Free Uber Activist in Portsmouth NH protest the Daniel Street Tavern

Christopher David was arrested by Dover Police on November 6th, 2015 for “wiretapping” charges for posting a video of his interactions while driving for Uber in Portsmouth NH. The people calling themselves the city of Portsmouth recently banned Uber from operating in the city. Christopher David and others continue to break the ban by driving for Uber. We live in a world where you can be kidnapped legally for using an app to drive drunk drivers home safe. The video above shows protesters and cop block presence outside of the Daniel Street Tavern. The wiretapping charges originated from the bouncer at this bar.

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  1. “We live in a world where you can be kidnapped legally for using an app to drive drunk drivers home safe.”

    No … we live in a world that has a system of laws and justice that everyone who lives in this society is expected to follow, douchebag.

  2. The guy was warned, he said he would continue driving and got caught. He chose to drive, no one forced him. Now he has to take responsibility for his actions.

  3. They don’t get it guys they think that they have a sense of entitlement, and it gets them in trouble. David should be thinking about his wife and child, instead of trying to make money illegally picking up drunk people from bars. Stupid is, as stupid does. I hope portsmouth nh makes it legal for asshats like David here to to use Uber as a legitimate job ONLY for the reason that his child won’t be without a father. Other than that come on dirty libertards that don’t have any responsibilities in life, line up and be the next dumbass casualty to be caged!

  4. I am presently in Cape Cod where I have been kidnapped and robbed by the corporate policy officers now 6 or 7 times on the false premise that I was “driving unlicensed” even though I have a valid license from another state and I (used to) travel extensively and reside in other states. The last two times I recorded the criminal actions of these policy officers and posted them on fascistbook. Being caught in their criminal acts, five days after the second recorded incident, ten or so officers with automatic weapons drawn and loaded, stormed my house and robbed me of all electronics, printers and even scientific equipment that I use for my work. The warrant was not provided me as they did not have one, but instead, drew one up after my kidnapping according to what they had stolen. What ever you do, do NOT vacation on the Cape- it is a police state run by psychopathic sociopaths. Bsizzle- I do wonder how much they pay trolls to muddy the waters of truth that is obvious to everyone else. Can you please tell me? Or are you really such a sheeple that you love to lick the boots of those who destroy the society that you might presume to call “free”.

  5. Jumping Jacks and Mike AB the question goes to you as well…
    It seems you robotic drones are so enamored of your senseless chains that you believe everyone else should be also stupid enough to accept them. The real and ONLY question is- who is harmed in the situation. If you still have independant brains capable of unchained realistic thought, you might be able to answer that question. I doubt you would be willing to compromise your paycheck to sell out and confuse your fellow humans though.

  6. So The bartenders/bouncers cause the problem (serve patrons drinks) and offer the solution (control the taxis).

    Ha. That’s a monopoly. And use that monopoly of force to put down any competition. Best solution. Is take down the revenue that bar is making. The hypocrites will back down , quicker than you can say Uber.

  7. Chiii, there is more to your story your not telling us sooo STOP BREAKING THE LAW or live in Guam. You don’t like rules and you can’t play well with others then MOVE. Buh-bye.

  8. Yes, there is a “system” of laws, for those who like such things. The hierarchy starts with human rights, which is why “crimes against humanity” supersede all other laws. Human rights are the highest law. Next, come the various constitutions, which are the second-highest law. Then comes statutory law. Then regulatory law. Then local ordinances. If you’re having trouble counting, that means Portsmouth’s ordinance is at the fifth level down the chain. If it is not in absolute accordance with all of the superior levels, then the ordinance (not the acts it prohibits) is what’s illegal.

    The ordinance violates the human right to free association (and you really don’t want to attack that right, or you’ll logically have to speak in favor of a variety of types of rape, among other disgusting things). It also violates the NH Constitution (Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, and 10, for example). There’s some question as to whether it may violate statutory law, but that’s really irrelevant, since it’s already an unlawful ordinance at the two highest levels of law.

  9. You wouldn’t have been arrested all those times if you had a valid license. Your story smells of sweat and shame.

  10. Never mind just watched the video, my bad.

  11. Words mean things, Bsizzle. You’ve made it abundantly clear that you don’t have any idea what the concept of “entitlement” describes. You seem to be confusing entitlements with rights. I’ll explain the difference to you. Entitlements are privileges which are extended to certain individuals or groups but are withheld from others. Libertarian principles do not support the idea of entitlements, Bsizzle. Libertarian principles favor the idea of rights. Rights (not entitlements) must extend to everyone, not just to specific individuals or groups.

