Historic Cannabis Torch Passing Down East Coast Hits Concord – Photos

Cannabis Torch NH 2016

NH Cannabis Activists Hold the Historic Cannabis Torch

Yesterday dozens of cannabis freedom activists made history in Concord by participating in the first-ever passing of a huge cannabis torch on the beginning of its journey down the east coast of the United States, thanks to the East Coast Cannabis Coalition

The torch, which looks like a big joint with real flame emanating from a gas tank it its tip, began its trip in Maine and will end in Miami.  New Hampshire was its first symbolic passing, and as you’ll see from the hundreds of pictures linked below, everyone got a chance to take a symbolic toke!

Darryl W Perry Cannabis Torch 2016

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Darryl W Perry Takes a Rip

Though the time of the event was “high noon”, dozens came out to attend! That should be a good indicator for the attendance of next week’s seventh-annual 4/20 event at the state house in Concord, which should be even better attended as this event was put together in a hurry. 

Join us to celebrate ending prohibition on Wednesday 4/20 at 4:20pm at the state house in Concord, NH! The following day on 4/21, please come to the NH senate chamber at the state house to see if they will approve cannabis decrim this year finally or once again kill it after the house of representatives overwhelmingly approved it.

Kudos to NH Hempfest‘s organizers Rick and Laurie as well as the Rebel Love Show for putting together such a successful event on short notice and good luck to the cannabis torch as it makes its way down the east coast to Miami.

Cannabis Torch NH 2016 Crowd

What a great group!

Here are hundreds of photos from yesterday’s festivities:

Free Keene blogger Rob Mathias also grabbed this video.

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  1. Awesome good job! Yeah for cannabis!
    We’re you there Ian Bernard, or were you crying in your pillow that whole time waiting for the FBI to make a visit?

  2. You somehow think that all of those assholes in the NH house actually have real power. Got news for you, bunky: it’s the NH Senate and the Governor that hold all of the cards here. It’s irrelevant what the House members think.

  3. I see the fake minister Rich Paul is standing in the crowd. Gov. Hassan has made it clear she will not legalize marijuana. She only signed a bill for medical marijuana.  It appears your efforts will end up in the trash.

  4. Jumping Jacks, Rich Paul said in his jury nullification rant, that he was making that aware for others because his “life is pretty much trashed” so your right on in the trashed department. He WILL die a lonely sad little man, although I would not view him as a “man” more like a chain smoking ape!

  5. When Hassan vetoes this nonsense, the only way the General Court can override the veto is 2/3 majority in both the House and Senate; that’s just not going to happen, especially in the Senate.

  6. GMannn lol, I took the photos

  7. Well you won’t be lol when your in jail, lol.

  8. Dozens??!!!??!!??? From the group photos and quickly scrolling through the album I see approximately 2 dozen of the same people. I also fail to see the vast historical importance of unemployed/barely employed burn-outs pretending to toke off a poorly made fake joint in the middle of the day. Wannh, Wannhhhh, Wannnhhhhh, Waaaaaaannnnhhhhhhhhhh……… Please put more effort into the shenanigans in the future. This just looks depressing.

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