420 Foundation blasts Maggie Hassan

The 420 Foundation has issued a blog post condemning Maggie Hassan for fighting to keep Opiates easier to obtain than Marijuana.

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  1. The 420 foundation is a joke group founded by the author of this article Rich Paul. Blast away Rich Paul.

  2. @JumpingJacks

    Your predictions against Bitcoin and Robin Hood have been simply horrible for years now. Every one has been wrong.

    Any idea why you’ve been losing so badly on these predictions of yours?

  3. Tom Southern – I didn’t know I was in a competition. If that is the only reason you feel like a man then by all means, party up

  4. Heather Poole – So you post a link that makes no sense. Why don’t you prove 100% I use that name on youtube. I don’t even know what it means. I believe you need to get more tinfoil from Ian

  5. Anyone can use Google and see that RunningWolfKenpo and JumpingJacks have stated repeatedly they own 4 drug rehabs and have EMT backgrounds.

    What are the odds two trolls own 4 drug rehabs and have nursing degrees? Even DracVermeil said months back you goofed up in your trolling. You screwed up and gave yourself away.

    Why dont you man up and own your RunningWolfKenpo reputation. History repeats itself try and you’ll succeed.


  6. I have no clue as to what you are talking about. When groups like freekeene or copblock don’t like someone, they intentionally make fictitious names claiming to target those they don’t like. I believe you believe Drac. activists seem to stick together regardless how ridiculous they make themselves at the end

  7. Sorry, but you’re just listing what you and your ilk do, and pretending that others have as little integrity. Those pretending to be in the liberty movement and saying ridiculous things are frequently outed as actually being anti-liberty activists. Not just theoretically outed by folks making baseless claims; actually identified and proven to be what they are.

    Further, you’re claiming that someone didn’t like you, so they hopped in a time machine and went back to pretend to be you while trolling, months and months before you first posted here? Detached from reality, are you?

  8. No one has been impersonating you on this blog, Jacks, so why are you attempting to repaint yourself as the victim of a conspiracy? Don’t you think it’s a tad undignified at this point to be playing the wounded hero? It’s not like you were making any effort to hide your other identities, Jacks. If this crusade is so important to you, then why not you just post under a new alias and start fresh? It’s obviously not due to an aversion to dishonesty, Jacks, since you’re a notoriously shameless liar. Is it maybe because you’ve finally realized that you’re not clever enough to keep yourself from being rediscovered?

  9. I think draccc should rediscover and reinvent himself, seeing he is about to kick the can.

  10. So I I can add masochism to your long list of weaknesses, eh Bsizzle? Well at least you have spirit! That makes up for your puzzling lack of chagrin! And please continue ignoring those warnings from your friends back home! You’re clearly in control of the situation! You’ll show them that this crusade wasn’t a pointless undertaking!

  11. It is pointless and a waste of time but yet you still need to reply. You love supporting dumbass delusional entitled dirty stinky libertarian assholes such as yourself. What you are is what you eat.

  12. Don’t choke! Lol

  13. I don’t think this is pointless at all, Bsizzle. It’s your friends (and apparently you) that believes that. How can you have already forgotten this, especially since that particular revelation of yours was only two hours ago! My you have a terrible memory! You haven’t suffered a recent concussion, have you Bsizzle? Or are you Jumping Jacks in disguise?

  14. @Drac: Did you notice that, if you remove the invective, he accused you of supporting yourself?

    What a horrible accusation to make. How dare you support yourself!

  15. What you are is what you eat. Shittttttttttttttttt!

  16. Yes you love supporting yourself, a dumb, dirty, entitled libertard.

  17. Indeed I did, Flint. Bsizzle’s ham-fisted attempts at written discourse makes for quite the spectacle, doesn’t it?

  18. Flint – Why don’t you prove it. Post a link to back up your statements.

  19. Drac Vermell – I never said anyone was impersonating me on this blog. Again it sounds like you are not listening and your reading comprehension is very below par. People are posting how they feel about this article and all you and Flint can do is attack a persons character without saying anything supportive about the article itself. That shows your insecurity. It would appear both of you have a lot of soul searching

  20. Sorry, but you’re so far behind on proving your own statements that I’m not going to bother. Catch up on that, and we’ll talk. Until then, the burden rests firmly on you.

  21. No, you just described yourself. You showed up and said nothing about the article; you just attacked the author.

  22. “You just attacked the author “.
    The “author” flinty, is a low life drug peddling, fat, cigarette porch pacing, fucking knuckle dragging waste of skin, yet you support this slob. Flint has real high moral standards.

  23. You’re correct, Jacks. I made the error of neglecting to read that particular post of yours carefully enough before responding to it. Since your critiques are always so hackneyed, it’s understandable why that happened.

  24. I’ve noticed that you’ve returned to your habit of mocking names, Bsizzle. Is this because you’re losing confidence in yourself? You might want to work on that weakness, Bsizzle. The imaginary opponents in your chess analogy might try to capitalize on it.

  25. “Mocking names” draccc? No, what I posted here to discribe the “author” is very correct and accurate. Apparently you haven’t met the “author” or you support this low life, either way your pathetic, or you can’t smell all that good.

  26. Heather Poole – And that means what? Two people like Kendall Lane? Go luck making that one stick in court

  27. Flint – Obviously you cannot provide any proof to back up your statements. It doesn’t surprise me. You have been down this road before.

  28. What’s a matter Ian. Am I too truthful in my posts so that my posts are being monitored. You guys are a sham, and are fraudulent. Lol

  29. Which author are you describing? Sounds like Jacks.

  30. The road where you make claims and refuse to support them, then demand that everyone else do what you will not?

    Yes, yes we have.

  31. Why don’t you respond to direct questioning draccc?

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