of a teenager. Ignorance of my statute is no excuse for breaking it.

    You have 15 days. Please be warned that failure to comply with this piece of paper I wrote (err… statue), will result in further fines and possible imprisonment. Provide your identification and address so that I can make sure that you comply. The men with guns that will arrive at your door step will determine your agitation level and if you are overly upset at the situation, you will be caged for failure to comply. If you resist…. Possibly death. It is completely your decision.


    This is the nature of the state. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb8Rj5xkDPk

  22. Oh, legerde, you are so cute. Way, funny.

  23. Arguments that are made to matters of law should be made on the “Temporal Plane”, when not made by a Jurist Doctorate we find the dialogue spilling into the bizarre and hay-wired syntax by victims of grandiose delusion.
    One’s consent to be governed is outweighed by the governed consent that we have an order and we apply common sense to those who can not grasp the ideas of mutually beneficial contracts.
    One who does not consent to a tax for example should be compelled to pay that tax if the overwhelming majority of “well wrapped” members of a society benefit and not succumb to mental defect whether their own or an agitating party, with no purpose but scatter society.
    No worse mal-conceived argument can be made than the examples of Slavery and the imprisonment of Jewish folks when comparing it to the accepted duties to utilize a shared segue such as a public road.

  24. Is that supposed to be some sort of insult? You might want to tuck that small thing you like to expose to children back in and go wash your hands, you pathetic tool.

  25. The only way these people can be better prepared … LoL … who am I kidding? They are all about three or four bricks short of a load. They think that somehow they are striking a blow for their cause each time they show up in court and lose. The word “Stupid” doesn’t quite capture the full essence of what these assclowns are all about.

  26. LMHO … awesome. That about covers it. More – give us more!

  27. “My name is KeeneGuy and I’m a pathetic piece-of-shit Stockholm Syndrome sufferer.”

  28. Naturally, the obvious parallels to the system that one worships would go over that person’s head, if that person lacked the cognitive ability to understand that a bank issuing its own currency (regardless of whether it’s private or “public”) is an example of centralization.

  29. When enough people do this, enough sand will be poured in the gears of your beloved system to cause road piracy to stop in New Hampshire.

  30. You’re trying to get psychopathic scum to feel shame.

  31. The last time I checked, someone who pays for something is the owner of that thing, fucktard.

  32. The gasoline tax is used to maintain roads, lemming simpleton. That makes anyone who buys gasoline a co-owner of the roads.

    In what bizarro reality do you live, wherein those who pay for something *don’t* own that thing?

  33. State hater;
    You and ya Momz gotta get out of my basement by the 15th!!

  34. You, an obviously trashy idiot, expect to be taken seriously?

  35. I admit sarcasm is my preferred method of making a point. If you genuinely want to discuss these issues, I would be happy to engage with you in such an endeavor. But, it must be based on logic and rationality. Redefining words to avoid confronting your bias will not be allowed.

    You used the phrase “well wrapped” to characterize the members of society without mental defects. This already shows me that you have not considered the logic of resisting extortion. You mixed a reasonable attempt at an argument “Mutually beneficial contracts” with name calling.

    Define extortion: “Extortion (also called shakedown, outwresting, and exaction) is a criminal offense of obtaining money, property, or services from a person, entity, or institution, through coercion. ” How is this word inaccurate to represent the reality of the state? The most important word that separates our views is “consent”. I have not consented. Whats the difference between “making love” and “rape”? Consent.

    To claim that people who dislike extortion have mental defects is less than rational. It shows your religious bias. The state is a religion.

    Oh I know what comes next. If we don’t use extortion, how can society function?

    We can talk about that too if you like. But at least if you reach the point of asking that question, you are acknowledging reality. You may claim that the extortion is useful and makes society better, but you can’t deny the reality that the state is an extortion machine.

    Society has not reached the pinnacle yet. Better ways of running society exist, I hope you can be open minded enough to consider them. The force of the state does not permit them from being tried. The state is a monopoly.

    Im sure we both want a better society, I just think that a better society is by definition one where less extortion takes place.

  36. State hater,
    When describing a noun such as “trashy idiot”, you would use obvious not obviously, except when describing a verb adverb or adjective such obviously stupid like state hater.
    Just being a grammar Nazi, since ya know, you got that private school education and all. Putz.

  37. Never begin a sentence with a conjunction such as “but” and never follow a conjunction such as “but” with a comma. It’s hurts the eyes of the educated reader.

  38. Edited. I await a reply with more content.

  39. Haw Haw Haw, never heard that one before. Got any other original ones from the libertard playbook? Haven’t called me a statist yet. I love when you people use libertarian insults, no one else thinks of them as insults.
    Unfortunately for you, I was educated in the finest private institutions money can buy. Your kind wouldn’t be allowed beyond the gate.

  40. The word “obviously” is an adverb that modifies the implicit verb, “are:”

    “You are obviously”

  41. Nope

  42. We’re too well-armed for you and your thug buddies to mess with.

  43. Do you have proof that he does that?

    I could accuse you of being a serial rapist/killer. As someone who hates liberty and loves aggression, it’s not so far fetched to believe that you would commit aggression in these other ways.

  44. Are you too cowardly to address whether or not you think that every law is sacred?

  45. Im sure with rape and murder you can point out a victim. Victims are important when there is a claim of a crime being committed.

  46. Was the law against being a Jew moral? Were the laws against blacks using the same facilities as whites moral?

  47. “Slavery is okay if enough people say that it’s okay.”

  48. “Oh I know what comes next. If we don’t use extortion, how can society function?”

    private property rights

  49. “It’s [sic] hurts the eyes of the educated reader.”

    You made an error, hypocrite.

  50. No because one would have to be of the above mentioned mental defect or not be, as I put it “well wrapped” to support slavery. Slavery bad/public roads good. It’s objectively moral you tool. So, no, your shit don’t apply. Sooooory….

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