James Released on $1,000 Bond

James Out of Jail in VA

James Out of Jail in VA

After being arrested on an insane war on drugs charge for allegedly having prescription Klonopin pills in box truck regularly used to transport items purchased at storage unit auctions, James Cleaveland has been released! An early mover for the Free State Project, Cleaveland is known for being a major player in “Robin Hood of Keene“, his epic run for state representative, and now for being the entrepreneur behind the successful 101 Deals Thrift Store (across from Cheshire Oil on Rt. 101). He’s known for his willingness to stand up for his beliefs, and this case is no exception.

Yesterday, liberty activists in Keene and Virginia sprung into action to help James after he was kidnapped by armed men calling themselves the Dinwiddie County Sheriffs. Major kudos to Jimmy Higgins and Nate Cox from Virginia Cop Block for their assistance in springing James from his cage and promoting the situation in Virginia.

James is out, but has to deal with retrieving his box truck that was stolen by the police gang. Then, once he can escape Virginia, he’ll ultimately have to come back for what will likely be all manner of unnecessary court dates, costing him thousands in travel fees alone. Of course, “the state” people have no case, but they’ll draw it out as long as they can, likely. We’ll keep you informed here at Free Keene. Stay tuned for more on James’ situation.

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  1. The only things that cops seem to “protect and serve” is their budgets through their extortion schemes. It never ceases to amaze me how most of their time is spent shaking down people for money instead of protecting people from harm. That is what I expect from a coercively funded government monopoly. Good to hear James is out.

  2. Memorandum

    Subject: Automobile Inspections & Registrations

    To: All Free State Participants

    FSP Members, please take 5 minutes of your time to make sure your automobile forms, tags, and stickers are all in good order and not expired.

    It has come to our attention of 2 recent cases of serious legal headaches and costs from lapses.

    Both legal headaches, now totaling well above $1500 could have been avoided for less than $50.

    Use common sense and keep your vehicles in good order. Auto travel is a liberty you should not jeopardize over minor petty costs.

    Congressman Ron Paul always keeps his automobile paperwork in pristine order, so should you. He doesn’t play games with the DMV; the consequences just aren’t worth it.

  3. For a pauls fan ..You’re slightly retarded . you think liberty is the liberty to comply

  4. You can certainly ride a bike or walk on the public roads if you like, but auto travel is not a liberty in our society; it is a privilege. Doesn’t really make much difference what freetards think about that.

    Just keep on bucking the system girls and boys, because we love collecting the fines and putting you freetards in jail if necessary.

  5. You and jason free should cuddle. He thinks live free or comply. I think “die” means they do the dying

  6. Here is the lunacy of this guy’s actions: he was recently convicted in NH of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and given a 2-year suspended sentence.

    If he is found guilty in VA on these charges, when he finishes up his jail sentence there he will go home to NH and then most likely go right back into jail to serve out his suspended sentence due to his conviction in VA.

    This guy is absolutely clueless. Another FSP success story.

    UPDATE: SFK picked up this story as well.

  7. They never learn, do they?

  8. Liberty isn’t anarchy brother. Learn your definitions.

    I bet James will comply in the future if he wants his liberty. Ian Freeman now complies to tag laws from what I’ve seen.

    If James wants anarchy, he’ll lead a life of disappointment and more $3000 knocks from the state.

  9. You’re another one who is confused on the meanings of liberty vs. anarchy

    Liberty has use for the rule of law but as a Hillary Clinton supporter I’m guessing you don’t read too much on liberty.

  10. Ron Paul isn’t going to die over $30

    Ron Paul complies to motor vehicle laws.

  11. Are you anarchist Graham Colson?

  12. Anarchists seem to be slow learners.


    As a goverment troll you picked an appropriate screen name 😀

  13. I’d be interested in seeing the charging documents for this since it is not a crime to have your OWN prescription medication – Klonopin or otherwise. I’m assuming it wasn’t James’ prescription Klonopin.

  14. This would be an excellent case for removal to Fed jurisdiction for violations of rights. James had a right to inspect the warrant prior to the search. State prosecutors hate removals. James can appear in NH Fed Court via camera.
    Removal must be timely filed, the rules can be obtained at the local Fed Court, which should have a pro-se manual
    available for free. Good luck to James.


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