Liberty Church Goes to NH Supreme Court – Video

Church of the Sword

Church of the Sword

Today in Concord, ministers and members from Church of the Sword (COTS), gathered at the NH supreme court for oral arguments in their appeal of the town of Westmoreland denying their request for tax exempt status. Ministers from the Shire Free Church were there in support. The question before the court was whether the Cheshire superior court should have thrown out the case in a decision earlier this year, which affirmed the town’s opinion that the COTS is not a church, claiming it’s not religious since the church doesn’t have a belief in god.

However, as COTS’ attorney Dan Hynes pointed out, and COTS ministers argue, there are traditional, long-running churches do not have a god, such as the Buddhists, Taoists, and many Unitarian Universalists.

Given the NH supremes are only judging whether the lower court erred in tossing the case, don’t expect their decision to include an opinion on whether or not COTS is a church. A decision in COTS’ favor would simply mean the lower court should not have dismissed the case, and that the case should move ahead (likely to jury trial) at the superior court.

Here’s the full hearing, plus short interviews with COTS founder Kirk McNeil and COTS attorney Dan Hynes:

A particularly ridiculous portion is where the attorney for Westmoreland argues that anarchists can’t have a religion. Don’t miss it!

Here’s an article about the controversy from, which was written before today’s hearing.

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  2. If you don’t worship the state, you can’t worship at all!

  3. A very interesting video. It the guy at the beginning of the video is making a desperate plea. I’m sure he is desperate because when the freekeeners lose this fight, it will affect his scam in other states.

    It would appear this scam to get tax relief isn’t working. Ian Bernard is running again for a town council position which clearly shows his interest is in government and not separation of church and state. A lot of people have tried this scam. It’s called “defrauding the government” I really do not believe the freekeeners will win this one. The fact that it has taken this long, and multiple court hearings reveals this adventure is a scam.

  4. After watching this video and argument, you would have been better served by getting an experienced appellate attorney instead of the DWIGuy. I guess this statement on his website is no longer true – “The N.H. DWI GUY is the only lawyer in New Hampshire who handles just DWI cases.” – – no one can argue that this is a DWI case.

  5. Scam, sham, fraud, waste of time, cult, KAC, keeniacs, etc, etc,etc. Verbal vomit!:(

  6. Driving While Indoctrinated?

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