Video of the Legislative Panel @ Keenevention 2015

Free State Project early mover Mike Sylvia has been mainstay for liberty in the state house since 2012, and naturally was given an A+ rating by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance for his pro-freedom voting record. At Keenevention 2015, Mike headed up this year’s Legislative Panel at Keenevention! Panelists included JR Hoell, an A rated rep from Dunbarton & Bow, Dan Itse, the A+ rated Legislator of the Year from Fremont, Jim Spillane, the A+ rated rep from Deerfield, and Jim McConnell, the A+ rated rep from Swanzey. Here’s the full video:

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  1. Why do you have the same people every year? None of them have accomplished anything.

  2. Why do you have to lie, Jacks? All of the panelists were new to the event in 2015.

  3. @Jumping Jacks: Last I heard, each and every one of those reps has accomplished numerous things.

  4. Last time I checked, two of those reps were in their first term….

  5. Ian – I’m not lying. Funny how you didn’t comment on what they have done.

    Flint – Why don’t you name some of the things they have accomplished.

  6. @Jumping Jacks: You said that this panel has the same people every year. Since this panel has never before taken place, that is most definitely a lie.

    As far as accomplishments, all of them have run successful campaigns as State Representatives (Itse has been elected for seven terms, Hoell for three, and Sylvia for two). Unlike you, Hoell has actually worked at a drug rehab clinic. Both Hoell and Itse are engineers who have had successful careers with multiple inventions to their names (I happen to recall those two; I’m sure the other three have done well, since they can afford to volunteer to be Reps). Heck, Itse’s done so much that he has a Wikipedia entry. You can look up all five on the General Court’s website to see the legislation they have sponsored.

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