Hilarious Colbert Report Lampoons Free Keene

It took months for the Colbert Report to air the footage they shot back in June, but it was worth the wait. As expected, they skewered us pretty well! Here’s the hilarious report on Robin Hood of Keene & Free Keene that aired last night on Colbert:

Thanks to Jesse and the rest of the Colbert crew for the coverage. For the record, Chris Cantwell is not a blogger at Free Keene.

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  1. I guess you’re trying to play down the fact that Colbert made you look like idiots and assholes. Sure, you looked like idiots because of selective editing, but your own footage made you look like complete assholes. And I’m in favor of the FSP in general and most of the liberty activism that goes on in NH, but wow, your own footage of you constantly berating the meter maids just made you look like extreme assholes. So, congratulations? You got on national TV for 5 minutes, albeit to be completely skewered.

  2. question: you favor the FSP but do you condone FK as they advertise for and are affiliated with FSP? or do you believe they are hurting the cause?

  3. I am a Free Keene blogger and a Robin Hooder, and I do not approve of
    the way the meter people were berated. I do not engage in such
    behavior. I say good morning to the meter people, they ignore me, I
    fill meters. Sometimes I let the position of the meter people impact
    the order in which I fill meters, but for the most part I stay away from

  4. Cantwell muzzle sweeps himself and the cameraman at 2:10. TAKE A GUN SAFETY CLASS, CANTWELL!

  5. Maybe it is me, but it wasn’t funny. I usually laugh at Colbert’s shows.

  6. It was really just sad….I can’t believe they treated the meter maids like that. It’s one thing to fill meters like Rich said he does, but another thing entirely to do what they were doing in those videos. Part of successful activism is aligning yourself with the population, Free Keene seems to be more about standing off and antagonizing the population.

  7. Well, to be fair, there are only a handful of people in this position and nobody likes metermaids anywhere.

    Agreed though that some of those videos were a bit extreme.

    It is important to remember that we were all born anarchist, most of us got caught up in the system of Statism, and a few of us have worked our way out of that system. When talking with those still blinded by it, it is important to keep in mind that they may one day join us but not if we treat them like shit.

  8. No cable. Never watched the show save for excerpts, but I knew something was weird when he claimed to be for limited government then lamented a lack of legislation coming from congress. Up is down. Black is white. Now watch this…..

  9. Or maybe you are just an a-hole for treating strangers like crap because you disagree with them.

  10. The joke
    Your head

  11. Please note I have nothing to do with Free Keene, I don’t live anywhere near that part of the world. I treat everyone with peace and voluntarism, even government agents and people who have neither earned nor deserve my respect.

  12. There is a difference between understanding a joke and thinking it is funny.

  13. ‘nobody likes metermaids anywhere’
    I like metermaids. I like folks who do their jobs, and I also like for priority parking to not be hogged by assholes.

    Are we born anarchist? How do you figure? We are born naked and crying, soft, blind, and reliant on everything around us to feed us, take care of us and generally not kill us. If you want to call that anarchy, and go back to being a helpless baby, then do it. Don’t condone treating people like this for your own childish desires.

  14. There is a difference between metered parking and parking time limits. I think the former, where you pay for any amount of time, is generally disliked. But you are right, I made a blanket statement and I should not have.

    Anarchy to me is no State; children are beautifully unaware of the monsters of State (war, elections, laws). I did not intend that analogy to say that anarchy is human infancy.

  15. Mr. Dean you are mistaken Chris did not sweep himself in that video. At least by my veiwing. I do think you are looking for fault.

  16. It’s almost funny…..but really sad. They think they are fighting for freedom but they are bullies….without a real political philosophy……harassing and intimidating people…..kinda like a vigilanti group like the Klan or the Brownshirts……you guys are the bad guys…..freedom means freedom for all and it involves voting and participating in your local affairs. Screaming at people just makes you a d bag at best……and a bully at worst. Free Keene are horrible people.

  17. First they ignore you, than they ridicule you,… how that saying go??

  18. I know this is one of Cantwell’s several sockpuppet accounts, but I’ll respond anyway. Chris, you muzzle swept the cameraman, yourself and downtown Keene.

  19. I see it less as ridicule and more as exposing conservative bullies……just like the klan

  20. You set the liberty movement back decades

  21. I could do without wars myself but no state means no Social Security for old folks, no public schools, parks, libraries, highways, fire departments, etc. if having no state means a world run by Free Keene conservative bullies count me out.

