“Moving to NH was the best thing our family ever could have done.”

James Davis

Newer Mover, James Davis

Newer mover James Davis wrote an excellent piece for Freecoast.org recently that describes the amazing experience he and his family have had since moving here to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project.  It’s a rare glimpse into the world of liberty families who move here quietly and whose activism doesn’t garner media attention:


The past week on the Free Coast reminded me exactly why moving to New Hampshire was the best thing our family ever could have done.


Being a member of the liberty movement can be discouraging at times. It’s easy to wonder if the whole thing is pointless. The looming specter of an ever-growing state combined with the ongoing “drama” perpetuated by the movement’s most vocal members on social media can be downright dreary.


But on the ground here in New Hampshire? It’s a different case all together.


Last Sunday, six liberty loving families got together on one of the many stunning beaches of New Hampshire for an impromptu birthday celebration. Parents universally treated their children with dignity, and were able to trust that everyone involved understood that people are best when left to be free. Five of these families were free state project movers – people so dedicated to finding a like-minded community that they picked up and moved from all over the US to live near one another and raise their children with others who share their values.


While effecting long term change here in New Hampshire is a goal of everyone involved in the Free State Project, it’s not the only goal by which we measure success. First, and perhaps most important, we measure success by how much freedom and fulfillment we’re finding during our one shot here on Earth. If you ever find yourself wondering why you can’t find other liberty-minded families in your area, or feeling concerned that the people in your child’s neighborhood or school are trying to convince them that their parents are crazy, why wouldn’t you just move to New Hampshire and help us create the liberty community we all dream of being a part of?


While forming community is the principal goal (at least for me), there are no shortage of activism opportunities as well. Just two short days after our birthday get together, local activists were supported by activists from Concord and Manchester to participate in jury outreach at the Strafford County Court House. Joel Valenzuela of Rights Brigade brought tri-fold brochures to help jurors learn about their right to proceed according to their conscience and nullify bad laws to keep good people out of jail. Prospective jurors were almost universally receptive to receiving the materials, with only a few not accepting the pamphlet, and many others openly expressing their approval.


Now, not everything is perfect in New Hampshire, and that’s okay. That’s why it’s the Free State Project, and not just the Free State. But what better can we do for our families, for the future of our children, and for our own financial and emotional well-being than get together with other like-minded people and be the change that we wish to see in the world?


If you’re not here, it means you’re some place else. Why are you some place else?

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  1. Jury nullification does not usurp democracy. It merely respects the principle that an extreme decision requires an extreme mandate: http://war-on-fines.blogspot.com/2015/03/jury-nullification-your-last-defence.html

  2. Democracy usurps freedom of the peaceful individual.

  3. Hopefully my Husband and I are planning to visit and get things in order and possibly make the move. We have been talking about it a lot! It will take us possibly up to two years. We want to have everything in order, plus we want our son’s mature enough to put their input in too. We feel once our youngest son is 18, he will be able to decide, is his freedom more important than his friends here. We don’t want our kid’s to have any regrets or feel Mom and Dad uprooted our lives. Plus, like I said we want to have employment, housing ready for the move. Congratulations to everyone who has made the move! Hopefully we will be joining your amazing community soon! Best wishes to all!

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