    By proposing that Chris be granted a moratorium to work as an Uber driver solely because he has a child, you are the one calling for an entitlement, Bsizzle. Driving a cab to earn money is a right (and not an entitlement) because all people have the right to earn a living. Passing legislation that makes it unlawful for those who choose to be employed by ride-sharing companies is discriminatory and violates the rights of certain taxi drivers to make a living, because it entitles only established cab companies to operate their businesses.

  12. Hey dracccccccccccccccc, I’m going to keep using the word entitled because it’s a true way of expressing what libertards think they can get away with, thinking that their entitled to scurt the law. See how I did that dracccccccccccccccc?

  13. Oh, I see. So what you’re saying is that in this case you wish to continue to use unsuitable adjectives to describe others you disdain because you favor equivocation over integrity. Thanks for providing for me yet another object lesson concerning your astonishing lack of character, Bsizzle.

  14. I think draccc thinks he is entitled too, huh? Anyone, anyone?

  15. He was arrestd for wiretapping, NOT for being an UBER driver. He wasn’t wiretapping. Wow the justice system is Portsmouth is really screwed up.

  16. Big words, draccc, big words! Do ya gut anymore their ya big bag of bones?


  18. I love it how Flint is so sure of his legal knowledge, and so terribly, utterly just plain wrong.

    Who decided that “free association” is a human right? You? The Free Keene Douchebag Squad? What does that even have to do with taxi regulations?

    You know jack shit about the law, yet try and pass yourself off as some sort of “legal expert”.

    The Portsmouth ordinance is legal.

    You’re a fucking clown, Flint.

  19. “Passing legislation that makes it unlawful for those who choose to be employed by ride-sharing companies is discriminatory and violates the rights of certain taxi drivers to make a living, because it entitles only established cab companies to operate their businesses.”

    They can certainly choose to be employed by “ride-sharing” companies, but cities and towns have a right to control and license who provides those services to the public. Portsmouth is not restricting this useless tool from being employed by Uber; they are restricting his ability to operate in Portsmouth.

    And to your assertion that these kinds of laws are “illegal”, they have been upheld time and again in this country and others. So it turns out that (big surprise here) you’re just another know-nothing assclown when it comes to the law.

  20. This douchebag Chi is not only delusional, but just full of shit.
    If it is true, however, then have a nice time in prison, Chi; it sounds like you belong there.

  21. Hey Chi,

    It’s obvious that you must live in your parents’ basement. Tell me: does the GPS ankle bracelet chafe much?

  22. Oooooo … Javagold is such an Internet tough guy. LoL. The bars aren’t restricting anyone; it’s the city, douchebag.

    Now get off the family computer and let one of your siblings have a turn.

  23. Why would a peaceful person possess a set of brass knuckles?

    This guy obviously needs to be locked up.

  24. Christopher David has had a history of criminal activity. He ran for Congress in 2012 in California of all places and failed. It seems that he burned a few bridges while doing that:

    Here he is making a video of him for some campaign event. He comes off as flippant and little misogynistic here:

    Then when his political antics failed, he tried to start a Bitcoin business, that of course…also fails :

    It’s pretty clear this guy is just trying to find something to catapult his nascent career. Its sad actually. Doesn’t seem like he’s successful at doing much other than causing trouble for the sake of it.

  25. David sounds like a failure to me, just like most of the free keeners.

  26. From the Reddit AMA:

    “There is nothing of substance in your post. This is just a vague, vapid litany of right wing libertarian applause lines. You sound like a naive, over-privileged suburban brat who has little understanding of life outside your tiny bubble. Stop play acting and go get some life experience.”
    “But he’s been to Tea Party events AND an Occupy event once (not that he actually listened to any of the poor people there)!!! He truly is a modern day Renaissance man!!!”


  27. @MikeAB: Freedom of association is one of the most basic human rights. It’s recognized in nearly every declaration of human rights, throughout history. It’s the right which is violated in a very large fraction of violent crimes. Take that away, and the world becomes a free-for-all for rapists, molesters, and the like.

    Also, just FYI, saying, “you’re wrong,” or some equivalent, is not actually an argument. It’s just an opinion. Given that you are proven wrong nearly every time you say anything, your opinion is of little value. If you want to actually attempt to prove someone else wrong, maybe you’d be taken seriously. But just expressing your worthless opinion is not impressive.

  28. @MikeAB: You provided no evidence that any of those bans have been “upheld.”

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