Armed Guards Outside Recruitment Center Led by FSP-Supporting Former Sheriff Candidate

Chris Rietmann

Oath Keeper Chris Rietmann Stands Guard Thursday Outside the Recruitment Center in Keene, NH

Less than a week after making national news via Ben Swann’s Truth in Media for helping nullify all gun restrictions as a selectman in Alstead, liberty activist Chris Rietmann then made the front page of the Sentinel on Monday. He was featured in the Sentinel article for heading up an effort by local Oath Keepers and other local gun owners to guard the military recruiting center in the aftermath of the recent attack on the recruiting center in Tennessee.

Rietmann, a supporter of the Free State Project and recent independent candidate for Sheriff, explained the purpose of the continuing guard mission was to bring attention to the insanity of gun-free zones, which includes military recruiting centers, schools, and military bases. Gun-free zones are places where law-abiding people are put in jeopardy and are unable to defend themselves against anyone with a mind to kill innocents.

Since the guard effort has continued all week, the Sentinel posted a follow-up piece on Wednesday, NECN filed this report, and other news coverage of Rietmann and crew’s efforts included the not-so-friendly Daily Beast.

After hearing the military had sent a memo to recruiting offices telling them to call the police on the armed guards, Rietmann and his crew changed tactics. I went down there today with a video camera to get the story straight from Rietmann:

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  1. Stockholm syndrome.

  2. You douchewads are pretty darn funny.  All about the guns, but if this country asked you to enlist and fight you would tell them no.  You want all the freedoms without the responsibilities that go with them.  Clueless fucking losers.

  3. BartM25 You just showed your true ignorance Bart.  Mr. Rietmann is a former Marine, and most others that have taken up this guard duty are either former or current military and LE. What have you done with you life Bart? Ever serve your country?

  4. LarryCleveland BartM25 Pretty sure he’s posting about the FK children- not Rietmann. 

    The FK children would like nothing better that to tear down our entire society, so the fact they are showing support for people like Rietmann is actually quite hilarious.

  5. KennyInKeene LarryCleveland BartM25 I am not sure who he is referring to, but I can tell you that Chris is a stand up man, and has done an incredible job making sure that the men that have stood guard here were respectful, professional and were trained in firearms use. I think the public and law enforcement support we have received speaks for itself.

  6. KennyInKeene LarryCleveland BartM25 

  7. Gun free zones? Schools, Hospitals, Recruitment Centers, and so on don’t need to have guns on the premises.  But it is interesting they people want to guard the Recruitment Centers.

  8. Has anybody ever stopped and thought for a second that the US military is the States largest enforcement arm and perhaps the thought of arming them domestically is a bad idea? What’s next, they go on street patrol? Sounds like a slippery slope to me.

  9. Jumping Jacks Are you aware of ISIS prodding lone wolves here to attack our military? What do you think happened in Chattanooga?

  10. tucstwo Have you ever stopped and thought that they already have guns? If they needed to be “armed domestically” it could happen overnight. Just because they are not allowed to carry them, doesn’t mean they don’t have them.  Your argument holds no merit. They should be able to defend themselves. I am a little worried that you are more concerned about our own troops than you are of a radical Muslim attack.

  11. LarryCleveland Jumping Jacks Yes, ISIS is trying to recruiter within America for domestic terrorists. The military bases don’t allow weapons being carried because it is too easy to “lose” them, and for soldier safety. Are you aware the people doing the shooting are taken out right away by the MPs.

  12. Jumping Jacks LarryCleveland How many more have to die before you realize you have no idea what you are talking about?

  13. LarryCleveland Jumping Jacks What are you talking about? Soldiers cannot carry weapons on a military instillation unless they are in combat. IF you don’t like it, join the military and try to change it.

  14. Jumping Jacks LarryCleveland You need to read AND understand what you write. “The military bases don’t allow weapons being carried because it is too easy to “lose” them”   What??? That has nothing to do with it. And your statement about MP’s taking them out? I do not know of any MP’s that are stationed at recruiting offices.

  15. LarryCleveland Jumping Jacks I was talking about military bases. A recruitment center is not a military base. If the people in the article want to stand outside recruitment centers more power to them.


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  2. Video of Chris Rietmann’s Friday Keynote Speech @ Keenevention 2015 | Free Keene - […] all gun regulations in Alstead, where he serves as selectman. Then, he made further headlines for leading the effort…

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