Video of the Jury Nullification Panel @ Keenevention 2015

Jury Nullification Panel @ Keenevention 2015

The First Jury Nullification Panel @ Keenevention

NH Jury board member James Davis headed up Keenevention‘s first-ever panel on some of 2015’s hottest activism – jury nullification. Nullification outreach really took off in 2015, spreading from Keene and Grafton to six other courthouses across the state.

Where do we go from here? Expert jury outreach panelists included Rich Paul of the Church of the Invisible Hand, Cathleen Converse who successfully nullified charges against a cannabis grower, Derrick J Freeman of Flaming Freedom, and Ian Freeman of Free Keene.

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  1. Why do you have the same people on these “panels” every year? It would appear none of them are experts.

  2. It’s the same way they all think they’re “journalists”; if they say they are, then people are supposed to believe them.

  3. MikeAB – I agree with you 100%

  4. Have you forgotten that words actually have meanings, Mike? Apparently, you need a little clarification on what the meaning of “journalism” is. I’ll help you with this by consulting Merriam-Webster in your stead. You’re welcome.

    According to M-W, when news is collected and presented through media (and the internet is most assuredly a form of “media”, isn’t it Mike?), then that activity is referred to as “journalism”. The person or persons engaging in that activity are referred to as “journalists”. To make things more clear, Mike, your opinion of the journalists in question here has absolutely no relevance to its definition. As such, your dislike of specific journalists or the fact that they might be engaging in journalism that you can’t appreciate doesn’t mean that they aren’t engaging in journalism at all.

    Maybe next time, Mike, you should consult a dictionary and look up the meanings of unfamiliar words before you use them here. It might save you from a dose of humiliation in the future.

  5. Look at that waste of skin, fat knuckle dragging asshole slob, Rich Paul. God I can smell him from here. Didn’t you say that your life is crap, Richard? It doesn’t mean that you have to wear it!

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