Heroic Swanzey Teen Refuses to Stand for Pledge of Allegiance

Original Pledge of Allegiance Salute

Original Pledge of Allegiance Salute

Social media is on fire locally with the Keene Sentinel breaking a story about a heroic student at Monadnock Regional middle school who recently got in trouble for not standing for the socialist pledge of allegiance.

Fatima M. Smart was threatened by her teacher, Vicki Mercier, when Fatima refused to be a lemming and stand up with the rest of the class for her daily dose of mind-numbing chanting and idol-worship. Fatima is well within her rights to stay seated, and should be able to do it without being threatened or scared. If only more Americans were as brave as she, but many who otherwise would follow Fatima’s lead, will not because of fear of social pressure. In Fatima’s case, that included her teacher targeting her in an attempt to embarrass Fatima in front of her class.

Even someone who does a cursory level of research into the pledge of allegiance will learn that it’s nothing more than a pro-state indoctrination chant written by a self-proclaimed socialist. The picture on this article reveals what the old hand motion was for the pledge prior to it becoming the hand-over-the-heart – the Roman (aka Fascist) salute!

If you love freedom you should actively oppose participation in the pledge of allegiance and give Fatima your support. Don’t let the nationalists shout you down or pressure you to participate.

Her mother, Kerry A. Boscarino, says she is planning to bring a civil case against the school district, since the teacher refused to apologize for targeting her daughter for humiliation. Stay tuned here for the latest. Thanks for your courage, Fatima!

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  1. Finally, a glimmer of hope for the future of freedom in the LFOD state.

  2. Pledge Allegency to the American Flag made in a Chinese sweatshop so we can give them away for free at gasoline stations when you buy the discount bottle rockets for the 4th of July. Amen.

  3. Brings back memories.  Well over 40 years ago, I got hit on the head with a large text book by my homeroom teacher for doing the same thing.

    Good friend Evan Pierce staged a sit down in high school about 10 years ago too.

     Kindred Spirits.

  4. My friends and I did this in high school in early 2000s, all that happened was being told we couldnt attend our graduation if we didnt stand. Stuff like this has been going on for awhile

  5. Ian said, “If only more Americans were as brave as she, but many who otherwise would follow Fatima’s lead, will not because of fear of social pressure. Do you have direct scientific evidence this would happen?

    The USA was founded on christian values and laws.

    Ian said, “If you love freedom you should actively oppose participation in the pledge of allegiance. If you love freedom, can’t people do what they want? The teacher said if she didn’t want to participate in the pledge of allegiance, she could sit on a chair in the hall until it was over. She made the choice. Not every choice comes with a guarantee of total resolve.. 


    At the end of the article, it is very apparent this young lady does not know how to cope, or appropriately resolve differences. She runs from school and gets picked up by the police. Running away from her problems isn’t going to solve anything.

  6. that teacher is stupid…this is education and this parent is going to go the ACLU in Boston and will win this one

  7. @Jumping Jacks When you quote something, the statement usually starts with quotations (“) and ends with quotations (“).

  8. No one should stand for nor chant the Pledge of Allegiance because it was the origin of the Nazi salute and Nazi behavior (that is one of the amazing discoveries by the historian Dr. Rex Curry). That is why news outlets and government schools (socialist schools) will never show old photographs and historic film footage of the early Pledge of Allegiance gesture. If the school taught the truth about the pledge’s putrid past then no one would stand for it nor participate in the daily brainwashing. As this article shows, the pledge continues to be the origin of Nazi behavior. https://youtu.be/mvDwL553pVM

  9. Jumping Jacks  So can you tell me what section in the United Police States of America’s constitution makes any reference to the word god, lord, creator, Jesus, or Christianity?  Good luck with that state worshiper…sounds to me like you need to bone up on your 10 commandments.   Ow wait they did use “lord ” in the signature section..please don’t tell me that is all you have.   Actually the student running away from that brainwashing center was probably the smartest move they have ever made. ….otherwise they might just end up like you some day…..sick.

  10. you said that the person who came up with the pledge, was a socialist, but you neglected to mention, that he was also a Baptist minister. it doesn’t surprise me in the least, that you would leave some of the facts out. did you omit this fact intentionally, or was it an honest mistake? my guess, is that you omitted it on purpose; you just had to put your own little spin on it, didn’t you?

  11. In this country we allow people to do, or not to do. No problem.

  12. I wasn’t writing a biography on him, Aaron Frick. Anyone with google can learn more about Francis Bellamy. Why do you feel his religion is so important? _Ian

  13. The teacher and parent settled the matter and then the little snot sent the teacher a profanity laced email and escalated the situation. Hero? No. Typical bratty teenager? Yes. Ps. Kerry Boscarino is the official deputy tax collector for Richmond. Still think she’s awesome?

  14. daeanaira I know Fatima, and hearing this from people is starting to get on my nerves. These reports about her were done almost five months after it initially happened. Nothing was out of the ordinary. It was something she usually did.

  15. Jumping Jacks I know Fatima, and she doesn’t run away from her problems. She faces them. She’s tough as nails. And, don’t quotes usually start with (“) and end  with (“)?

  16. I am a U.S. Marine and I don’t want you to be forced to say or put your hand over your heart but at least stand.

  17. This teacher is a very respectful caring person, I want you to apologize to the teacher for humilizing her

  18. I agree


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