Ian Freeman’s FSP Shunning Considered as Victim Blaming


Ian Freeman’s shunning from the Free State Project, if considered in one way, can be considered an egregious case of victim blaming, if you apply to it the stated beliefs and values of the attackers. Let us review the situation here, and note that I am stipulating some things that I do not personally believe, in order to allow a hypothetical conversation. I shudder to wade into the morass of this discussion, which in some quarters is conducted as a witch hunt, by zealots and by those who are terrified that if they don’t cry “faggot, faggot, faggot” as loudly as the other boys, the other boys might think that they are “faggots”, too. I have to wade in, though, because by one possible interpretation of the facts, what is happening is a monstrous abuse of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
I reason as follows, using my own experience of sex with a 23 year old woman, my first girlfriend, Denise when I was 13 years old, who is the primary reason I am unwilling to name a particular number as an “age of consent”. I am willing to disclose more about this because I have recently learned, to my sorrow, that she has passed away, so nobody can hurt her now. Please note that the interpretations given here are not my interpretations, but a possible interpretation.
1) I still have very warm feelings for my first girlfriend Denise. When we were together, she was 23 and I was 13. For a number of reasons, including loyalty to Denise, I am not willing to define that encounter as rape.
2) According to the Ian Haters, what happened between Denise and I was rape, despite the fact that I pursued her from the moment I met her. That means that by Ian Hater logic, I am her victim.

3) If I am Denise’s victim, and yet I have warm feelings for her, then I am suffering from Stockholm syndrome. If that condition prevents me from naming a concrete number that should be the Age of Consent, I should not be banned for this reason, I literally cannot reconcile naming a magic age with my own experience, without either calling Denise a rapist, if I set that age above 13, or implying that sex with 13 year old is always ok, when in the VAST MAJORITY OF CASES, sex with somebody that young is completely wrong. My case was unusual, and I am aware of that.
As a mediator, I cannot choose a specific age at which all sex is automatically rape. But I can tell you the sort of questions I would ask the alleged victim if I were called to mediate such a case. My judgement would depend on the evidence. My questions would include:
1) What is sex?
2) Where do babies come from?
3) What is a condom?
4) What is a sexually transmitted disease?
5) Do you know what Death is?
6) Do you know that some sexually transmitted diseases can kill you?
7) Did you pursue sex with the accused, or did she pursue you?
8) Do you believe in God? Why or why not?
9) Did the accused threaten you in any way?
10) Did you ever ask the accused to stop what they were doing, and if so, did they?
11) Was this your first sexual relationship?

I have met very few people of 13 who could have answered those questions well enough to cause me to find that an adult who had sex with them was weak, rather than criminal. But at 13, I can say that I would have been able to answer them. If I were asked to rule on the case of Denise and myself, I would not find that she was criminally liable for a number of reasons:
1) She was of average intelligence. I have an IQ of 146.
2) I pursued her, in part, through dishonorable means, including fabricating a story of a previous sexual relationship specifically concocted to prevent her from knowing that I was a virgin. Sorry about that, Denise, I was a little bit hormone driven in those days.
3) At no time did I hesitate to continue enthusiastically toward a sexual relationship.
4) She was in a very vulnerable position, having been raped 6 months before the beginning of our relationship, and therefore was probably drawn to the fact that I could not as easily overpowered her as easily as a man her age could.
5) My seduction of her continued over the course of several months.
Disclaimers for the witch hunters:
No, nothing said here means that I am interested in or in favor of sex with children. The witch hunters will interpret it this way, but I am not willing to call my first girlfriend a rapist to escape the fires. I am an engineer. I don’t frolick. I don’t play much. I don’t interact with kids by choice, ever. I tend to like women at least 30 years old, and put a hard limit of 19 below which I will not go. But that does not mean that I would be in favor of imprisoning anybody who does go below 19. There are a great many standards I hold for myself that I would not impose on others.
As for Tasker, I do not know what happened in that case completely, but from what has been said, it seems likely that what he did was wrong, I cannot rush to judgement without seeing the evidence, because for all I know these accusations are a frame job. I’m not willing to throw him under the bus until I have reached a conclusion as to the truth and nature of the accusations against him. Innocent until proven guilty is good policy. More will be revealed, and when I know more, I will denounce him if such denouncement is due.