  22. Homes watever u do beware of the matriarch morlock. She owns a blog

  23. Which is good…..because liberty is Orwellian doublespeak for your conservative bully movement……open carry and yelling at meter maids…..lovely.

  24. Parking tickets incur a 700% markup in price for parking even after only 1 minute has passed for what the “customer” had payed for.

    Does that come across as any less assholish?

    What about the part where the “customer” is under threat of having his vehicle stolen if that person doesn’t pay what is demanded?

    Hmm. That doesn’t sound very neighborly to me either. Perhaps there’s another A-Hole in this example?

    I can’t think of a single business that would try this scam on their customers while still remaining competitive. But then, there is no real competition when government provides the service is there?

  25. “I guess you’re trying to play down the fact that Colbert made you look like idiots and assholes.”

    Heh, did we watch the same video clip?

  26. I disagree and we could go over the ways those wants could be fulfilled but I think there is only one real question to ask. Can we leave a world to our children that is better than the one we knew as children if we continue to use violence to solve our problems? It is my belief that the current path of Statism will never lead to a better world. So I chose a different path, one of only voluntary interaction. I hope to have schools, parks, libraries, fire services, etc. and I hope all old people are cared for. I really think we can do it, and we can do it better than the violent option of Statism.

  27. Just saw the Colbert show episode. How come one of you guys was shooting up a US flag with what looked like an assault rifle? That got me even more mad then the way you harass people. Idiots!

  28. Please do not assume with no evidence. I am no ones sock puppet. 😉

  29. Though putting his holster on seated was ill advised

  30. Ok, so you’re not one of Cantwell’s several sockpuppet accounts. And you watched the video again, huh? lol. He totally sweeps himself, the cameraman, and downtown Keene.

  31. Dream on…..it’s why places like Denmark and Sweden are Passing us up. You can’t have all those things through volunteerism.

  32. good job

  33. “Lampooned” ? “Skewered” ? Ah no, fucktard: Colbert ridiculed and embarrassed all of you on national television, exposing all of you as – and I quote – “huge douchebags”.

    Here you go, NH: this is the Free State Project in all of its glory. These are the kind of ignorant morons that Carla & Co. want to import into our state. Take a good long look at these disturbed fucktards and ask yourself: do you really want these kind of people in your community?

    And regarding that fat pussy Cantwell: if he harassed me the way he harassed those parking enforcement people, I would have had him down on the ground and crying long before he figured out how to get that .38 out of its holster. That guy has no clue how to properly handle a firearm.

  34. You didn’t berate the officers who executed a search warrant on that head shop? It’s captured on video. You didn’t violate your probation by brandishing a weapon, among other charges? That’s captured on video as well, and didn’t you just get out of jail for all of that, or were you in jail for something else this time around?

    Right – you don’t engage in such behavior, you fucking loser.

  35. Cantwell’s time will come; it’s inevitable for assholes like him. I expect for him to be in jail for a prolonged stay within a year or so from now for one thing or another.

  36. No, I think it was finally exposed for what the “movement” really is: a bunch of societal misfits that were either toilet trained too early and/or not hugged enough as a child, and don’t like being told no.

  37. They are bullies, but not the conservative kind. They’re more like a bunch of kids in the neighborhood whose parents are also siblings.

    Look up on Facebook what one of their own (Derrck J. (Freeman) Horton has to say about families who adopt disabled or “retarded” (his word) children. It’s riveting stuff.

  38. They had better pray anarchy never comes to Keene … because if it did, their shithole house would probably be one of the first ones set upon.

  39. Right … “voluntary interaction”. Here’s how it would go down if anarchy reigned: people like you and your like-minded friends would be dragged out of your homes by your hair and dealt with harshly. It would be like being in the movie “The Purge”.

  40. I was kind of hoping he would have shot his (undoubtedly) tiny nutsack off.

    Now that would have been hilarious.

  41. lol. awww I thought it was gonna be about chalking…

  42. Please link the video of berating officers. He didn’t violate his probation by brandishing a weapon, which he used to break up a fight.

  43. Yeah well you can make anyone look like idiots and assholes by cherry-picking footage. Footage of all the folks grateful for being saved from a ticket was no included, for example. In this case it was done for the sake of humor, and I’d think most discerning people would understand that.

  44. Please give examples of liberty activism that you’re in favor of.

  45. Let’s see… harassing and intimidating people… bullies… like meter maids?

  46. Stop salivating and have a sense of humor. Colbert Report is a comedy show. He embarrasses lots of people.

  47. ……….. And then you win.


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