Rich Paul Out of Jail, Off Probation!

Rich Paul, fresh out of jail with Chris Cantwell

Rich Paul, fresh out of jail with Chris Cantwell

Rich Paul is out of jail! With the consent of the over-burdened-with-cases probation department and superior court judge John C Kissinger, Rich recently spent a few extra months in jail in order to no longer have probation when he got out. (Though he is still on a suspended sentence.)  Activists convoyed out and picked him up this morning at 6am, then stopped by Central Square to enjoy a smoke, followed by breakfast downtown.  Later today, Rich will have lunch with friends.

Raw video of his release is up at Fr33mantvRAW.  Rich is excited to get started expanding NH Jury as an activist and outreach organization.

In the photo, Rich is seen this morning at the Free Streets Project with neighbor Christopher Cantwell.

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  2. Good to have you back, Rich.

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