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  1. Rich Paul you are lumped right in with your buddy Ian Bernard, totally delusional, and unequivocally mentally challenged. Your brains need logic and a conscience, and are void of that. Add in your buddy JP and you have got a wing to a mental ward.

  2. Well Mr Schmidt I mean AKA Bsizzle or whatever sock account your using today .
    By seeing the video of JP going against you in court it seems the Delusional one is you .
    Both hearings JP handled himself perfectly and you and your team of Biggot ass holes still cannot provide any solid proof of any of your illegal LIBEL claims against anyone in Keene
    Oh a 16 year old article when the U.S Dist Court paperwork says JP was fined for an Unauthorized use of a Military Uniform .
    JP also was charged by Agent John Youngblood from the Portsmouth Naval Office of NCIS by the UCMJ
    Civilians do not get investigated by NCIS and civilians are not under the jursdiction of the UCMJ
    The OSHA thing you guys posted on the bottom of the story the charge was dismissed .
    When looked into the age of that Matt Phillips dont jive with JPs age now.
    Along with JPs Birht Certificate he posted on youtube vs the Fake Fabricated and illegal one you ass holes posted .
    i hope you know its a FELONY to specifically target those with Mental Health Disorders
    Its also a Felony to exploit false diagnosis and release private LIBEL and false information about mental Health patients.
    So I hope to GOD JP is what you claim so i can see all of you MORONIC stalkers go to Federal Prison for targeting homeless and mental patients .
    I think your a butthurt moron with no job which you claim noone else has and your so angry your yelling exactly the situation your in .
    Fat on SSI getting meal on wheels shoving a dildo drenched in your drool up your ass crying because your food stamp EBT was not enough for all the twinkies you eat in your moms basement next to your boyfriend you beat on a daily basis .

  3. c3nturion2015 and Mountain AGORA are from the same account, just click on the names. Looks like Matt Phillips or JP or whatever he wants to call himself to me.

  4. Rich Paul, you are disgusting and pathetic. You never had a relationship with a 23 y/o. Many of your “articles” are so full of lies it is impossible to read. This one is no different, with the exception you advocate sexual assault of children. You call yourself a ‘minister” yet you are for adults having sexual relationships with children. How pathetic are you? How far will you go to show everyone you are also a predator. You and Ian Bernard are predators. You think you are flying below law enforcement hiding behind your version of the 1st amendment, but you are not. Ian Bernard has just started to suffer the repercussions of his actions. I’m sure you are not far behind.

  5. Well JP or Mountain Agora or what ever you are going by today, the countless hours of testimony I have listened to from your child custody hearings, was very eye opening into your own sickness and delusions, straight from your own mouth. But don’t worry about taking my word for it, the Audio is almost all done being transcribed and will soon be available for all to learn about you. Backed up with Audio and your own words for anyone who questions the authenticity of it all. Forgive me on the time this is taken, but you can imagine the amount of work it takes to transcribe 2 1/2 days of court testimony.

  6. It’s all coming to fruition, we can see who Ian’s true friends are here, not level-headed people who are in the FSP, but a bunch of dumb entitled dirty libertards. You got some real winners here Ian.

  7. ITT: Losers who have nothing better to do than troll Ian and Rich.

  8. An IQ of 146? I’ll take the challenge. Prove this ridiculous assertion. Post your standardized, professionally administered test results showing an IQ of 146. That’s beyond the Mensa requirement.

    Spare me your assertions and just post your test results. You’ve given validity to IQ by using it to exclaim how intelligent you are so you are now bound by the standards used to determine IQ.

  9. “” who are terrified that if they don’t cry “faggot, faggot, faggot” as loudly as the other boys, the other boys might think that they are “faggots”, too. “”

    Stopped reading there, you are a moron.

  10. Katie – Who’s trolling Ian and Rich? These posts are an educational reaction to Rich Paul’s article. This so called “minister” is advocating the sexual exploitation of children. Ian Bernard is doing the same thing.

  11. this post is too long

  12. I love it … Matt “Navy Seal” Phillips mentions sock puppet accounts when he has at least 3 or 4 of them out here of his own.

    Look Matt: we know that you have “issues” … it’s obvious. Maybe you should focus on getting help and becoming a productive member of society.

  13. Oh this just keeps getting better: Rich Paul has an IQ of 146.

    Fat, dumb and being a liar is no way to go through life, Rich. But since you have perfected that lifestyle, I guess there’s no reason for you to change now.

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