Neighbors of Keene Police Employee Told of Misconduct

I created this video in the hope that viewers learn how they can gain some accountability for police misconduct. Using this incident to communicate the effectiveness of peaceful, principled tactics is fitting, as today is the three year anniversary of the theatrical release of the epic Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree.


If you haven’t seen the documentary, watch it. It’s free in its entirety in glorious high-definition on Youtube or, if you prefer, it can be torrented. You can also part with a measly 10-Federal Reserve Notes to own a copy, which is loaded with bonus material.

If you live in or near Keene, you’ll see how your friendly the injustice system actors choose to target a person who never is even accused of harming another person or property. Ask yourself, when watching the documentary, “What if I would act as did the folks wearing badges? Would I be justified? Or would I be an aggressor?”

If you are an advocate of peace and haven’t seen the documentary, do so. It’ll entertain and inspire. And you’ll come to see that you’re not alone in this struggle.

So why highlight this specific incident? Because it showcased many things that worked well:

  • Everyone filmed. The incident was captured on video by Derrick J and by many friends of Derrick J, one of whom captured an interview with a witness
  • Despite the ridiculous situation, Derrick J and his friends remained calm, cool and collected. This made the violence done by Fintan P Moore and his colleagues even more stark.
  • It demonstrates non-inside-their-system steps that can be taken. Derrick J’s friends were quick to disseminate content to inform others, and they expressed their disapproval of the incident on Fintan P Moore’s street, through song and by disseminating information to neighbors.


  • It is important to have a tight network who can respond and aid in time of need. This network should be sought and formed not after an incident happens, but before. If you’re in Keene chances are that you’ve seen Keene Copblockers filming the police to capture and objective record of all involved. Connect with them: If you’re outside of Keene, find a group nearby:
  • Having documentation of known aggressors ahead of time is helpful. In Keene, multiple people have contributed to the “Officer Intel” section that includes photos and other information related to area “law enforcement”. It even includes known snitches. If you’re in Keene help expand that section. If you’re outside of Keene, take the initiative to start something similar.
  • Liberate information. As we’ve seen in recent years, especially in egregious situations such as when Kelly Thomas was slain, when contact information of aggressors is made public it means greater accountability. Consider learning more about programming or connect with others who will be able to ascertain information about aggressors when needed.
  • Leverage the court of public opinion. Document and disseminate. Exclusively letting injustice system actors utilize their tools means they determine the outcome. Have a voice in the conversation. Help promote the truth.



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