NH Supreme Court Decides “Jury Nullification” Law Not A Jury Nullification Law

Rich Paul 420 2014

Rich Paul

I always thought the language in RSA 519:23-a (commonly referred to as the jury nullification statute) was weak. In fact, the state’s attorney argued in front of the NH supreme court that before it passed into law, the legislature stripped all mention of jury nullification from the original bill. From the state’s perspective, their attorney was correct, and the supreme court unanimously affirmed that the statute is not a jury nullification statute.  Here’s their seven-page decision.

The statute in question is a shadow of what it should have been. Perhaps the legislature can try again and get it right this time. Until then, whether or not a defendant will be allowed to tell a jury about nullification (which has happened multiple times thus far in NH) remains up-to-the-judge in the case, it seems.  Stay tuned to Free Keene for or NHJury.com for the latest news about jury rights in New Hampshire.

Reason has an excellent take on the news here, and FIJA’s opinion is here.

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  1. Awww … and all those fucking stupid pamphlets you douchebags had printed up that stressed jury nullification. We all told you there was no such thing – now you have your answer. What ever are you shitbags going to do now?

  2. The rule of law is a myth.

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  9. I prevailed on a similar lawsuit when I sued the police also. “First US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled ”

    What is this first Circuit court that ruled? A group of people? So then, your evidence is “some guys said so”? Why didn’t the rules jump off the page and make them pay? Why did people have to get involved? The idea behind the “rule of law” is that we are ruled according to the rules, rather than the arbitrary dictates of authority figures. Showing that an authority figure “ruled” something only proves that you are ruled by PEOPLE, not laws.

  10. “‘Rule of Law’ helped save her situation…”

    If you are trying to use this as an argument to prove the rule of law, this is a fallacious appeal to consequences.

  11. The constitution didn’t stop them from violating her rights in the first place did it? If she would have held up the constitution like a cross to a vampire, would that stop them?

  12. Jury nullification does happen from time to time. You are delusional if you think there is “no such thing”.

  13. The courts will typically correct mistakes by police if you present a good case and good evidence of mistakes. That’s been my experience.

    Courts are reasonable for the most part.

  14. There are real criminals in society.

    If we had 1000’s of private anarchiy based systems of police and courts, the smart criiminals would simply prey on the weakest areas with no courts no police, weak courts, weak police etc. Criminals could also easily evade detection without any centralized tracking systems.

    Criminals would love anarchy because anarchy is extremely soft on crime (intentionally or unintentionally).

  15. “Courts are reasonable for the most part.”
    “Courts” being a euphemism for men and women who wear black robes?

    So…rule by men…or rule by law? The cops do not necessarily obey the law(while they supposedly enforce the same “laws” they are breaking in the process) but they will obey the men/women(if they have the proper magical robe)? How does that set of facts show rule by law (rather than rule by men)?

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  17. That’s been my experience.

    In other words your evidence is merely anecdotal. Thus the conclusion you reach regarding all courts suffers from the logical fallacy of “faulty generalization.”

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    Because his goal is to drive all respectable people away from reading this blog to prevent its dangerous ideas from being propagated. It seems rather bizarre the operators of this website will put so much time into writing the articles, but have no time to moderate the comments. It’s as if they don’t realize that the articles they spend so much time writing will be missed by all people who want to avoid being offended by the deluge of obscene and profane comments.

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  22. Under anarchism it might be bad at first, over time society would flourish much like the California gold rush, where there was virtually no government.


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